Cloud9 Expected To Be Heads Above Others At LOL LCS Spring Event

Cloud9 Expected To Be Heads Above Others At LOL LCS Spring Event

Online Sports Betting previews more of the big events of the early eSports season as we look at some LOL LCS Future Bets for the tournaments that begins on January 20th, 2024. Who could be some potential picks in the eSports LOL Tournament brought to you by Mastercard?

  • WHAT: LOL LCS Spring North American Tournament
  • WHEN: From January 20th, 2024 to March 31st, 2024 all streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Los Angeles, California and offline (Riot Games and PNC Bank Arena)
  • WHY: The eight team tournament to determine the first LOL LCS Champion of the young season.

Alright, we take on a fast preview of the LOL LCS North American Event from Los Angeles. Now, this tournament involves a long process for eight teams and does not crown a champion until March 31st. The playoffs for this do not even start until March That is still two months away. For an eight team event, this seems like a lot. However, with two spots into the MSI 2024, this carries a deceptive amount of prestige. Teams want to do well and get into the bigger tournaments.

eSports Table For LOL LCS North America Future Bets

Welcome to 2024 as the eSports LOL LCS North America Future Bets keep things straight forward. Once more at Online Sports Betting, we look at this tournament held in California which features a decent purse and a stepping stone into the bigger MSI tournament later in 2024.

Okay, the eSports table for the early futures in this long tournament are below. Also, remember these online sports betting news plus picks.

LOL LCS North AmericaBovadaMyBookieBetOnline
Team Liquid+550+600+600
100 Thieves+1200+1050+1100

This LOL LCS North American tournament gets pretty long. However, winning and getting one of those two MSI spots is the end game. The sooner a team gets one of those spots, the better they feel. Let's dig into this one. It is hard to believe this is the 14th season of LOL LCS North America.

Update For LOL LCS North America

This LOL LCS North America event from Los Angeles features a long group stage event, a pause, . The goal is to set up seeding for the playoffs which start in mid March. So, in the group stage, winning guarantees a better seed in the playoffs while losing does not. Now, the group stage features a best of one double round-robin and the playoffs feature double-elimination. Now, this is why the LOL LCS Future Bets tilt toward one of the main favorites.

With a $100,000 top purse ($200,000 prize pool), this LOL LCS North American League spotlights some elite teams. These teams battle for two spots in the MSI tournaments and eventually even more glorious prestige to come later in 2024. Again, think the big picture here and one gets to see some early form of the eSports team best set to dominate the season.

Again, with the best-of-five format for all parts of the playoffs, expect a lot of excitement. Also, it allows for the potential of a longer shot crashing the tournament and winning. Hey, anything can happen and sometimes does. However, one team does seem to reign supreme here. They remain our top choice for now.

LOL LCS Future Bets Favor Cloud9 Again

Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline chimed in with early numbers on this tournament for the 2024 eSports North American season. This 14th LOL LCS incarnation of the event will begin with eight teams battling for the two spots to MSI 2024 and that $100,000 top prize. Now, this arms the LOL LCS Future Bets and gives us a little help too. It also favors Cloud9 once again.

Yes, this is a tournament format which likely helps a team like Cloud9. The eSports Online Betting will focus on some of these top eSports teams including NRG too. However, one gets the feeling NRG might not be the best horse to back. Cloud9 had been in such good form late last season and no one would be surprised if they got the jump in this format. Again, the group stage is a one-shot deal per match. That favors a team like Cloud9 more.

Again, there are few teams quite like Cloud9 in this tournament. They are a -120 to -140 favorite for a reason. Some argue this could fan out to -150 to -200. If one is wondering what their early odds to reach the Final are, then wonder no more. That number comes in at a crazy -400 on Bovada Online Sportsbook Review.

With only eight teams to worry about, Cloud9 maintains itself as almost a lock to make the LOL LCS Spring 2024 Final. LOL LCS Future Bets felt the need to pick them here. More than likely, they face off against NRG or one of the longer shots on March 31st. Either way, an MSI spot is almost certain.

Cloud9 To win the LOL LCS Spring 2024 NA Event

eSports LOL LCS Future Bets Look At Some Other Teams

The eSports LOL LCS Future Bets believe that there are a some other teams in the upper tier (our top four). NRG is far from a lock to make the Final. After all, NRG carries some form but again, this format favors some of the longer shots. Never sleep on Team Liquid (+550 to +600) and even Flyquest (+600 to +675) cannot be overlooked. Remember, this is a long group stage format with best of one matches. Then, everything shifts to a best of five with double elimination. NRG had issues there in 2023.

For us it comes down to can NRG generate some early momentum. They could but they may not either. Our better bet is on Team Liquid or Flyquest honestly. NRG at +400 worries us frankly.

NRG To win LOL LCS North America

So Team Liquid or Flyquest?

So how about Team Liquid or Flyquest? Again, Team Liquid carries a little more momentum than Flyquest. There is a reason why they are the slight nod for third choice here. Flyquest could be more of a threat in later tournaments. For now, we side with the cohesiveness of Team Liquid.

Team Liquid To win the LOL LCS NA Spring 2024

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