Gold Pay Sports Betting

Gold Pay Sports Betting
  • Backed by real gold
  • Brief sign-up process
  • Variety of payment options

Betting Sites that take Gold Pay

Gold Pay isn’t yet prevalent in the betting industry, so, currently, there aren’t any sportsbooks that accept this payment method. Gold Pay is such an exclusive service that only a handful of renowned businesses accept it. 

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.


Gold Pay is by no means the most commonly used form of payment for sportsbooks, but it is certainly the most interesting. Unlike other EWallets, it doesn’t strictly place money into your account. It uses the money you’re depositing to buy gold at that market price. [+]

And you’re able to make deposits elsewhere using that. There are no restrictions on which adult can use Gold Pay, and sign up is easy. You can set up an account on their website, and after providing some simple information, as well as verifying your identity, you’ll be off and running.


Gold Pay is a preferred payment method for those who want options. MoneyGram, Western Union and wire transfers from your bank can all be used to fund your Gold Pay account, which can then be used to make deposits into your sportsbook. And since MoneyGram, Western Union and other third-party payment methods let you use credit cards, debit cards and, sometimes, even PayPal, you are not limited in how you go about your sports betting.

It's further valuable knowing that your bank information, should you choose that route, isn't hooked up to a vast array of sportsbooks. One Gold Pay account will let you make deposits across the sports betting landscape, making it both convenient and safe.

Using Gold Pay, however, can be hit or miss. There are restrictions when using it to finance betting investments. Some sites even say it doesn't back gambling deposits, period. That's something to be mindful of when giving consideration Gold Pay. You should also be wary of any transaction fees, which will fluctuate depending on the dollar amount involved.

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