When it comes to finding the best boxing odds, sportsbooks have it fairly easy, as there are only a few betting options available for any given match. Understanding fight odds and how they work will help you make better boxing betting decisions in the long run, and help you better your odds of winning your boxing bets.

We will take a look at the odds, a brief guide to betting on boxing, and where the best fight odds are located.

The next major fight could be between Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury, as well as the odds for Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul. We display the latest odds below. Last updated on July 7, 2021:

Joshua vs Fury bovada betonline betus
Anthony Joshua


+150 +145
Tyson Fury


-175 -180

There are a number of other potential fights, which we've listed below. The odds were last updated on July 7, 2021:

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Logan Paul odds bovada betonline betus
Tyron Woodley +120 +125 +120
Jake Paul -150 -150 -150


Understanding Boxing Betting Odds

When it comes to understanding betting odds, many just look at their projected winnings and place their bet without actually understanding how boxing odds work. We are here to help you understand how to calculate your boxing betting odds, and how oddsmakers set them.

There are a few different formats that boxing betting odds can be displayed in. The most common odds format in the United States is American odds - obviously. But many sports bettors are used to fractional or decimal odds as well, so we will look at how to calculate those as well.

boxing fight odds

American Boxing Betting Odds

Boxing odds are typically presented in American odds in the United States, and it’s obvious as to why. American odds are usually represented by a positive or negative 3 or 4 digit amount, like -150 or +650 to denote the probability of winning a match.

In terms of boxing, the positive number represents how much you would win on a $100 bet on the underdog, and the negative number would represent how much you’d have to bet to win $100. When it comes to calculating probability - there really isn’t a rule for American odds, so it’s important to convert your odds to decimal.

How do you do this?

  • For positive odds (underdog boxing odds) let’s say +300: 1 + (odds / 100) = 1+(300/100) = 4.0
  • For negative odds (favored boxer’s odds) -300: 1 - (100 / 300) = 1.333

Now that you have your decimal odds, we can help you calculate your winnings and implied probability:

Decimal Boxing Betting Odds

Decimal boxing odds are way more common in Europe, but in the United States, some bettors do prefer them. It’s easier to calculate your American odds by converting them to decimals, especially when trying to calculate the probability of winning. Decimal odds are essentially your odds multiplied by your stake, then subtract your stake.

  • 9.0 odds would be calculated as (9.0 * $10) - $10 = $80 in winnings
  • 1.25 would be (1.25 * $10) = $10 = $2.50

To calculate your implied probability of winning, you essentially divide 1/decimal odds which is 1/ 9.0.

This gives an implied probability of 11.11%. Implied probability is an important part of your boxing betting strategy and will help you improve your chances of winning in the long term.

Fractional Boxing Betting Odds

If you did well in math class as a kid, you’re well on your way to understanding fractional betting odds. If you see a fractionated number, like 10/1, this means someone has a ten to one chance of winning the match. This way, you can calculate their probability of winning - from the fractional boxing odds.

The formula looks like this:

B/(A+B) = %

For example, if the boxing betting odds are set for a match and a boxer has 9/1 odds to win, there is a 10% chance they will win the match.

1/(9+1) = .10 (10%)

Or, if a fighter has 1/ 4 odds to win the match, that can be calculated like so,

4/(4+1) = 0.80 (80%)

This boxer is usually favored to win.

So, how much will you win on fractional boxing betting odds? It’s pretty simple actually. For every value on the right side of the fraction you wager, you will win the left. So 9/1 odds - for each $1 wagered, you will win $9. 1/ 4 odds - for each $4 wagered you win $1.

Top Online Sportsbooks for Boxing Betting

Now that you have a good grasp of the odds, we can introduce you to a few of our favorite online sportsbooks that we enjoy using for our boxing betting! Online sportsbooks are a convenient way to bet on boxing online and can provide great perks, depending on where you sign up.

Many online sportsbooks have a stigma around their safety and security, but the sportsbooks we promote are all the safest, most secure sportsbooks - we use them ourselves! If you’re looking for a new online sportsbook for your boxing bets, we can help you find some with great odds, loyalty programs, excellent boxing bonuses, and quick and painless sign-up processes.

    View All Sports Betting Sites

    Most intermediate and professional sports bettors have multiple accounts at different sportsbooks to ensure they’re getting the best odds for any given boxing match. Signing up at 2-3 online sportsbooks is recommended for sports bettors, regardless of the sport they plan to wager on.

    This way, you can line shop - maybe MyBookie has a great outright winner moneyline, but Bovada has better value when round betting. You don’t have to place all of your wagers on one sportsbook - mix it up and check out the odds for each one!

    boxing betting odds

    We aren’t saying to sign up for any sportsbook that we recommend, we want you to make decisions based on what you’re looking for in an online sportsbook. The best boxing betting odds are definitely a key factor, but you want to make sure you do your research before signing up to ensure they have what you need. Our online sportsbook reviews outline key criteria we personally find important when choosing an online sportsbook.

    Safety, security, deposit options, payout methods, and bonus terms are all things we urge sports bettors to review before signing up at an online sportsbook. Also, if you’re planning to do all of your bettings from a mobile phone you could consider a sportsbook with a mobile app for ease of use.

    Wherever you choose to bet on boxing, be responsible and have a little fun with it!