Bellator Betting Types

If you are familiar with any combat sport betting options or types, you’re well on your way to betting on Bellator. Many sports bettors will bet the winner outright, especially if they have been following them throughout the season and feel good about a particular matchup.

But there are a few other options that sports bettors should keep in mind when placing their Bellator betting slips.

Bellator Moneyline Betting

Betting on the moneyline is the most simple and straightforward bet you can place. By just simply rooting for a player while watching a fight, you’ve already invested in that player to win, so why not throw some money on it and make things a little more interesting?

When choosing to bet on the moneyline, you are essentially picking a fighter to win the fight. You don’t need to predict the way the fight ends – you only need to predict which fighter wins the fight overall.

If you have Cris Cyborg (-300) matched up against Julia Budd (+380), Cyborg is pegged as a heavy favorite, so a bet on her wouldn’t return a huge payout – $33.33 on a $100 wager to be exact. However, if you feel that Budd has a chance to win, and she does, a $100 bet would return $380 in winnings plus your initial stake.

You’re also able to bet on rounds of the fight, so essentially the same rules, you’re just betting on which fighter will win Round 1, and so on.

Bellator Round Totals (Over/Under)

It may be a little harder to find round totals on online sportsbooks, but some of the top books will put out some specials live during the fight. When it comes to wagering on the Bellator totals, you’re placing a wager on how long you think the fight will last.

Oddsmakers are usually pretty close when it comes to predicting how long a fight will last and usually set a number based on the matchup. Your job is to determine if you think the fight will have more or fewer rounds than the oddsmaker.

If the Cyborg vs. Budd fight has a total of 4.5, and you think the fight will go 5 rounds, you would pick the over. If you think it will only last 3 rounds, select the under.

bellator betting odds

Bellator Method of Victory

If you feel good about a particular fighter and want to up the ante by predicting how they will win, you should bet on the method of victory. Many professional sports bettors prefer to bet on the method of victory, as it adds a little more excitement to the fight.

The options for this method of victory prop are winning by decision, KO/TKO, submission or any finishing method. Each option has odds that would be similar to a moneyline, but if all experts are predicting a certain fighter to knockout another, the odds for the KO would be much higher.

If we look at Cyborg and Budd again, and Cyborg is heavily favored to knock out Budd at +160 odds, if she does, a $100 bet on Cyborg to win by KO/TKO would pay out $120 plus your initial stake.


Top Bellator Betting Sites

Now that you have an idea of some MMA betting options, the next thing you’ll need to do is open an account at an online sportsbook. While some sportsbooks heavily favor UFC odds, they still do offer Bellator betting odds, it just isn’t a huge priority for them, so they usually come out a bit later, and there are fewer options most times.


Finding an online sportsbook that offers Bellator betting odds should be your main priority because you want to be betting on a site with a wide variety of Bellator odds if you plan to solely bet on Bellator. Online sportsbook reviews help by providing other important information on betting sites, as they outline a number of important criteria that are often overlooked when signing up for sportsbooks.

Our online sportsbook reviews outline bonuses, loyalty programs, deposit and withdrawal options, and mobile compatibility. Our reviews offer a great selection of trustworthy and safe online sportsbooks that offer Bellator betting odds and even promotions for most fight nights. Be sure to do your research and find an online sportsbook that is right for your personal betting strategy.