Let's Try Try And Try Bagnaia Again At Thailand This Weekend

Let's Try Try And Try Bagnaia Again At Thailand This Weekend

We end October with the race in Thailand at Chang International Circuit. Now, there are only four races till the end of the 2023 season, MotoGP fans. This week we look at the race from a track that features a few straightaways. OnlineSportsBetting's 2023 MotoGP Thailand Bets gets the blood pumping for this exciting weekend.

  • WHAT: 2023 MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix
  • WHEN: Sunday, October 29th, 2023 at 3:00 am ET
  • WHERE: From Buriram, Thailand - Chang International Circuit

2023 MotoGP Thailand Bets - Some Very Early Numbers

The MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix starts in Buriram four days from now. Meanwhile, some new numbers trickled onto our desk. Let's rumble into MotoGP online betting Thailand bets now. Changes keep happening constantly. Again, this is a rather fun track with some passing zones and plenty of danger.

Speed and nimbleness is king on a track like Chang International Circuit. Now, there are riders who remain very much on the radar along with a couple of longer shots. So, below we present the 2023 MotoGP overall numbers for the race coming up early Sunday morning. This is the fourth running of the Thailand Grand Prix as 2020 and 2021 did not happen due to COVID.

MotoGP Thailand NumbersBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Francesco Bagnaia+150+140+160
Jorge Martin+200+175+200
Marco Bezzecchi+700+650+750
Marc Marquez+900+950+1000
Brad Binder+1000+1200+1200
Johann Zarco+1600+1600+1600
Miguel Oliveira+2000+2000+2200
Aleix Espargaro+2200+2000+2200

Online betting sites like BetOnline keeps trying to extend some of the number previously seen. Could there be any potential repeats from Australia?

Betting on MotoGP futures requires a good eye. This has not been an easy season. Furthermore, race-to-race has even been quite a crazy challenge in 2023 compared to 2021 and 2022. Lastly, do peruse through the many reviews of the prime online sportsbooks. They help you with MotoGP betting sites as the season wind on down to the late November finale at the Valencian.

2023 MotoGP Thailand Bets - How Bagnaia Was Smart

So we get to look at what happened in Australia. This is because the race is so close right now for the World Championship. Now, the 2023 MotoGP Thailand Bets attempt to assess form and more here. Francesco Bagnaia could have won in Australia but believed a pass on the final lap was too risky. He settled for second, but still gained nine important points on Jorge Martin. Right now, the Italian  simply needs to stay in front of the Spaniard. That showed how Bagnia was smart.

Now, this is why our approaches to wagering are even now different. With odds constantly fluctuating and uncertain weather conditions, Thailand could be considerably problematic. Some races are ones Bagnaia and his Ducati bike can definitely win. For example, he did win the Moto2 race there before the pandemic. Yes, that feels like a lifetime ago, but it did happen.

Remember course dynamics here is important. Thailand has only 12 turns and several straightways. The one between Turns 1 and 2 is one of the longest riders will see all season. Add in the potential for thunderstorms at any time and this causes a whole boatload of problems. It does seem like it pours every time there is a race at Thailand. This leads us in all sorts of directions for the race on Sunday. Everyone from Brad Binder to Johann Zarco may have a shot. .

So, with only a few races to go, the world championship may turn into how Bagnaia tries to just play things cool and go for points instead of victories. If the Italian goads Martin into more mistakes, that almost ensures a repeat world champion.

Francesco Bagnaia - Can He Actually Win Thailand

Francesco Bagnaia started as a tentative favorite in the +140 to +160 for the 2023 MotoGP Thailand Bets. The last several races have been a seesaw of emotions for the rider. Now, he finds himself 27 points up on Jorge Martin with only four races to go. Some experts openly ask can he actually win in Thailand?

Arguably, we have made the case where Bagnaia does not have to. Literally, he almost only has to mark Martin. No one else is truly close enough to challenge him in the title race. That is why their futures are so far back now. More or less, the 2023 MotoGP World Championship is a two horse race between Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin. The hard part is Martin is showing some similar patterns to last year. That may make predicting Bagnaia projections even more difficult.

Under these circumstances, as long as the Italian is in the plus money territory, he is worth a potential wager. Consider, he has won the series best six races and has double-digit podiums. It is the latter which has helped him keep his lead in the title race. Is a seventh win unreasonable? That answer is no. If conditions are right and not too waterlogged, Bagnaia can cross the checkered line first.

Francesco Bagnaia To win at Thailand

Maverick Vinales Or Jorge Martin?

2023 MotoGP Thailand bets wonder about Maverick Vinales or Jorge Martin? Even, Marc Marquez or his brother could lurk. There are plenty of possibilities and that is the problem with Thailand. Major race attrition could easily happen. All it takes is some adverse conditions. Add a few heavy downpours, shake well, and instant chaos!

From early data, Martin seems like the better of the two riders and he could easily be a favorite or co-favorite when the weekend numbers come out early Friday morning.

Martin figures not to be around +200 come the weekend. Bettors know he will be charging hard for a win. With the number of races dwindling and two lost opportunities,

Jorge Martin To win the MotoGP at Thailand

What About One Longer Shot?

So, what about one longer shot? Again, there is simply one that caught our eye early on and that is Brad Binder. Binder loves racing in these mucky, ugly conditions. He can win in situations like this. It carries a heavy risk but with Zarco winning last time out, no one expects a repeat.

Take Binder and be thankful for a small wager.

Brad Binder To win the 2023 MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix

Hoping For Bagnaia

Hoping for Bagnaia at continued plug money is our plan. 

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