2022 College Football Rose Bowl Picks: Ohio State Will Easily Beat Utah

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2022 College Football Rose Bowl Picks: Ohio State Will Easily Beat Utah

Are you ready to make picks on some of the most highly anticipated betting odds for college football this season? That's right: The 2022 Rose Bowl is upon us, and we've been given the gift of a potentially easy-to-decipher matchup between Ohio State and Utah on Saturday, January 1 at 5 p.m. eastern standard time.

There isn't much variety when it comes to 2022 College Football Rose Bowl picks. Pretty much everyone agrees Ohio State will handedly beat Utah. But is there maybe a better chance for an upset than meets the eye? We're here to find out.

First and foremost, though, here are the latest 2022 Rose Bowl betting odds from BetOnline:

Ohio State-245+205Utah

The rule for college football bowl game betting odds is the same as it is for betting odds on the college football playoffs. Always make sure you are rechecking the latest NCAA football betting odds, particularly this time of year, as they are published weeks in advance.

Luckily, however, this advanced notice allows you to peruse our catalogue of reviews for the top online sportsbook betting sites so that you can find the odds provider that best meets your needs.

2022 Rose Bowl Predictions

Our 2022 Rose Bowl betting picks will not just predict the winner of Ohio State vs. Utah. We like to go deeper into the weeds. 

In addition to our 2022 Rose Bowl winner pick, then, you'll also be getting odds on the Rose Bowl over/under and point spread odds on the Rose Bowl.

Please note all of our 2022 Rose Bowl predictions were made on December 13. If any sudden injuries take place thereafter, or if certain teams find out select players will sit out because they've declared for the 2022 NFL draft, you'll want to see how such breaking news has impacted betting odds on the Rose Bowl. Now, let's get to it!

Ohio State will Take Home the 2022 Rose Bowl Trophy

It speaks to the talent Utah has on both sides of the ball that they aren't a larger underdog. Their offense at times is without big-play potential, but they are able to carve up the middle of the field with both their passing and ground game. More impressively, while Utah has struggled on occasion to stop the run, they've done an excellent job capping huge gains through the air, allowing a sub-60 percent completion rate to opposing quarterbacks.

Still, Ohio State represents a different beast altogether. They have the best offense in the nation, and it averages well over 40 points per game so far this season. And while their rushing attack isn't especially deep, they're built to chew up and spit out even the stingiest secondaries. Led by quarterback C.J. Stroud, they're averaging nearly 365 passing yards and 3.3 passing touchdowns per game—without turning the ball over at a substantial clip.

That type of downfield control will be an issue for Utah. They may have a rock-solid secondary, but they rely more on shorter-yardage stops than swing plays in which they force turnovers. And you need the latter element within your defense if you're going to slow Ohio State.

Let's also not forget the Buckeyes are no doubt feeling jilted after not getting named to the 2022 college football playoffs. Some teams might view that as an opportunity to lay down, but Ohio State hasn't lost a bunch of players to NFL draft declarations, so it stands to reason they'll be going at full bore on Jan. 1.

OSB Prediction: Ohio State (-245)

Ohio State To beat Utah in the Rose Bowl

Bet on Ohio State to Cover Point Spread vs. Utah

Here are the current betting odds on the 2022 Rose Bowl point spread:

  • Ohio State (-6): -110
  • Utah (+6): -110

Betting Ohio State to cover vs. Utah is a good way to up your earning potential if you don't want to work their -245 moneyline. Spreads below a touchdown are covered all the time in bowl games, and all 10 of the Buckeyes' victories this season have come by at least nine points.

OSB Prediction: Ohio State will cover at -6 (-110)

Ohio State To cover Rose Bowl point spread

Utah-Ohio State will Cover the Over

Here the current over/under betting odds for the 2022 Rose Bowl: 

  • Over 66 points: -105
  • Under 66 points: -115

If you're a strong believer in Utah's ability to stifle Ohio State's passing attack, you're free to bet on the under. However, the Buckeyes are clearing 45 points per game. That's not an offense you can simply stop.

Plus, Ohio State and Utah are combining to average over 80 points per game between them on the season. Bowl games typically see a slower pace, and lots of Utah's games in recent weeks have hit the under, but 66 is a little too low for our tastes.

OSB Prediction: Over 66 points (-105)

Ohio State and Utah To go over 66 points in the Rose Bowl

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