They suit up the game’s best all-around player in outfielder and perennial MVP candidate Mike Trout, and yet the Los Angeles Angels just keep getting further away from the prize. In 2014, the Angels won 98 games and led all of Major League Baseball in runs scored. Since that glorious season, the Angels endured campaigns of 85 and 77 wins. The offense started to dry up, the defense was disastrous and the pitching non-existent. They exhausted the depth of their farm system by trading for veterans and signing high-priced free agents. [+]

And yet, as long as they have Trout in the fold we’re going to agree with the Lloyd Christmas synopsis from Dumb And Dumber: yes, we’re saying that there’s still a chance for the Angels.



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You could call the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim the team to be renamed later and again later, and again later. The team has gone through 10 logos since its 1961 birth. The only title came for the Angels in 2002, but since then it’s been very quiet.  [+]

They began as the Los Angeles Angels when entering the American League as an expansion franchise, owner Gene Autry opting to carry the nickname of the city’s long-time Pacific Coast League team into the big leagues. In 1966 when the team relocated to Anaheim, they were reborn as the California Angels. They became the Anaheim Angels in 1997 and incorporated their current handle in 2005.


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The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game schedule is here and getting a ticket to an Angels game is something you shouldn’t wait too long to do. [+]

Crowds of 40,000 aren’t uncommon at Angels games and since 2000, only the New York Yankees have drawn more fans to their games among Major League Baseball teams than the Angels. The Angels have drawn at least three million fans per season over the past 13 years and more than two million in every season since the millenium.


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Below you will find located the current Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim standings. The Angels have built up plenty of natural rivalries over the years and surprisingly, the majority of them exist outside of the confines of the American League West Division. [+]

The one divisional rival that seems to draw the ire of the Angels are the Texas Rangers and it’s a natural one, since those two teams have captured 10 of the last 13 American League West titles.

There’s a close proximity rivalry built by the annual freeway series between the Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers, and there’s a rivalry with the New York Yankees built around the fact that the Angels are the only team with a winning record against the Bronx Bombers over the past 20 years. But by far the most bitter rival of the Angels are the Boston Red Sox, who have won four of five playoff series between the two teams.


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The Angels were a bit late to the party when it comes to analytical analysis and it’s been said it caused a rift between manager Mike Scioscia and GM Jerry DiPoto that led to the latter’s departure.

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Among active big league hitters, Angels slugger Albert Pujols (100.8) owns the best career WAR, while outfielder Mike Trout (10.5) produced the best offensive WAR in baseball in 2016. Trout’s career war of 48.5 is the best anyone in baseball ever posted prior to the age of 25.

Monkey Shines

There are plenty of rituals that take place around a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game. Every game begins with the Train song Calling All Angels playing over the sound system as the team takes to the diamond for the top of the first inning.

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During the seventh-inning stretch, fans sing along to the Foundations Build Me Up Buttercup, and don’t forget the Rally Monkey. Born in 2000 after the Angels rallied to win after showing a clip of a monkey from the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on the big screen scoreboard, the team hired a monkey and filmed clips that are shown whenever the Angels fall behind in a game.

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