MotoGP San Marino Top Bets Bagnaia At Home

MotoGP San Marino Top Bets Bagnaia At Home

Hello MotoGP Fans, this week we take a look at the San Marino GP from Misano, Italy this week. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

MotoGP San Mirano Top Bets - Bagnaia Favorite

The Grand Prix season starts September in the backyard of the Italians this week for the San Marino Grand Prix. Let's get focused into some MotoGP online betting.

This crazy world title chase is far from over and we're quite intrugued in the MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix and whether Francesco Bagnaia can further eat into the league of Fabio Quartararo. Now, can Bagnaia, the favorite, rise into second place in the standings? But before we do anything else, let us first have a peek at the latest 2022 MotoGP Table for the top ten riders heading into the race from Italy.

In the meantime, do not forget those handy online betting bonuses and promotions. To sum it up: The best online sportsbetting bonuses coincide in the next week as September really cranks up the sports world. In this case, let us try and get back to the MotoGP race at hand.

Do you want some more advice when betting on MotoGP races? Make sure you are rechecking how qualifying goes. Finally, do not forget to check out that pesky weather forecast. The past few races have seen some unexpected conditions crop up. Certain riders love the wet, and some do not. It is essential to see if anyone is on penalties or etc. There is also the idea that crunch time is nearing.

And last but not least, do take some time to browse through our in-depth reviews of the top online sportsbooks. They will get you ready along with your prime MotoGP betting sites for the rest of 2022.

MotoGP San Marino Top Bets - The Transfer News Fallout

Things are a bit different now. So, MotoGP San Marino Top Bets offer even more options within the race. Before the race in Misano, there was a lot of news to digest this week. This is pertaining to 2023 and some significant moves within the MotoGP world.

Also, it is noteworthy that Enea Bastianini will indeed transfer over to the Ducati Factory Team formally for next year. Many believe the Bagnaia-Bastianini 1-2 punch could be too much for others when it comes to the 2023 World Championship and Owners' Points. However, that is for another time.

There are just four seats left in all. Even Marc Marquez was seen racing around the Italian track as he tries to come back once more for Repsol. The expectation for him is a full 2023 season with Joan Mir as his teammate. Aprilla likes the Espargaro-Vinales connection and they will be a fixture for next season. Let's get back to 2022 and Italy.

MotoGP San Marino Top Bets - Can Bagnaia Win In Misano?

Alas, this has less value than usual, but Francesco Bagnaia at +150 is still intriguing to wager over "The Field". Why? "The Field" is around -180 still for Sunday and that number seems to have locked for now. Reasons for that again include a potential weather issue on Sunday in Misano. There are some concerns that Bagnaia may not duplicate his result at the Netherlands race.

Also, consider that Bagnaia is dangerous for the MotoGP San Marino Top Bets because he has won five of the past eight races. One would think he might be more plus-money because of his three DNF's. One has to love the way he races and even in Austria, he found a way to hold off Fabio Quartararo and few saw that coming. Considering the way the Frenchman was charging, most everyone expected a crash that never happened.

With that result, Bagnaia is in third place but just 44 points behind Quartararo. Honestly, the Ducati racer needs to make some headway and keep gaining points. With just seven races to go in the 2022 season, the time is now. Bagnaia at anything less than +150 is a waste of money.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the San Marino GP

Fabio Quartararo May Gain More Value Before Sunday

Taking the wager of Fabio Quartararo over Francesco Bagnaia is less of a gamble on Sunday. The books seem to be assuming that the hometown Italian venue may offer Bagnaia an advantage. While that may be true, Quartararo at +500 is quite a number at this juncture. There is a chance Quartararo may gain more value before Sunday.

The important thing will be to watch the qualifying sessions. The French racer looked below average in Austria then nearly pulled off a win finishing second. Can he aim for one position higher on Sunday? That is possible. Quartararo has not won in three races but then again, he does keep getting points (just one DNF on the season).

If there is a possibility to parlay these two bets, go for the 1-2 with Quartararo in second. Otherwise, just bet them as singles. At the least, the units wagered should be a fraction as, our MotoGP Top Bets' second choice pending any shift.

Fabio Quartararo To win the San Marino GP

Enea Bastianini A MotoGP San Marino Top Bets High Risk Pick

This will be a true wild card for Misano. MotoGP San Marino Top Bets high risk pick looks at Enea Bastianini placing either on the podium or not at all. Bastianini had probably wished Austria just had not occurred. It will not be dull as the young Italian tries to win on home soil Sunday.

Whether the rain showers clear out or not, the track may be a bit slick which does not exactly favor Bastianini. The Gresini Factory rider has had some issues with courses having wet patches. That +600 is a little too short for the liking but if that lengthens to +800 - +1000, it may be worth a look.

Enea Bastianini To win the San Marino GP

Our Sunday Best Bet

For online sports betting, our MotoGP Best Bets picks for the Sunday race at San Marino in Italy is Francesco Bagnaia at +150. Good luck!

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