MLB Futures: Best Bets to Make 2022 Playoffs include Dodgers, Yankees, Mets

MLB Futures: Best Bets to Make 2022 Playoffs include Dodgers, Yankees, Mets

This early into the baseball season, the best betting sites for MLB in 2022 are still laying fun futures for you to invest in.

There is, of course, the option of choosing World Series champs, winners of the NL and AL pennants and even team win-loss totals. But there is also the chance to predict flat-out which clubs will make the playoffs. 

That'll be the subject of these 2022 MLB futures. We're in the market for the best bets to clinch a playoff spot before the regular season is over, a list that includes the usual suspects like the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets but is also filled with some surprises.

Before we go any further, however, let's have a gander at the latest betting odds on MLB:

To Make MLB PlayoffsBetOnline
Los Angeles Dodgers-30000
New York Mets-750
Toronto Blue Jays-750
Houston Astros-700
Chicago White Sox-600
Milwaukee Brewers-550
New York Yankees-550
Tampa Bay Rays-230
San Diego Padres-230
Atlanta Braves-210
St. Louis Cardinals-115
Minnesota Twins+115
Boston Red Sox+125
Philadelphia Phillies+125
Seattle Mariners+170
Miami Marlins+210
Cleveland Guardians+500
Chicago Cubs+650
Colorado Rockies+750
Texas Rangers+750
Detroit Tigers+850
Kansas City Royals+1000
Pittsburgh Pirates+1500
Oakland Athletics+1500
Cincinnait Reds+2000
Baltimore Orioles+2500
Arizona Diamondbacks+2500
Washington Nationals+2500

Always be sure to recheck these baseball betting odds whenever wagering on MLB futures. Since these outcomes don't pay out until the end of the regular season, the lines are liable to shift frequently and starkly. Our odds to make the MLB playoffs are accurate entering games on Tuesday, April 26. If you're predicting MLB futures anytime thereafter, you'll need to come back and check the baseball betting lines.

Whenever you're looking at the baseball futures market, it's also a smart idea to immerse yourself in our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. These user-friendly guides are designed to help you spot the best betting sites for baseball and all other professional sports.

The Dodgers are the Safest Playoff Bet Around

This one's beyond easy. The Dodgers (-30000) are the best team in baseball now by a light year. Their pitching staff ranks first in ERA and opponent batting average, and the offense places inside the top three of every category that matters.

Indeed, the odds here (-30000) aren't exactly enticing. But investing in them to make the playoffs is also free money.

Los Angeles Dodgers To make the 2022 MLB Playoffs

Are the Mets a Playoff Lock?

When Jacob deGrom got injured, the initial thought was that the Mets (-750) would suffer and perhaps slip outside the playoff picture. They've instead done the opposite.

New York has jumped out to a 4.5-game lead in the National League East Division while posting the third largest run differential in the league. You almost can't even tell deGrom is injured. The pitching staff is fourth in ERA and allowing opponents to hit just .208 on the year. 

New York Mets To make the 2022 MLB Playoffs

The Yankees are Yet Another Playoff Lock

Few teams have seen their odds to make the 2022 MLB playoffs shift more than the Yankees (-550). Their awkward start to the year, punctuated by losses to some truly bad teams, had them looking like a potential bust. But they have since steadied the ship thanks to a wealth of reliable pitching from the starters and their bullpen.

Anyone reluctant to jump on them at -550 should be forgiven. The Yankees offense continues to lag, particularly in the power department. But that's also part of their charm. If they're this good now, just think of what they'll be when their best hitters start, you know, hitting.

New York Yankees To make the 2022 MLB Playoffs

Should You Roll the Dice on the Marlins?

Raise your hand if you saw the Miami Marlins (+210) competing for a top-two spot in the National League East Division and leading the NL Wild Card through the first 15 games of the season.

To be clear: No one should be raising their hands. Pretty much everyone wrote off the Marlins prior to the start of the season. They are a team that's rebuilding—at least, they're supposed to be rebuilding.

And yet, a very weak middle class in the National League has opened the door for Miami and other teams. So long as you hover around the league average of both offense and defense, you have a genuine chance to outlast other wild card contenders like the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs.

Are we 100 percent confident the Marlins will clinch a playoff bid? Not quite. But the potential payout right now is too enticing to pass up when we'd give them no worse than a 50 percent chance of sniffing the postseason.

Miami Marlins To make the 2022 MLB Playoffs

Oddsmakers are Undervaluing the Mariners' 2022 Playoff Stock

Somehow, someway, the Seattle Mariners (+170) are still comfortably paying out more than even money on their betting odds to make the MLB playoffs. We suggest pouncing on them now.

While we understand early-season flukes happen, the Mariners are too good at the moment to be an accident. Seattle's pitching staff ranks in the top five of ERA, and their batting order also places in the top five of on-base-plus-slugging percentage. This is success we can't ignore—especially when it comes with a first-place standing in the American League West Division.

Seattle Mariners To make the 2022 MLB Playoffs

Take a look at this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all of your 2022 MLB betting: 

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