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5Dimes Review

Dan Favale
, Updated on: Sep 4, 2022 08:00 PM

Summary of our 5Dimes Sportsbook Review - With plenty of wagers available on so many different games (boasting more than 1,000 betting options every day) 5Dimes ensures you’ll never be bored.  In case things get a little overwhelming, there are pages of help and FAQs that are easy to find and answer any queries.

Remember, the bonus and rebate program is a big part of the reason to play year-round and take advantage of those early lines. 5Dimes offers something exceptional in the industry in four different casinos. Members can enjoy cashback Casino player rewards.

Be aware 5Dimes does NOT accept US Players right now. So, we recommend checking out our top recommended sportsbooks.


Our 5Dimes Rating

  • Sign Up Process
  • Bonuses
  • Website
  • Betting Options
  • Betting Odds
  • Live Betting
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Methods
  • Huge selection of odds
  • More teaser card options than anyone
  • Free payout reward program
  • Site a bit bland and overwhelming at times
5Dimes Sign-Up Bonus

GIMME THIS BONUS! – New Players to 5Dimes can choose from one of several reward options.  Each new account is defaulted to its top reward plan, the Reduced Juice Rewards. If bonuses, cash-backs, or any other of our reward programs are more of your liking, you can contact Customer Service, which is available 24/7 via Live, to get more options.  

Be aware 5Dimes does NOT accept US Players right now. So, we recommend checking out our top recommended sportsbooks

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5Dimes Sportsbook Review

Check out our independent review for 5Dimes’ Sportsbook.

  • 5Dimes Sign Up Process

    Signing up at 5Dimes has been made very simple. The website directs you to the registration form that offers information that you’ll want to be familiar with before registering. Whether you prefer sports, poker, casino or horse wagering, there is a blurb explaining what you can expect in each area. The process is a quick page of fields of information bars to be filled out detailing your account information, then you make your first deposit and you’re ready to go.

  • 5Dimes Bonuses

    5Dimes like to call bonuses ‘rewards’ at their website, and there are plenty to receive. Popular among members are the reduced juice awards which are usually posted on the day of the event. 5Dimes has the best selection of reduced juice bet available on many sports including NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA, NCAA Football and Basketball, CF, tennis, golf, boxing, MMA and special events. The Point Buying Reward is useful, as you can pay less to move lines in your favor. The New Player reward is a great incentive to open an account at 5Dimes. On deposits from $100 to $400, the new player will receive 50% in freeplay, up to $200. If the deposit is more than $400 and up to $2,000, it qualifies the player for an extra 20%! There is also the great Point Buying Reward, where you pay less to move lines in your favor.

  • 5Dimes Website

    The 5Dimes website is by no means the sexiest in the business, not even close. The white background is their attempt to be unique, but rather than stand out, the information tends to blend all together. It is still very easy to find what you need – the color scheme is not what they use to attract new clients – so 5Dimes rates high in terms of website navigability and ease of access to its different features. What it lacks in visual appeal, it more than makes up for in practicality and user-friendliness. The software used at 5Dimes is top-of-the-line and the functionality of the different features is top class and wrinkle-free.

  • 5Dimes Betting Options

    The sportsbook wagering possibilities at 5Dimes are endless. Members can choose from straight bets, totals, parlays, open-parlays, teasers, pleasers, round robin, reverses, Asian handicaps, monsters, if bets and even office pools. Many of these options have off-shoot betting possibilities such as multi-chance pleasers, rolling if bets and progressive teasers and parlays.

  • 5Dimes Betting Odds

    mes supplies its customers with odds in the American and decimal formats. The competitive odds coupled with the wide variety of betting options makes 5Dimes an easy choice for prospective online gamers as well as the seasoned sports bettor. Several tabs at the top of the sportsbook page lead users to full explanations of the available bets and the odds on offer. The great odds on offer at 5Dimes make it easy, and fun!

  • 5Dimes Live Betting

    For basketball, football and baseball, Live In-Play lines are offered for regular season, post-season & playoff games during television commercial breaks. The platform is steady and reliable, and the variety of games on offer is vast. Depending on the sport, league and time of season, the Live In-Play lines are offered at different times. Simply click on the sports and the Live In-Play link to obtain the information you need regarding certain events.

  • 5Dimes Customer Support

    The help that is offered through the use of live chat with a customer service representative at 5Dimes is invaluable. Queries are resolved immediately and professionally. You can also reach customer service, the New Accounts department and horse wagering through the telephone. Fax, local telephone and emailing are also well-used methods of contacting 5Dimes with any issue or question.

  • 5Dimes Payment Methods

    Plenty of options are available for depositing and withdrawing at 5Dimes. Currently for deposits, members are using Credit/Debit cards, ACH, person to person, person to company, check via express courier, sportsbook transfer, account to account transfer and Instadebit. All these methods are also available for withdrawals except for Credit/Debit and person to company.

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