Insta Debit Sports Betting

Insta Debit Sports Betting
  • Plenty of history having been available since 2004
  • Widely accepted payment method
  • Negates the need to divulge banking information to betting sites

Betting Sites that take Insta Debit

The easy to digest table below shows a selection of betting sites that take Insta Debit as a payment method. As you can see, Bovada currently offer a bonus of $250 when depositing with Insta Debit so begin using this excellent payment method for as little as  CAD$1.95 per transaction.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Insta Debit is the perfect way to fund your sports betting account if you prefer to use U.S. dollars or Canadian currency. Currently, Insta Debit is only available to Canadian residents so if that pertains to you, you’ll be able to benefit from safe, secure online payments direct from your bank account without the need to fund your Insta Debit account. Hopefully it will become available to US customers in short succession.

Why Players Use Insta Debit as Preferred Payment Method

Insta Debit allows sports bettors to deposit funds onto an online betting site directly from their bank account without the need to divulge their financial information. Once your Insta Debit is created and verified, which is a very simple process, deposits and withdrawals easily made.

As money is transferred from your bank account, there is no need to fund your Insta Debit account, which in turn makes the whole process simpler. Then all you need to do is choose a sports betting site that accepts Insta Debit, click deposit, and funds are removed directly from your bank account between 0-2 business days.

Using Insta Debit to make a deposit only costs CAD$1.95, with a CAD$2.00 charge applied when you withdraw back to your bank account. However, should a merchant issue you with a refund, this is free of charge, making Insta Debit one of the cheapest banking options available to online sports bettors.

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