Are the Texas Rangers for real, or is it all a mirage? The Rangers won the American League West with 88 victories in 2015 and then with 95 wins in 2016, so on the surface it would appear as if they are a team that is trending upward and one that you should put your money on with a persistent presence. [+]

On the other hand, dig a little deeper and you might reconsider such a strategy. In 2016 the Rangers only scores eight more runs than they allowed, and generally, such an offensive imbalance indicates a team that is more likely to finish around .500 then walk away with the division title.



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The Texas Rangers finished in second place five times before finally earning their first American League West Division pennant in 1996. [+]

Even though they won back to back division crowns in 2015-16, as recently as 2014, the Rangers lost 95 games, ample proof that things can turn south quickly in the wild west.




The Texas Rangers game schedule is listed below and while the Rangers play 162 games, the same number as every Major League Baseball team, at home they are baseball's night owls, always playing night games in order to combat the oppresive Texas heat. [+]

A signficant concern for the Rangers entering the season will be the health of their starting rotation, Yu Darvish, Martin Perez, Andrew Cashner, A.J. Griffin and Tyson Ross are no strangers to the disabled list, a major reason why Texas used 11 different starting pitchers during the 2016 season.



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The Texas Rangers standings in the American League West Division are listed here. If you're contemplating betting on the Rangers, have a look. [+]

Not only can you determine where the Rangers rank in the current standings, you'll also be able to see where they stand in the American League Wild Card picture. As well, you can analyze the data on the currrent opponent for Texas and also the team's upcoming opposition. 

Know where those teams are coming from. Are they on a road trip, or about to start one in Texas? Is either team positioned to make a move up the ladder via a successful series? 


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The oppressive heat in Texas was always viewed as a detriment that would prevent the Rangers from competing for a pennant. The scorching temperatures and smothering humidity that blankets Arlington, Tex. in the summer months often soars the thermometer on the playing field to well above 100 degrees.

That forces the Rangers to play all of their games at night, even on the weekends. The theory long held in baseball was that the searing heat sapped the strength from the Rangers players as the 162-game Major League Baseball season wore on into the dog days of August, especially the pitching staff.

Considering it took the Rangers 24 years to qualify for post-season play, there did appear to be merit in this line of thinking.

But we think the heat will provide the Rangers with a significant home-field advantage, considering that they live in the soaring temperatures and therefore should be accustomed to performing in it.

In fact, the Rangers' home diamond is resodded every June, the ryegrass replaced with Bermuda grass, the figuring being that strand of grass would be the only one capable of surviving the constant activiity of baseball in such overwhelming temperatures.

The Rangers are among baseball's more proactive teams when it comes to analytical analysis and starting pitcher Cole Hamels, for one, has become a student of sabermetrics, employing it to get a book his upcoming opponents to see if it can provide him with any additional edge while he's on the mound. Among the areas the Rangers study in depth are the approaches opposing batters take at the plate to unearth tendencies they might show.

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