MLB Betting Picks 2022: Are Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners For Real?

MLB Betting Picks 2022: Are Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners For Real?

It can be difficult to keep track of betting odds on MLB games in 2022. After all, with so many games everyday, and with so much breaking news prior to each opening pitch, how can you be sure you're getting the most accurate baseball betting lines?

By sticking with us, that's how. Our 2022 MLB picks will always deliver the most up to date information on every game. This time around, we're here to determine whether the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners are for real following their scorching-hot starts, but we' got odds on all of MLB's games for Friday, April 22 just below:

Chicago Cubs-164+138Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals-126+108Cincinnati Reds
Philadelphia Phillies-126+108Milwaukee Brewers
Tampa Bay Rays-138+118Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers-142+120Colorado Rockies
Atlanta Braves-152+128Miami Marlins
Houston Astros-164+138Toronto Blue Jays
Minnesota Twins-112-104Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels-190+160Baltimore Orioles
Los Angeles Dodgers-178+150San Diego Padres
New York Mets-126+108Arizona Diamondbacks
Seattle Mariners-136+116Kansas City Royals

Now that you have the latest MLB betting odds, it's time for you to peruse all our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. We have designed these evaluations with the intention of helping you identify the best betting sites for MLB in 2022.

And without further delay, let's get to our best MLB bets for Friday, April 22 while also tackling some bigger-picture questions in the process.

Are the Angels World Series Threats?

If you thought a series with the Houston Astros would slow the Angels' roll, well, you were wrong. Los Angeles ended up winning their series with Houston and now gets to fatten up their record by facing the lowly, rebuilding Baltimore Orioles.

Whether it's time to start viewing the Angels as a World Series threat is a separate matter. Shohei Ohtani is shaping up to be an MVP candidate once more, and the offense is molten hot. But the starting rotation and bullpen remains shallow, to the point it's difficult to imagine the Angels winning at this pace all year.

Still, if L.A. can swing a deal or two before the deadline, they've shown they have the making to jostle with the best.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Angels (-190)

Los Angeles Angels To beat the Baltimore Orioles

Don't Sleep on the Seattle Mariners 

The Mariners are the second of MLB's biggest suprises to start this season. They, too, just picked up two victories over the division rival Astros and have a chance to go on a real run with contests against the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers on deck. 

The real question: Is Seattle's winning rate sustainable? It's tough to say. The Mariners' offensive vitals aren't great; they're hitting below .240 behind the plate and boast both unimpressive slugging and on-base percentages.

However, the pitching staff has verged on divine. So while Seattle may be a tier below the Astros and Angels in the AL West over the long run, they're a team you need to take seriously on the betting front.

OSB Prediction: Seattle Mariners (-136)

Seattle Mariners To beat the Kansas City Royals

Mets May Steamroll Diamondbacks 

Break up the New York Mets!

Despite a couple of key injuries peppered up and down the roster, the Mets have already jumped out to a four-game lead in the NL East. That is truly, positively, unequivocally wild.

Even more wild: The Mets are fifth in MLB in on-base-plus-slugging percentage. Few saw that type of offensive output coming from a team that was supposed to lean heavily, if not too heavily, on their pitching staff.

OSB Prediction: New York Mets (-126)

New York Mets To beat the Arizona Diamondbacks

Tampa Bay is Starting to Figure It Out

Talk about your early-season roller coasters.

First, people were wondering whether the Tampa Bay Rays were the best team in baseball. Then, they wanted to know whether the Rays were a sham on the verge of implosion. And now, Tampa Bay is riding a two-game win streak with a batting order that appears to be on the rise.

Truth be told, we're not sure what to make of the Rays long term. We would still have the Toronto Blue Jays over them in the AL East. But when it comes to a brief set with a Boston Red Sox squad posting an on-base percentage below .290, we love Tampa Bay's chances.

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Rays (-138)

Tampa Bay Rays To beat the Boston Red Sox

Can Padres Pull Off Upset Over Dodgers?

Fernando Tatis Jr.'s absence has rendered the San Diego Padres touch-and-go, but they've started to percolate in recent games. Not only have they won four straight, but they've notched one of the largest run differentials in the league, at plus-18.

Meanwhile, the pitching rotation has been a pleasant surprise—both the starters and the arms in the bullpen. Opponents are batting just .200 against San Diego, the third-lowest mark in the league. The Los Angeles Dodgers technically have a better pitching staff, but their offense has been even more up and down over the past week.

Join us as we call for the upset.

OSB Prediction: San Diego Padres (+150)

San Diego Padres To beat the Los Angeles Dodgers

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