Hearthstone betting is one of the more unique options to hit the eSports betting industry, as it’s not a first-person shooter or a battle royale style of game. Hearthstone is a collectible card game, involving the design of specific decks around a central theme of classes that revolves around World of Warcraft. Each class has a different playstyle, and cards are exclusive and unique to that particular class.

Currently, there are no odds available for Hearthstone. But the times as things move forward, there may be events cropping up later in the year. Stay Tuned! The odds were last updated on January 17, 2022:

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If you’ve ever bet on the World Poker Tour or similar events, you’ll get how betting on card games can be risky, and if your chosen player hits big - so do you. At the beginning of each game, players will pull three to four cards (from a deck of 30) with the goal in mind that they have to burn their opponent’s health before they take yours.

You can use cards in combinations with each other, and use cards to block opponents' attacks - and advanced players do this quite well. You can also purchase cards with your in-game currencies you achieve with daily quests or purchased with real money.

The competitive scene grew extremely fast, and users can now enter tournaments called Fireside Gatherings on a local, regional and worldwide basis. Anyone can start a Fireside Gathering, you just need eight people and a place to host your event. The winners of official-sanctioned Fireside Gatherings are allowed to compete in the Regional Qualifier.

Once the regional qualifiers are complete, the four winners are invited to the Fireside Gathering Championship. Once a winner for each continent (US, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific) is crowned, they are then invited to the Hearthstone World Championship.

With all eSport games, betting on Hearthstone has grown in popularity over recent years, and sportsbooks are taking notice. Many online sportsbooks offer Hearthstone betting odds for viewers to bet on, to potentially win some cash while watching the matches.



How to Bet on Hearthstone

There are a few options when it comes to betting on Hearthstone, and while you feel like you’re watching two competitors play poker, it can get so much more exciting with some fun wagers:

Match Winner Betting

As you would in any other sport, you can bet on the winner of any given match. In Hearthstone, there are two competitors, and three outcomes, a player can win, lose or draw. The oddsmakers will set the odds based on who is favored to win the match, but realistically, many of the games have an element of luck to them, so the odds will never really be swayed in anyone’s favor too far.

If player A is favored to win, their odds might look like -110, and the underdog, player B will have +105 odds. This should be a pretty tight match, but if the favorite wins, and you correctly selected them you would have had to bet $110 to win $100 plus your initial stake. If you bet on the underdog, player B, you would have won $105 on a $100 wager, plus your initial stake.

You don’t have to bet $100 each time, it’s just an easy way to explain American odds. You can use an odds calculator to determine how much you’d win with any other denomination.

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Hearthstone Futures

When it comes to betting on a tournament, you can place a wager on the winner of the whole event, months in advance (if the odds are available). If you think a specific player might come in first, you could get some great odds by betting far in the future, depending on which sportsbook you use.

The odds of winning this bet are much more slim, as you have many more options available if there are 256 players at a regional qualifier, you might get odds on the top 50 players, and even that’s a 1 in 50 chance of correctly predicting the tournament winner.

Hearthstone Totals

Betting the totals in Hearthstone is an easy way to bet on the match without directly betting on who will prevail at the end. If you can’t decide who you think will win the game, you can choose totals betting or Over/Under betting as it's commonly referred to as.

The main totals bet you can wager on is how many turns will happen in a game or entire match. Oddsmakers predict a number of turns, and you will have to decide if you believe the number of turns of both players combined will be over or under that number.

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Hearthstone Prop Bets

Hearthstone specials or proposition bets are fun and unique ways to bet on specific outcomes within a given match or tournament. They’re meant to be more fun than anything, to make viewing the match more exciting. You can bet on a certain card showing up in the match, or which player might complete specific in-match tasks first, and so on.

Best Hearthstone Betting Sites

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    If you feel ready to bet on Hearthstone, you will need to find an online sportsbook to take your wagers. It can be challenging to find a reputable sportsbook with all the bells and whistles that accepts eSports betting, but it’s not impossible.

    We only recommend online sportsbooks that we use ourselves, that are safe, secure and trustworthy so you aren’t risking your money on sketchy sportsbooks. New sportsbooks are popping up every day, so ensuring you do your research and read online sportsbook reviews is important before signing up.

    If you plan to bet on Hearthstone from your phone, you’re going to want an online sportsbook that has a designated app or a great mobile site - especially if you plan to live bet on the matches.

    We also recommend looking at available deposit options before signing up at an online sportsbook. Too many times we’ve heard bettors go through the sign-up process and then realize when they go to deposit that a sportsbook doesn’t accept their preferred deposit method and has high deposit limits.

    Betting on Hearthstone should be simple, easy and accessible, so finding the right sportsbook should be the first step towards making some real money while watching your favorite game.