Sports Select Online Betting

Established way back in 1976, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC), originally introduced Sport Select as a National sports betting option in Canada. Fast-forward to present day and Sport Select is now available under various brands and presented by five different Crown Corporations. British Columbia (BCLC), the Midwestern and Northern regions (WCLC), Ontario (OLG), Quebec (Loto-Québec), and Atlantic Canada (ALC) offer Sport Select online betting to the Canadian sports wagering communities.

Alternatives to Sports Select

While Canada has made strides in the online betting industry, with the Sports Select wagering method, Canadians should still look into our Top 3 highly rated online sports betting sites listed below.

    Sports Select in Ontario

    As the only game available in Ontario, residents of the largest province in Canada are drawn to the Sport Select brand of sports betting excitement. With over 10,000 sports wagering sales centers, Ontario leads the country in Sport Selection participation. An interactive online version of Sports Select, presented by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), is set to be nearing its launch date.

    How does Sports Select Work?

    With the objective to make winning sports selections as it’s core goal, Sports Select works a little different than traditional online sports betting. Most notably, bettors must select a minimum of 3 and up to 12 selections per betting slip with Sports Select Ontario. Some Proline wagering methods add a TIE option to the mix that dramatically boosts the potential winning total but adds long odds of cashing.

    Is Sports Select Proline?

    In a word – yes. Much like Sports Action in British Columbia or the Mise-o-Jeu betting method offered in Quebec, Proline is derived from Sport Select and is the umbrella for the Ontario online sports betting family. Suffering over to bettors will find Sport Select listed as Pro Line and Over/Under betting methods, Point Spread, and Pro Pick Props, as the three main wagering opportunities in Ontario. Proline tickets can be filled out and printed online but must be purchased through a Sports Select licensed retailer.