The M Sportsbook Review

Hotels located off the Las Vegas strip sometimes get a bad name, mostly because they’re removed from the heart and soul of Sin City. But they can actually offer awesome stays if you pick the right one. Our M Sportsbook review is aimed at showing you how.

Unlike other hotels that aren’t on The Strip, The M Resort Spa and Casino does have an address on Las Vegas Boulevard. Make no mistake, though, it is a ways away from the meat and potatoes of The Strip. And while we know this will be a complete deal-breaker for some, particularly when it’s not this ultra-huge resort-like Red Rock, we’ve found it’s an interesting enough option to at least dive deeper into.

The M Sportsbook Experience

Off-strip hotels that also don't bill themselves as massive resorts need to wow in other areas. The M Sportsbook strives to do just this. They offer solid room rates, a decently sized sportsbook, a quality casino floor, complimentary transportation to the airport and much more. Let's explore every aspect of staying here, shall we?

Pros of The M Resort Spa & Casino

  • Free transportation to and from McCarran International Airport
  • Lower than average resort fees
  • Live concerts

Cons of The M Resort Spa & Casino

  • Located 10 miles away from the heart of The Strip
  • Sportsbook seats under 100 people
  • Only 350 rooms

The M Sportsbook Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.
  • Sunday: 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Location of The M Sportsbook

Prospective guests can easily get fooled by the location of The M Sportsbook. The address is 12300 South Las Vegas Boulevard, which makes it appear as if it's on The Strip at first glance. As we've already stated, it's not. You can tell by the higher number, and it is also technically in a different town (Henderson).

In reality, The M Sportsbook is roughly 10 miles away from The Strip. That's about a 15-minute drive by Vegas standards in normal traffic. This also puts The M Sportsbook roughly 12 minutes away from McCarran International Airport.

Staying so far away from The Strip might convince guests they need to rent a car. The M Resort Spa and Casino is prepared to accommodate you if you do. Not only is self-parking free, but they offer complimentary valet parking. Just make sure you're still tipping your valet, even though the service itself is free.

This is not to say you need to rent a car. That can get expensive. The M offers a free shuttle to and from the airport, and you are close enough to The Strip that taxis and rideshares shouldn't break the bank. So consider trying to get around without renting a car. It will save you money.

the m sportbook

Place Your Bets at The M Sportsbook

Relative to the size of the casino, The M Sportsbook is actually on the smaller end. It has just 90 seats and under 30 main TVs—23 crowd screens, with two massive ones centrally displayed. 

Still, the way it's set up, The M Sportsbook isn't so much a tiny operation as an intimate one.

All 90 of their seats are extremely comfortable and considered their own VIP area. You will have access to your own adjustable lighting, and it's easy to save your spot should you choose to go get a drink or something to eat.

That's the other thing: The M Sportsbook does allow refreshments inside the sportsbook. You really can treat it like your very own living room. It'd be nice if there were individual screens to better monitor horse racing, but that's more nitpicky than anything.

Compared to other sportsbooks, The M is much easier to access during massive events like the Super Bowl or college football National Championship. That's one benefit of its location: People aren't flocking to the hotel when it's so far away from The Strip. You're competing for chairs only with guests actually staying property. 

The M Sportsbook hours of operation, in general, are pretty great—which is good, because you need them to be. You can't just pop out of the hotel and walk two minutes to another one, as you could if it was actually located on The Strip. You need to use The M Sportsbook, and fortunately, they open more than early enough for college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays.

Contrary to casinos that fall under a larger corporate umbrella, The M Sportsbook does not have an official app for you to use instead of visiting one of their cashiers or vouchers. That's fine. You can use another hotel's sportsbook app so long as you're staying in Nevada for a bit. In the absence of this service, though, The M Sportsbook does run a number of on-site specials and promotions throughout the year.

Of course, whether or not you're in Vegas doesn't actually matter. You can join the sports-betting action anywhere. And we've compiled a list of the top online sportsbooks just for the occasion:

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    The M Resort Spa Casino

    Size is no issue when it comes to The M Casino. They have packed the latest and greatest gaming options into a 92,000 square-foot space. (That includes access to their state-of-the-art sportsbook.)

    One underrated benefit of staying at an off-strip hotel is that you know their casinos need to have everything. The M is no different. They have every slot and the virtual game you can imagine, on top of table games like roulette, craps, blackjack, poker, and pai gow. They also have a high rollers lounge and poker room they'll open up for tournaments. Like we said, their casino includes everything.

    This massive space is decorated with a post-modern theme. You don't quite feel like you're gambling at the Cosmopolitan, but it comes pretty close. This is the kind of place that will make you want to throw on your weekend's best before heading downstairs to the casino.

    Anyone who stays as The M Resort Spa and Casino Las Vegas should make sure to sign up for their MyChoice card. This promotional program allows you to pick up points for every dollar you spend at table games and slots. Bets placed at the sportsbook are, unfortunately, not part of the program.

    the M sportbooks lobby

    The M Lobby

    Once you build up enough points, you will be able to redeem them for a number of benefits, the most common of which are show tickets, resort discounts, and free bets. The M casino even has a MyChoice app that helps you keep track of your rewards while giving you access to special promotions and news.

    Almost everyone is probably wondering whether the casino experience includes complimentary drinks. And the answer is no. 

    Though this is uncommon in Vegas at large, it is close to the standard at off-strip hotels. They don't have to offer free drinks on the casino floor, because they know if you're there already, you're unlikely to leave for another hotel. There isn't one close enough.

    However, The M will give bettors a voucher for one free drink of choice that they can use once they wager a certain amount at the tables or slots. That's something. And it's not like you can't drink on the casino floor at all. The M has plenty of places at which you can purchase cocktails while gambling and many of the tables will still have waiter service.

    Staying at The M

    Among the most unique aspects of The M Resort Spa & Casino experience is the rooms. They only have 350, which creates a level of exclusivity. They do this by design.

    Every standard room is more like a luxury suite. It covers more square footage than the average accommodations elsewhere, and like the rest of the hotel, it is decorated with a post-modern theme. Each room also includes at least one 42-inch LCD TV.

    The cost of staying at The M surprisingly doesn't reflect the quality of their rooms. Rates start at just $70 per night depending on the time of year you go. They're even a steal after factoring in the $25 daily resort fee that covers access to amenities like the gym, business center, spa, room service, valet parking, and all that good stuff.

    Most guests will invariably have to journey off the property even though The M bills itself as a resort. They don't have any shops on-site, and they only have roughly five restaurants under their roof. People looking for more options—or just to attend Vegas shows in general—will need to visit The Strip.

    In lieu of restaurants and traditional shows, though, The M has one of the most popular poolside experiences in Nevada. It is almost like a luxury club. They have bars, cabanas for rent and will host a bunch of DJ'd pool parties throughout the year. Guests staying at hotels on The Strip will even make the trek out to Henderson to attend.

    Vegas goers may still ultimately decide to stay at one of the name-brand strip hotels. But for those who are willing to concede location and entertainment options, they can get a full-on luxury experience at The M for a fraction of what it costs at other more well-known hotels