As one of the oldest franchises in Major League Baseball, the Phillies also have one of the most interesting histories in the sport. With World Series titles in 1980 and most recently in 2008, Philadelphia is used to winning baseball, but they are also accustomed to losing in the 2010’s. After winning five straight division titles from 2007 to 2011 thanks to an ensemble cast of hitters (MVP’s Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins) and pitchers (Cole Hamels, Brad Lidge, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt), the Phillies have not finished above .500 since 2011 and haven’t won more than 73 games in a season since 2012. [+]

In 2021, the Phillies pulled off a barely winning season at 82-80.

Philadelphia Phillies Next Regular Season Game

When looking at the Philadelphia Phillies next game, you might want to be considering the thought of playing an over/under wager on the game, leaning toward putting your money on the under. [+]

The Phillies are one of those teams that certainly had been one of the best. But, having not won a World Series title since back in 2008, then further back in 1980, their glory years are certainly behind them. We look forward to seeing what the Phillies can bring to the MLB this season.

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Philadelphia Phillies Game Schedule

While there was an improvement overall in the Philadelphia Phillies game schedule in 2016, finishing 71-91 after losing 99 games the season prior, it was the finish to the season that could be of concern. [+]

Their record has been improved slightly in 2021, but can they improve even more for 2022.

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What Are The Current Philadelphia Phillies Standings

In the midst of a transitional phase, the Philadelphia Phillies are not currently positioned to contend for a National League East Division title. [+]

The best they can hope for is to climb another step up the standings after their finishing in 2021.


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Where Can I Bet On Philadelphia Phillies Online

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Looking forward to 2023 Phillies Betting

After finishing 2022 in the World Series, can they improve for 2023? Youtube video thumbnail