After another down season, the Chicago White Sox opted to rip things apart and begin a rebuild in 2017. They dealt away Chris Sale and Adam Eaton for a boatload of prospects, the end result being that while the future may not be now on the South Side of Chicago, the future is certainly brighter than it looked a year ago. [+]

Since clinching the American League Central Division title in 2008, the White Sox have not been particularly successful, with several of the seasons ending in the dead last spot of the division. Even some of the better seasons, like 2012, ended with the team narrowly missing the playoffs. Despite the team’s recent struggles, throughout its 100+ year history, the White Sox, a charter team in the AL, have witnessed many talented players and stellar performances and it is every fan’s hope that Chicago can someday return to its times of glory.


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Where are the White Sox headed next and who will they be playing against? Will it be a game that you would want to consider placing a bet on? [+]

After trading away the ace of their pitching staff (Chris Sale) and their top every day player (Adam Eaton), the White Sox may be hard pressed to equal their 78-win season of 2016.


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Game schedules are always the best place to go to if you’re ever wondering about the right meetings to place wagers on. [+]

The White Sox will require extra scrutiny this year. In a rebuilding stage, many prospects will be given looks to see if they are ready to cut it at the big league level. Be aware of who and when players are making MLB debuts, because they might light it up, or they may get lit up. 


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Having failed to make a single playoff appearance since their AL Central Division Title in 2008, the White Sox will be looking to end their drought but the wait figures to continue for them. [+]

One thing on their side as they rebuild is that other than the Cleveland Indians, the rest of the teams in the AL Central also appear to be on uncertain standing, so the White Sox should still be in with a chance on many occasions.


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It might not make for great wagering opportunities but that it will make for a better future should make the short-term pain endured by the rebuilding White Sox worth enduring.

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After years of going for it and finishing out of the money, spending the future to bring in veterans like Justin Morneau, Alex Avila and Jimmy Rollins in a failed attempt to win now, new White Sox general manager Rick Hahn opted to bite the bullet and tear it all down, putting new manager Rick Renteria in charge of the rebuild. 

What Happens Next?

They’ve already jettisoned Chris Sale and Adam Eaton in exchange for prospects but you get the sense that the reno is far from over for the ChiSox. Like a big-league yard sale, anything that’s not nailed down and anyone who is over the age of 25 could be had for the right price. 

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Starter Jose Quintana could be a powerful bargaining chip at the trade deadline, as could closer David Robertson. It also makes sense that veteran position players such as Melky Cabrera, Jose Abreu and Todd Frazier could be sought-after commodities.