Proline Canada Sports Betting

Sport Select, offered by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, is the engine that drives the sports betting industry in Canada. Proline, from the Sport Select family, is the primary sports wagering option available in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Known as Pari sportif in Quebec, Sports Action in British Columbia, and Sports Select in Western Canada, Proline offers wagering opportunities on global sporting events. Canadians can get in the game today!

Alternatives to Proline

For players in the Ontario region of Canada, Proline wagering is as close as it gets to authentic online sports betting. Bettors can find alternatives to Proline gambling at any of the top offshore websites listed below.

      Ontario Proline Betting

      Fixed odds betting, along with money line and total wagering in a parlay type structure, are presented with the Ontario Pro Line sports betting method. Fans of NHL, college, and International puck action will find Proline betting available for every match-up throughout the year. Premier League soccer, Major League Baseball, hard-hitting NFL action, along with US college football and basketball, are also featured Pro Line betting options in Ontario.

      Where to buy a Proline ticket

      Although the daily betting odds are posted at the website, bettors must purchase their Pro Line betting tickets at one of the many land based lottery kiosks scattered across the greater Ontario area. Proline tickets can be printed online and then easily purchased at a local corner store or gas station. Bets can also be placed, by visiting an OLC licensed Casino or one of the 18 horse betting racetracks located throughout Ontario.

      How to fill out a Proline ticket

      Much like a parlay betting card at a Las Vegas sportbook, or any online betting website, filling out a Pro Line ticket is very simple and straight-forward. Simply select anywhere from three to six wagering options by coloring in the associated boxes on the betting slip. Pro Line tickets can be filled out online or at a local sports wagering kiosk. A sports lottery retailer will then register and print off your Pro Line ticket.