Well, the best thing the San Diego Padres have going for them is that there is nowhere to go but up for the franchise. After a losing season in 2022, Padres fans are hoping for more in 2023. [+]

Padres fans may not see a lot of wins in the near future but they will get a eyeful of what the future holds for the franchise.


San Diego Padres Next Regular Season Game

Here is the San Diego Padres next scheduled opponent, and while it’s true the Padres will endure some long nights this season as they mold a team for tomorrow, the fact of the matter is they still have a lot going for them. [+]

San Diego is a sensational city and Petco Park, home to the Padres, is an absolutely magnificent facility. So when the Padres’ play makes you want to avert your eyes, look elsewhere and see what beauty beholds around you.

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San Diego Padres Game Schedule

This is the San Diego Padres game schedule. [+]

It’s a fact of life that the Padres may not steal your heart, but they will steal plenty of bases.

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What Are The Current San Diego Padres Standings

These are the up to the minute San Diego Padres standings, and here’s an interest tidbit about the Padres – they’ve never made the playoffs as a Wild Card entry. [+]

It’s always been one or done for them.

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Where Can I Bet On San Diego Padres Online

Pick your favorite sportsbook below and jump on the San Diego Padres betting bandwagon today.

Looking forward to San Diego Padres 2023 Betting Season