Proline Sports Betting

For most Canadian sports fans, Pro-Line sports betting is the main betting house in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and the only option used and trusted. What most Canadian residents don’t know is that Pro-Line isn’t the only way to bet on sports in Canadian provinces. Pro-Line offers a convenient way to bet on sports at any location where lotto tickets are sold, along with online wagering.

What makes betting on Pro-Line limiting, is that the betting odds aren’t comparable to online sportsbooks, and you must bet a minimum of two wagers per bet slip (also called a parlay wager). Single-game wagering is a huge part of any betting strategy, and parlays are much riskier to the bettor.

It’s important to understand your options when deciding to bet on sports, and if you’re choosing to bet on Pro-Line betting odds, you should be aware of all available options, and we’re here to help with that. Remember that Pro-Line betting is fairly limited and doesn't match up to what you'd find at major online providers listed on our site.

Parlay Betting

First thing’s first, we should explain parlay wagers.

Pro-Line only allows parlay wagers instead of single-game bets, so we have to ensure that bettors understand parlay betting and how it works because it is quite different from a regular offshore sportsbook.

Parlay wagers are multi-leg bets, with two or more wagers, that combine the odds to create one large bet slip - which ultimately leads to a huge payout if all of your predictions are correct. When we say all, we mean it - you need to be correct on every single game on your bet slip. If you bet on 5 games, and one team loses, you will lose your wager.

On any given NFL Sunday, you could bet on two to eight games, and if you pick the right teams, your payout could be thousands of dollars. Many Canadians do exceptionally well with Pro-Line, raking in huge payouts with the right picks. These bets are extremely risky, the more games you add, the more risk, which also means the larger the reward if you are right.

About Pro-Line Stadium

Pro-Line Stadium was founded in 1992 and multi-leg wagers have been accepted in OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming) and ALC (Atlantic Lottery Corporation) locations ever since. It’s since moved online as well, offering wagers through the OLG and ALC websites.

Pro-Line offers two to eight leg wagers (also called parlay wagers) which raises the stakes of the bets and can result in huge payouts if each of your selected wagers cashes. Pro-Line recently updated their offering of simple moneyline, totals, and spread wagering types, to include more variety. You can combine different betting types on your Pro-Line bet slip, you just can’t bet on the same game in two different betting types.

The addition of more proposition betting options is a nice touch, including player versus player props like who will score more points or get more goals in any given game. Usually, it’s pitting two players on opposing teams.

Pro-Line Betting Odds

While many Canadians believe that Pro-Line is the only option available, we that are familiar with online betting sites know that to be false. While it seems like the best option because it’s regulated within Canada and run by the local lottery seems like it’s the best way to bet on sports, it simply can’t measure up to online sportsbooks.

Pro-Line has very weak odds. They force you to place parlay wagers, and even then, their odds just are not nearly as competitive as an offshore sportsbook. You could create a five-game parlay on Pro-Line with a $10 wager, only to payout $50 or $60 but you could create that exact parlay on a sports betting site like Bet365 or Bodog and the payout would be $80.

Another flaw we see at Pro-Line is the restriction on single-game wagers. Betting on single games is a huge part of any sports bettor’s gambling strategy and some nights the multi-leg bet slip is just too risky. If you don’t have the option to just bet on one game, you are missing out big time on the true sports betting experience.

Forcing parlays just forces sports bettors to throw money away, especially beginner bettors. Only experienced bettors really know how to win week after week with parlay betting. Pro-Line doesn’t have the expert oddsmakers on staff that can predict game outcomes accurately and confidently enough to have the betting odds that a big sportsbook like Bodog would, so they need to lower the odds to protect themselves.

Simply put, you get better odds and higher payouts on offshore sportsbooks, and you also can place single-game wagers.

Pro-Line Sports Betting Options

While Pro-Line has improved over the past few years and has added more betting options and sports, like the UFC and combat sports, for example, it still just can’t compete with the variety that offshore sportsbooks have.

For any given game, it has the moneyline, spread, and total options, but offshore books have upwards of 50 or more betting options available for each game. You can bet on almost any instance in a game on a site like Bodog or MyBookie, but you really only have basics at Pro-Line.

A nice touch that Pro-Line has introduced in the past few years is Pro-Line futures, which allows you to place wagers on popular sports betting futures in almost any sport - like the winner of the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl Champion, months in advance.

Pro-Line Bonuses and Promotions

Since online sportsbooks have been so prevalent in the Canadian sports betting space, Pro-Line has been forced to step it up, and they recently have added bonuses and promotions to their repertoire. They have added some bonuses where you can earn $5 tokens for betting, which is chump change compared to big bonuses you could get at offshore sportsbooks, but we appreciate the sentiment and that they’re trying to keep up.

Most sportsbooks offer great sign-up bonuses and promotional offers for their customers. Bonuses are very common at the top sportsbooks and online casinos to keep their players happy. Many offer upwards of $200 in sign-up bonuses to their customers once they place their first bet.

Pro-Line Alternatives

When it comes to sports betting, you want to get the most value for your money. If you’re placing a bet, you want the best odds of winning, and you want to risk less for more reward. In the case of Pro-Line, they’re definitely improving their gaming software, but they still don’t offer single-game bets, and their odds just aren’t up to par with offshore sportsbooks.

The top online sportsbooks like Bodog or MyBookie are safe and reliable and offer great odds, bonuses, and ultimately, single-game bets. There are plenty of online sportsbooks available to Canadian residents, so it’s just a matter of reading sportsbook reviews and choosing one that best suits your needs.

We have a list of criteria we look for when reviewing sportsbooks, and we ensure that they meet the needs of sports bettors of all experience levels. We also ensure that sportsbooks we refer Canadians to actually offer their product in Canada and allow Canadian players.

While Pro-Line is still a good product, we believe you’re better off at one of the above sportsbooks.