Has the shine come off Moneyball? For years, the Oakland Athletics have followed their spread sheets and their calculators, allowing stars to leave, replacing them with hitters who are equipped with sensational on-base percentages and pitchers with outstanding strikeouts to walks ratios. They qualified for the playoffs three straight years from 2012-14. But in 2015 the Athletics plummeted to last place in the American League West Division and stayed there in 2016, losing 93 games and leaving some skeptics to suggest that Oakland’s theories of winning baseball weren’t all that. [+]

The same critics also like to point out that even when the Athletics have made the playoffs, they haven’t been able to go all the way and win a World Series, but could it simply be a case of the rest of baseball embracing Oakland’s thought process in terms of evaluating players and closing the gap between them and the Athletics?


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Here’s where you can check out who is next on the agenda for the Oakland Athletics. Check back here for the latest odds, betting tips, and upcoming games for Oaskland Athletics betting. [+]






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Here you will find located the Oakland Athletics game schedule and after years of being a front runner, the Athletics are a struggling franchise. [+]

The chief traditional rival of the Athletics doesn’t reside with them in the American League West Division, although they did for many years. After the American League was first divided into East and West Divisions in 1969, the Athletics and Kansas City Royals were the dominant franchises, winning 12 of 15 division crowns between 1971-85. Helping spur the rivalry was the fact that the Athletics left Kansas City for Oakland in 1968.


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These are the current Oakland Athletics standings. When people talk about the A’s being a team on the move, often that talk has nothing to do with their current place in the American League West Division and more to do with their future home. [+]

The Athletics share the ancient Oakland Coliseum with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, who recently announced plans to relocate to Las Vegas. The A’s are the only Major League Baseball team that shares its home with an NFL team and this has remained a sore spot for the ballclub.

Considering the Athletics left Philadelphia for Kansas City in 1955 and Kansas City for Oakland in 1968, the constant speculation that the team will find a new home is not surprising. Both Fremont and San Jose are California cities that have been rumored as possible new homes for the Athletics.


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During the 1970s, when the Athletics won three straight World Series from 1972-74 – a feat that wouldn’t be duplicated until the New York Yankees took a trio of titles from 1998-2000 – the A’s weren’t just the best team in baseball, they were also the best-dressed team in baseball.

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Under colorful owner Charlie O. Finley, the Athletics were equally as flashy, replacing the drab road grays that were the staple of baseball with a variety of outfits featuring bright green and gold color schemes. The A’s could change outfits more often than Cher, mixing and matching a dozen different uniform combinations.

A’s Khris Can Crush Them

A bright spot on the American League’s weakest offense during the 2016 season, outfielder Khris Davis pounded 42 home runs.

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Considering that the A’s clouted just 169 homers as a team, good for 12th overall in the American League, do the math and that means Davis accounted for 24.8 percent of the round trippers slugged by Oakland batters in 2016.

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