Ten New Slot Games on Online Casinos

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Ten New Slot Games on Online Casinos

Everything outlined above is especially true as it pertains to online slot games. Just as casinos offer a world of gaming options when it comes to slots, so do the best online destinations. Not every new addition to the fold is a hit, but luckily for you, we're here to review 10 new slot games on online casinos that are actually a lot of fun to play.

Our list is going to unfurl sportsbook by sportsbook and cover five of the most reliable betting sites in the business:

Each of these five online sportsbooks and casinos has at least one new virtual slot machine worth giving a whirl. Let's check them out!

New Slot Games at Bovada

The folks over at Bovada are currently promoting one new slot game for their users.

5 Times Vegas

This new slot machine reels you in with the description of its gameplay alone. It is a night-light-themed exercise in which you're on the deserted streets of Sin City looking to have some fun and includes a live-play soundtrack that will make you feel like you're actually there.

Longtime Vegas goers will love the setup, too: 5 Times Vegas is a classic 3 x 3 slot game that follows traditional line-matching rules but adds a contemporary twist by introducing "Wild Multipliers and Retriggers" that can double, triple, and even quintuple your winnings. 

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  • New Slot Games at BetOnline

    Buckle up. The casino over at BetOnline currently boasts a multitude of new slots for you to test out.

    We've handpicked our three favorites.

    Diamond Strip

    Diamond Strip offers the traditional slot-machine experience, with a three-reel, one-row winline. It is strongly rated for its volatility; your winnings can multiply depending on which symbols match up in your row.

    While the gameplay is fairly classical, the theme is anything but. This is yet another slot that sets you in the heart of Sin City, with the scenic views (via graphics) and background music to match.

    Fortune Frog

    Betonline really likes to lean into the three-reel, one-row win lines with their slots. The new Fortune Frog experience is no different.

    Similar to Diamond Strip, you will have the opportunity to amp up your winnings depending on the symbols you hit. However, this game is considered a more stable experience. The win lines are more frequent overall, but the bonuses are rarer. 

    Anyone who appreciates a cultural experience within their games will enjoy this one. The entire theme is based on the Chinese art of Feng Shi, and the symbol on which the slot machine is based, Money Frog, is renowned for its ability to bring wealth in abundance.

    frog fortune

    The Golden Inn

    Looking for a more dynamic slot machine experience? Well, The Golden Inn offers just that—in spades.

    This five-reel, four-row game is among the less volatile slots relative to its complex gameplay. You might also recognize it from many other online casinos. It was also recently released at MyBookie.

    The objective here is to "follow the brilliant rainbow to the mythical pot of gold at the end while visiting The Golden Inn." Along the way, you will have the chance to rack up free spins and bonuses, and the narration of the game will make you believe you're playing right on the casino floor.

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  • New Slots at BetUs

    Right now, BetUs has a handful of new slots from which to choose. We've highlighted our two favorites.

    Pirate's Treasure

    Will you find the buried treasure and dominate this new slot machine at BetUS? You must play to find out!

    Pirate's Treasure is themed exactly as it sounds and allows you to place single bets per potential win line. With nine win lines in all, you can place a total of nine wagers for each spin. And since each line only requires a minimum of $0.01 placed upon it, you can partake for the ultra-low-cost of $0.09 per spin!

    Better still, Pirate's Treasure has an average payout of 90 percent of your initial investment when measured over long-term play. So even if you lose, you won't lose big!

    Fruity Fortune Slots

    Fruity Fortune Slots is a five-reel game that offers players an abundance of chances to win. The rules are also incredibly easy to follow.

    All you need to do is match fruit symbols alongside one another. And payouts start at as little as two consecutive fruit symbols on the same line while increasing in value for the more matches you make.

    Players can invest as little as $0.05 per spin if they want. On the flip side, if they're looking for higher stakes, the maximum bet goes all the way up to $45, making this an ideal game for Regular Joes and high rollers alike.

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  • New Slots at MyBookie

    Much like BetOnline, MyBookie presently has a plethora of new releases in its slot section. As we already covered in a previous section, The Golden Inn and Diamond Strip are chief among them.

    Here are two more we've found exceedingly fun.

    Dragon's Cave

    In Dragon's Cave, we get another slot machine that should pique the attention of anyone who enjoys mythology-themed gameplay.

    Set in a "mountainous landscape with a misty sky far above and a green grass foreground," the game follows an explorer who will be located to the left of the five-reel, three-row board. Every time you hit a pay line—of which there are 20—she will jump, clap and wave her arms in celebration of your victory. The music and narration make it seem like you're playing an actual video game.

    For anyone who has previously played five-reel, three-row slots, you will know that opportunity is knocking. There are usually only 15 pay lines in this scenario. Dragon's Cave gives you five more chances with each pull.

    dragons cave slot

    Zimba and Friends

    Love a slot machine with great graphics? Are you also someone who enjoys safari themes and the animals that come with it? Then you'll love Zimba and Friends.

    The name speaks for itself. You'll be treated to a jungle-esque theme throughout this five-reel, three-row experience. The symbols on the pay lines are all modeled after animals you would see on a safari, and depending on which ones hit, you will be treated to large bonuses, free spins, and, in the case of the monkey, even wild card spots that rescue otherwise failed pay lines.

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  • New Slots at GT Bets

    GT Bets joins many of the other casinos in promoting more than few new slots. These are the two we like best.

    2 Million B.C.

    Props to the software makers for the uniqueness of 2 Million B.C. There aren't many slot machines that take you back to the Stone Age. 

    Of course, there is nothing archaic about the gameplay. The 2 Million B.C. experience includes five reels that combine to form a whopping 30 different pay lines. You win money and free spins, not to mention gain bonus opportunities, by matching symbols that harken back to prehistoric eras.

    Bettors with wallets of all sizes can play this one, too. You can wager as little as $0.02 on a single line or max out at $1 per line. For that keeping count, a $1 bet per 30 lines across five different reels amounts to a top bet of $150 for each pull.

    4th & Goal

    Believe us when we say the 4th & Goal developers deserve an award for their backstory.

    In this game, players function as the head coach of a football team, so NFL fans should love it. You are in a late-game situation and tasked with calling plays. The ones you select vary in risk level and will directly determine your winning potential on this five-reel, 15-pay line board.

    Matching character symbols, which will be defined in the game, is the goal with each spin. The personal cheerleader on the side will change their mood based on how much you win or lose. And like other slots, you will have the chance to win free spins and multiply your winnings up to 10 times their initial size.

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  • Check out this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all your virtual casino needs:

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