MotoGP Thailand Bets On Bagnaia

MotoGP Thailand Bets On Bagnaia

Hey MotoGP fans, this week we take a look at the Thailand race at Chang International Circuit. Yes, we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for some MotoGP Thailand Bets, thanks to Bovada.

MotoGP Thailand Bets As Far East Leg Continues

Grand Prix season gets at it again after the race at Japan last week. MotoGP Thailand Bets as the Far East Leg continues does foster some concerns with Fabio Quartararo. This is even with an untimely DNF by Francesco Bagnani last week. Let us look at betting on MotoGP online.

Though last week kind of hit us with a bit of a punch to the gut, we're rolling with the body blows in the MotoGP schedule overall. However, before anything else, let us sneak a peek at the latest 2022 MotoGP Thailand numbers for some of those best riders heading into the next race from the Chang International Circuit in Thailand on September 2nd at 4:00 AM ET.

MotoGP 2022 - Thailand GPBovada
Francesco Bagnaia+225
Jack Miller+400
Fabio Quartararo+550
Marc Marquez+600
Enea Bastianini+700
Aleix Espargaro+900

While taking several looks at the riders and their odds, also check out our online betting bonuses plus promotions. If there is a way to get aid the bankroll and keep the betting momentum rolling then do it. Now, let us try and focus back to another early morning race from the Far East.

The amount of DNF's when betting on MotoGP races has created its own chaos. Make sure you investigating what happens in practice and qualifying. Finally, the weather gets even wilder in the Fall months. These courses, especially in the Far East, can have anything from blazing sun to typhoons. Expect at least some wrench thrown into the best laid plans.

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MotoGP Thailand Bets - What Happened At Japan

For bettors, what happened at Japan holds a little importance. Sometimes, historical data and numbers only point to so much and other times, accidents and issues just happen. Also, we attempt to peruse the mental outlook of some riders. Now, MotoGP Thailand Bets offer even more explanation within the race and title chase. For example, which racer or racers will be battling for the top spot and the others who sadly will falter.

Once more, there is that "Not Listed In The Field" option again for those that are willing to go with the long shot of shots. That number stands at +20000 by the way. That comes in 21st this week which is not in the points. It does appear that attrition is going to rear its ugly head to several drivers on Sunday but the question may be who.

Back to Japan, a Ducati did win but it was not quite the result predicted as Jack Miller found a way to hold off Brad Binder for the win. It was a wildly contested race where Francesco Bagnaia did not finish and Marc Marquez found his way into the top five finishing fourth. Fabio Quartararo, despite the opportunity, could only manage an eighth place result lengthening his lead to a still tenuous 18 points.

MotoGP Thailand Bets - Do We Trust This Tropical Weather?

Yes, here we are again. The MotoGP Thailand Bets has to consider do we bet err trust this tropical weather? There is a chance with the tropical rain season in full swing, there will be wet and at times worsening conditions on the Chang International Circuit early Sunday morning.

Also, consider things like how humid it will be along with those variable visabilities. Currently, the weather forecast is uncertain. One of the models more heavy showers and thunderstorms at times for Sunday. Either way, this is likely to throw a wrench into the race - whether it be practice, qualifying, or the race itself. It could be any combination because yes rainy conditions will be prevalent periodically from now until Sunday.

Francesco Bagnaia Knows He Made A Mistake

Putting a wager on Francesco Bagnaia now at +225 is a decent idea for Sunday's race. Bagnaia knows he had one of the fastest bikes last Sunday and likely the fastest. As he put it best, he tried "an idiot maneuver" and it failed horribly. That resulted in his fifth DNF of the 2022 season. He knows he made a mistake.

Bagnaia again expects to qualify well at Chang as he has tested well on the Thai track. It comes down to staying focused on the goal at hand. The only good thing for the Italian last week was not Aleix Espargaro also DNF'd. Again, the result ironically creates a little value for this week in terms of the title chase and the race itself.

The weather was not quite as bad in Japan as expected but Bagnaia has to drive more carefully in Thailand.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the Japan GP

Could Jack Miller Or Marc Marquez Win In Thailand

In MotoGP Thailand Bets, could Jack Miller or Marc Marquez win in Thailand? Japan showed that both can race well in not the most optimal conditions. The only problem is Thailand can see the track change course in the blink of an eye. The technical aspects of the track plus the weather can create nightmare scenarios where survival is the name of the game.

Partly, this is why Marquez is up to +600 again this week and Miller has risen up to +400 as second choice behind Bagnani. Miller's Ducati handled the slick conditions well in Japan and the changeable breezes.

Some may consider Marquez in this as well. Marquez is one of those crafty racers that is improving race by race. He has value to take a shot.

Marc Marquez To win the Thailand GP

Our Best MotoGP Season Bets

Here at online sports betting, our MotoGP Thailand Bets for this race is Francesco Bagnaia and another may be to look towards Marc Marquez perhaps or Jack Miller once more. It truly is a case of whether the weather.

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