The good news for the Minnesota Twins is that things figure to improve in 2017. Then again, when you are the worst team in Major League Baseball, as the Twins were in 2016, losing 103 games, there's only one direction to go and that is up.  [+]

Last season was Minnesota's fifth losing season in the last six, a disappointing downward spiral after the team won six American League Central Division titles between 2002-10. Situated in baseball's weakest division, even a turnaround of 10-15 games could move Minnesota into the heart of the group.



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The Twins were consistent in their inconsistency in 2016, going 30-51 at home and 29-52 on the road. They actually turned in a better run differential (374-414) away from home than they did at Target Field (348-475).

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The Twins were 15-29 in one-run games last season. Their winning percentage in September (8-19, .296) wasn't much different than it was in April (7-17, .292). 

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To engineer any sort up upward mobility in the American League Central, the Twins will need to rediscover their offensive touch. [+]

The Twins were a second-tier team at the plate a year ago, ranking ninth in the American League in runs (722) and 10th in hits (1,049). Perhaps their most alarming stat was the 1,124 men left on base, the second-most runners stranded in the AL. And only two teams swung and missed more than Minnesota batters, who struck out 1,426 times.

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    How the immediate future plays out for the Minnesota Twins also figures to impact how the long-term future will unfold for the franchise. With Terry Ryan out as general manager the new-look Minnesota front office has finally entered the 21st century and put more emphasis on analytics.

    Second baseman Brian Dozier and his 42 homers of 2016 were dangled in trade talks at the winter meetings. The Twins didn't like the offers they got for him but with Dozier due for free agency in 2018, the time to trade him might be this season before he gets into the last year of his contract, because the club might be able to exact a greater price for him if the team getting Dozier know they've got him for this year and next.

    Ervin Santana: Quietly Brilliant

    It's to the credit of the character of Twins starting pitcher Ervin Santana that he never exploded in a fit of temper once last season, or called out his teammates for their ineptitude in supporting what for him should have been a spectacular season.

    Santana finished 10th in the AL with a 3.38 earned-run average but thanks to a lack of run support from his teammates, the second-worst of any starter in the league, Santana only went 7-11.