2022 NHL Picks: Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Playoffs Officially on Life Support

2022 NHL Picks: Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Playoffs Officially on Life Support

Initially, at the start of this season, the betting odds for the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup were showing a lot of love to the Edmonton Oilers. A perpetual underachiever that had two perennial MVP candidates in Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid, they appeared to have figured things out. 

And then they imploded. Like, badly. 

Entering our latest batch of 2022 NHL picks, the Edmonton Oilers now find their Stanley Cup playoff hopes on life support. Sure, there's still time for them to turn things around, but it's not clear how or when they will. Not surprisingly, they need a big-time win in the worst way—and there would be no better time to start than their Thursday, January 20 matchup against the powerhouse Florida Panthers

Will Edmonton turn things around starting now...or at all? And what other best NHL bets should you be looking at Thursday night? We've got answers. But first, here's a look at all the latest betting odds on the NHL:

Pittsburgh Penguins-275+243Ottawa Senators
Philadelphia Flyers-125+113Columbus Blue Jackets
Dallas Stars-171+154Buffalo Sabres
Boston Bruins-153+138Washington Capitals
Nashville Predators-133+120Winnipeg Jets
Florida Panthers-149+138Edmonton Oilers
Vegas Golden Knights-351+306Montreal Canadiens
Seattle Kraken-108-102San Jose Sharks

While these NHL betting odds are accurate as of game day, you will still want to double-check all sportsbooks for accuracy. Hockey betting lines will move right up until the opening faceoff. And as you ponder who to bet on, you should also consider where to place your wagers. That's where our reviews of the top online sportsbooks come in handy: They can help you identify the best 2022 NHL betting sites in the biz.

Is It Too Late for the Oilers to Save Their Season?

Here's a snapshot of how bad things have gotten for the Oilers: Once considered a postseason lock, FiveThirtyEight's predictive model now gives them less than a 50 percent shot at making the playoffs.

To be honest, we think the Oilers' chances are actually much better than this. Their offense cannot remain this stagnant for the rest of the season. They're too talented.

But Edmonton's life won't get any easier against the Panthers. Florida is by far and away from the best team in the league right now. Only the Colorado Avalanche are scoring more goals per game, and while they tend to play only so-so on the road, the Oilers won't have Conor McDavid (health and safety protocols) when they host the Panthers on Thursday.

It seems like the oddsmakers might be giving Edmonton too much credit with this line. The Panthers should take the road win by two goals, at least.

Prediction: Florida Panthers (-149)

Florida Panthers To beat the Edmonton Oilers

Pittsburgh Skates to Victory Over Ottawa

The Pittsburgh Penguins are rapidly becoming the Stanley Cup contender nobody saw coming. Only the Carolina Hurricanes are better at surviving shorthanded minutes, and just three teams are allowing fewer goals per game overall.

Given that the Ottawa Senators aren't doing much of anything this season, we have no decision to make here.

Prediction: Pittsburgh Penguins (-275)

Pittsburgh Penguins To beat the Ottawa Senators

It's Time to Worry About Nashville Predators

Although the Nashville Predators aren't receiving as much national attention for their struggles as the Oilers have incited, they are quickly descending into the field of big-time disappointments.

Losers of four straight, the Predators still hover around the top-10 in defensive efficiency, but they're struggling to generate offense in full-strength minutes. Two of their letdowns during this losing streak have seen them tally just a single goal.

Count us in for a Winnipeg Jets upset. Their offense is sluggish on some nights as well, and they're shooting just 8.8 percent on the ice for the season. But they've played better during their full-strength minutes compared to the performance of Nashville these days.

Prediction: Winnipeg Jets (+120)

Winnipeg Jets To beat the Nashville Predators

San Jose will Inch Past Seattle

The San Jose Sharks continue to keep their heads above .500 despite a negative goal differential and inconsistently structured offense. Their secret: suffocating defense and opportunistic scoring.

San Jose is among the top teams in killing penalty minutes and continues to save more than 90 percent of shots attempted on their goal. Their playstyle will serve them well against a Seattle Kraken team that has one of the NHL's worst goalie rotations and an offense that is shooting just 9.5 percent on goal.

Prediction: San Jose Sharks (-102)

San Jose Sharks To beat the Seattle Kraken

Vegas Bulldozes Through Montreal

Talk about a landslide in the making. 

Sure, the Vegas Golden Knights enter having lost three straight. That's a slight concern. But they have played well at home this season and continue to control the Pacific Division.

More than that, the Montreal Canadiens are by and large a disaster. They are just 3-15 on the road this year and now the NHL's worst goal differential.

Prediction: Vegas Golden Knights (-351)

Vegas Golden Knights To beat the Montreal Canadiens

Take a look at this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all your 2022 NHL betting:

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