Counter-Strike has been around for decades and has become one of the most popular eSports not only to watch but also to gamble on. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth installment of the game, and has grown exponentially since its 2012 launch. The first-person shooter game has two teams of five - the Terrorists, and the Counter-Terrorists.

The 2021 CS:GO betting odds are available for the CS:GO Gamers Club. As soon as the odds become available we'll be sure to post them here. The odds were last updated on December 20, 2021: 

Favorite betonline betonline Underdog
Ex-Ceará eSports -130 -102 Vivo Keyd
Isurus -256  +184

The terrorist side’s objective is to plant a bomb and have it blow up within a set amount of time, or kill all counter-terrorist team members within the round time limit. The goal of the counter-terrorists is naturally, to stop the terrorists from executing their mission or defuse the bomb before it goes off.

Each game consists of 30 rounds in regulation, and the first team to win 16 rounds is the winner of the game. The game is divided into halves, and teams switch sides after 15 rounds.

The Major Championships are the most popular Counter-Strike events to bet on each year. The Spring CSGO Major Championship is scheduled for May 11-24, 2020, but will likely be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Autumn edition of the CSGO Major Championship is scheduled for November 2, 2020, and will run until the 15th with a prize of one million dollars.

If you’re new to gambling on Counter-Strike, finding the best CS:GO betting odds can be a little confusing and difficult, so we compiled this guide to help you understand the odds and find the best places to bet on CSGO.


Ex-Ceará eSports
Ex-Ceará eSports

How to Bet on CS:GO

Like any sport, you can find a selection of CSGO betting odds on popular online sportsbooks, but what do the odds mean? If you’re here to learn about the betting options available for CSGO, we will explain each betting type and give examples on how to bet on CSGO odds below.

Our examples will be outlined in American odds, as that is the most popular odds format in the United States.

CSGO Moneyline Bets

The most popular option in CSGO betting is by far, the moneyline wager. It’s a simple option to understand and is the most straightforward for beginners. You will essentially be selecting which team you believe will win the game.

There will be three options, Team A, Team B, and a Draw. They will all have odds assigned to them, and depending on how they rank before the game, oddsmakers will set the odds based on their probability of winning.

If Team A has (-250) odds, they are considered the favorite to win, and you would have to bet $250 to win $100 plus your initial stake. If Team B has odds of (+150), they are considered the underdog, and less likely to win the matchup. However, if they did win, you’d profit $150 on a $100 bet plus your initial stake.

Most times, if the game is heavily one-sided and there favored team’s odds are high, like -1000, it’s not really a great value and we’d suggest refraining to bet on that match. You also don’t have to bet $100, you can wager any denomination when betting on CSGO.


CSGO Point Spreads

If you prefer to bet on point spreads, you can also take advantage of the ‘map spread’ wager on your selected team. This CSGO betting type is listed with plus/minus odds, much like the moneyline bet, but it will denote how many rounds of a handicap you will give the underdog.

If you have Team A with -2.5 odds(favorite), and Team B with +2.5 odds (underdog), this means that Team A will have to win the map by at least 3 rounds to cover the spread. If you bet on Team B, they either have to win the map or keep the score within three rounds.

CSGO Totals

Betting the totals in CSGO is pretty straightforward and simple for beginners or bettors who don’t know which team might win outright. Oddsmakers will select a number that represents how many points they believe both teams will accumulate collectively in a game.

Your job is to decide whether you think the total number of points for both teams will be over or under the oddsmaker’s number. If the number of points is 24, and the final score is 11-14, the over wager will cash. With CSGO, there are more totals options like total kills you can wager on as well - which can open up more betting opportunities if you don’t want to bet on the outcome of the game.

CSGO Prop Bets

Most online sportsbooks offer fun props on major events, and Counter-strike is no different. There will be a lot of moneyline style bets that will revolve around fun instances in the game, like ‘first blood’ bets - where you bet which team will have the first kill. You can bet on each of the knife and pistol rounds as well.

You can place a futures prop wager on the Top Fragger, which is the player with the highest score at the end of each map, and even at the end of the game. If there’s a player who is exceptionally good, their odds will reflect that - many oddsmakers know their CSGO players by doing diligent research!

Best CSGO Betting Sites

Top CSGO Betting Sites

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    Now that you have a basic understanding of the most popular betting options for CSGO betting, you can find a sportsbook to place your bets on! There are plenty of great online sportsbooks to choose from, but the question you need to ask yourself is - which sportsbook is the best for CSGO betting?

    There isn’t a definitive answer for that, we can tell you which sportsbooks have CSGO odds, but you should be choosing an online sportsbook that meets all of your betting needs. You need an online sportsbook that has the deposit and withdrawal options you want to use, and also a great sign up bonus or loyalty program. If you plan to bet on your smartphone, you might consider one that has a dedicated app, or a great mobile site.

    We have a great selection of online sportsbook reviews to look through before you make the decision to sign up - have a look!