Venetian Sportsbook Review

Luxury hotels and casinos are a staple in Las Vegas. None of them, though, are as lavishly built as the Venetian. It is essentially its own town, with two other hotels in its complex, the Palazzo Resort, and Sands Expo Center, and a fourth on the way. If it sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. But by the time you’re finished with our Venetian sportsbook review, you’ll have everything you need to know.

Whether this is the place to play or stay for you will vary. Pretty much everyone will be drawn to its theme, which was inspired by Venice, Italy. But just because the hotel is for you doesn’t mean the Venetian Las Vegas sportsbook or casino will be. Or maybe it will be. We don’t know. 

So let’s find out.

Venetian Sportsbook Experience

So much goes into taking stock of the Venetian sportsbook experience.

Sure, there's the literal sportsbook itself. When does it open? How many people does it seat? What features does it include? Etc., etc., etc.

But you're not always just looking for a sportsbook when you head to Vegas. The state of Nevada has plenty of those. In Vegas, and on The Strip specifically, you're also in the market for a place to party if not stay for a few days. It's important that we cover every nook and cranny so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Pros of Venetian Hotel & Casino

  • Over 4,000 rooms
  • Plenty of fine dining options
  • Consistent Venetian sportsbook hours

Cons of Venetian Hotel & Casino

  • Among highest daily resort fees
  • Sportsbook seats under 75 people
  • Venetian sportsbook odds aren't posted at a set time

Venetian Sportsbook Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Location of Venetian Sportsbook

The biggest thing the Venetian sportsbook's location has going for it is that it's still technically on The Strip. The size of the complex makes it seem as if the property is off-strip, but its official address is 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Traveling to and from the McCarran International Airport should take just over 10 minutes in normal traffic. Shuttles run regularly, and a taxi or rideshare shouldn't cost that much (under $15). 

If you do have a car, you're in luck: parking is free at the Venetian. Even the valet service is a courtesy, though you should still tip your valets. Please note that the valet option may not be available again until the fall of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, once the coronavirus pandemic has settled down.

Getting out of the Venetian can be a pain by car. That said, because you're so far down the north end of The Strip, you're not exactly within walking distance of everything.

The Venetian is basically at the very end, close to the Mirage and worlds away from the Mandalay Bay and New York-New York hotels and casinos at the southernmost end of The Strip. Some might even find the walk up to Center Strip, right around the Planet Hollywood and Paris hotels and casinos are too much.

This shouldn't be a deterrent. You can still use taxis and rideshares to navigate up and down The Strip. It won't cost that much money; the trade-off is time. You'll have to wait to be picked up. Then again, the alternative is having to navigate frustrating amounts of traffic yourself, so it's not a bad concession.

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Place Your Bets at the Venetian Sportsbook

For such a huge casino and hotel, the Venetian does not have a very large sportsbook. It seats just 80 people and has 42 screens on which to watch games, matches, races, and other events.

Casual bettors will have no problem making use of it. Though the Venetian doesn't offer extended hours on the weekends to accommodate college football and NFL bettors, they're still open for around 14 hours. The real challenge is figuring out when their lines post; the times vary by the day.

Collecting your winnings must also be done in person. The Venetian's sportsbook does not have a pay-by-mail service. They are not the place at which you want to bet on futures like the next Super Bowl winner.

Now, believe it or not, this is by design. The Venetian hasn't tried to cobble together a large sportsbook on its own because it actually plays host to an outside brand.

They have a William Hill sportsbook within their casino that's actually 10,000 square feet of huge screens, individual TVs, and desk-like seats at which you can watch your bet unfold. The Venetian also doesn't have its own sportsbook app, because it defers to William Hill there as well. This specific app only works in Nevada and will stop processing transactions (i.e. paying out) once you leave the state.

While there is no bar or grill directly inside either of the locations, the Venetian does have options close by. Seating at both spots can also be reserved, in case you want to make sure that you have a spot at which to watch an entire event.

There is also a betting kiosk located on the casino floor of the Palazzo, one of the other hotels connected to the Venetian. This is not a place at which you can kick back and watch horse races, let alone entire games from other sports, but you can quickly make wagers on just about any event.

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  • The Venetian Casino

    Get ready to be overwhelmed—in a good way—with gaming options at the Venetian. Their main casino spans nearly 120,000 square feet, and that's not including the space dedicated to their state-of-the-art William Hill sportsbook.

    Gamblers will be treated to every gaming option under the sun: slots, automated roulette, poker tournaments, and classic table games like blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, and keno.

    It is easy to while away an entire night on the Venetian's casino floor. (And by the way: They have casinos at the Palazzo and Sands Expo, too.) They have plenty of spots to eat and order drinks from that are scattered throughout the massive and sprawling space.

    Drinks on the casino floor are technically free, but not entirely. The Venetian employs the voucher system. You will get one free drink after you wager $20 and must continue playing at tables to continue receiving more. Either way, if you want any of the top-shelf liquor or imported beers, you'll need to pay for them at one of the physical bars. 

    For the rewards enthusiasts, the Venetian has a Grazie program. Upon enrollment, you receive a card that racks up points whenever you place bets on slots or at one of their table games. You do not earn credit for using their sportsbook. Rewards points can be redeemed for any number of things, depending on how many you have. The most common benefits are discounted room rates, free bets, and event tickets.

    Staying at the Venetian

    Interested in staying at the Venetian? Well, you're in luck. They will have an open room. We know this for sure because, between the Venetian itself, the Palazzo, and Sands Expo, they have over 4,000 rooms. And yes, they're going to add more in the coming years.

    Standard rooms start at a shade under $160 depending on the time of year. However, you will also be subject to a $45 daily resort fee on top of that—not including taxes. This is not a place for the budget-conscious.

    If you can afford it, though, staying at the Venetian is an absolute trip. That higher-end resort fee helps ensure amenities like marble bathrooms in every room (including non-suites), two 32-inch televisions in each space, wifi, access to a gym and spa, a personal fax/copier/printer and much more.

    As you could have probably guessed, eating on-site is hardly an issue. The Italians know their cuisine. The Venetian is no different. They house roughly 20 restaurants under their three roofs, all of them ranging from upscale places to more casual cafes and grills.

    Entertainment is also one of the Venetian's top priorities. They offer a bunch of different shows, including the Blue Man Group, and play host to many comics over the course of the year. They don't have a music-pumping club, because they don't cater to that clientele, but they do have two separate mini-malls that include a bunch of different places at which to shop.

    Basically, the Venetian is for Vegas-goers who have money to burn on pricier accommodations, and who want a calmer, more refined sportsbook and casino experience. It is also for anyone who wishes to get the full-on Vegas experience, minus the party scene, without having to jump from casino to casino and hotel to hotel.

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