Since its release in 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale has gained a cult-like following. With over 125 million players and counting, it’s growing in popularity on both PC and consoles. Players are dropped into a despondent location and must fight until only one player remains. They must use items they find on the battlefield (like weapons) to survive.

Much like any of the other Esports, Fortnite is becoming a popular game to watch on Twitch, and competitive tournaments are beginning to pop up everywhere. Naturally, this caught the attention of oddsmakers, and they released some Fortnite betting odds for the Esports bettors.

While Fortnite isn’t technically an Esport yet, there are odds, and we can bet on Fortnite, so we will! The odds selection is limited, but we expect Fortnite betting options to increase over the next few years.

The most popular opportunity to bet on Fortnite will be the World Cup Championship, but there are also odds on the qualifiers if your sportsbook offers a wide selection of eSport odds. The qualifiers take place over a span of 10 weeks starting in April leading up to the main event in July.

We will display odds, as soon as the bookies publish them. Last Update on January 17, 2022.

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Betting on Fortnite

There are a few options when it comes to Fortnite betting, depending on which sportsbook you choose:

Match Winner Betting

The easiest Fortnite betting type is the Match winner, which is pretty self-explanatory. You are betting on which player you think will win the match outright. This is similar to a moneyline-style bet in other sports, where you predict who you think will win the match, in solos, duos or teams.

There are three options to choose from, Player A, Player B, and a Draw. You can bet on the winner up until the end of the game, so you have the opportunity to watch the game live, and bet as it starts to unfold, but the risk here is that the odds will start getting lower and lower as the player starts performing well.

In terms of odds, there will always be a favored player, so if Player A is favored to win in this case, their odds may look like -400, and Player B, the underdog, would have odds that look like +550. In this scenario, it’s unlikely that Player B will win the match, but if they do, and you bet $100 on them, you would win $500 plus your initial stake.

It’s always compelling to take the underdog, as the payout can be juicy if the underdog does prevail. If you bet on the favored team’s odds, you’d have to bet $400 to win $100, and most times, it’s not really worth it to risk so much for so little reward. Games with closer odds like, -150/+300 are much more lucrative when betting the moneyline.

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Fortnite Futures

Another Fortnite betting type that’s similar to the moneyline, is the overall tournament winner. This is essentially the same as a futures bet in any other sport. You will choose who you think will win the tournament outright, from a list of competitors at the tournament.

In terms of odds, they will likely be fairly high to start out for each player. If there’s a standout favorite like Ninja competing, his odds could look like -500 and the rest of the players would be underdogs and have +1000 or +5000 odds due to the high probability of him winning the tournament.

Fortnite Props

The proposition market is growing with Fortnite as there are so many fun bets you can make on things that might happen in the matches. The most common prop bet in Fortnite is First Blood - which is essentially what it sounds like - the first team to draw blood aka kill an opposing team’s player.

You can place prop bets on the Top player with the most kills, total survival time of a player, fastest player to make five kills, winner of each round, and more. Each sportsbook will have their own unique props to bet on, so it’s a great option to place a few smaller wagers on these props for fun while watching the match to make things a little more interesting.

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Fortnite Betting Odds

Since Fortnite is still fairly new, and not even technically an eSport yet, it can be challenging to find betting odds on some of the popular sports betting sites. There are some awesome online sportsbooks who offer a great selection, so finding one that offers a wide range of betting options should be your first step toward betting on Fortnite.

There are even some newer eSport betting sites that strictly offer eSports odds, which can be a great option, but we cannot fully recommend them because we have not tried them ourselves. Our online sportsbook reviews section endorses sportsbooks we ourselves use regularly to bet on Fortnite and other eSports.

While some may not have a huge selection of odds, they do have great bonuses, deposit options and even accept Bitcoin, if you plan to use that method for your deposits and withdrawals. It’s all about finding the online sportsbook that works for you.

If you plan to strictly bet on fun Fortnite prop bets, you should ensure you find a sportsbook with a great prop selection and great odds. If you plan to deposit with your AMEX, you need to find a sportsbook that accepts AMEX, as not many of them do. Checking out sportsbook reviews will help you make better Fortnite betting decisions in the long run, and will help you make more money betting on eSports.