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Pinnacle Review

Dan Favale
, Updated on: Sep 4, 2022 08:00 PM

Summary of our Pinnacle Sportsbook Review - Pinnacle Sports has been an anchor in Internet gaming since 1998. So what makes it different from the thousands of other options available to players? Pinnacle doesn’t take positions but instead markets shape prices themselves.

Pinnacle offers the highest betting limits online because of the confidence in its betting model: the lowest margins in the industry. There will be no restrictions on sharp bettors at Pinnacle. The site also doesn’t charge any commissions on winning bets – that’s a “Bonus for Life.”.

Take note! Pinnacle Sports does NOT accept US Players. So, take a look at our top recommended sportsbooks

Our Pinnacle Rating:

  • Website Navigation
  • Sign Up Bonus
  • Website
  • Betting Lines
  • Betting Odds
  • Live Betting
  • Customer Service
  • Deposit Methods
  • Arbitrage friendly
  • Get a Bonus For Life
  • Highest limits in industry
  • Customer service only by email
Pinnacle Sign-Up Bonus

WHY NO BONUS? – Pinnacle doesn’t offer a Sign Up Bonus simply becuase the site believes its unique pricing model speaks and pays for itself. Players get the highest betting limits and there is are no restrictions on any specific bet or stake amount in order to cash out. Pinnacle offers the lowest margins to be found.

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Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

Take note! Pinnacle Sports does NOT accept US Players. So, take a look at our top recommended sportsbooks

  • Pinnacle Sign Up Process

    Getting into the sports betting game should never be a hassle. That’s why the sign-up process at Pinnacle takes about two minutes, that’s if you are a slow typist, and two keystrokes. Simply fill out an easy form, choose your favorite banking option, from one of dozens of worldwide respected financial institutions, and you are done. Are you new to Internet gaming? Pinnacle prides itself on educating new customers on how exactly bookmakers work and how lines are determined. There is also customer service available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day via quickly returned e-mail.

  • Pinnacle Bonuses

    Some sites will offer what appears to be a great deal: a 50 percent sign-up bonus toward your first wager. But that’s like getting a drink coupon so a bar can lure  you into its establishment so you will spend much more. Pinnacle doesn’t offer transparent bonuses but rather the highest possible betting limits and no commissions. Some sites will restrict serious bettors from rolling over big winnings , but not Pinnacle – where you can always re-bet at the maximum limit. Pinnacle doesn’t punish their winners by impossing low limits and that’s where the the “Bonus for Life” comes into play.

  • Pinnacle Website

    Everyone thinks they are technologically savvy, but it’s constantly evolving. Pinnacle doesn’t have the most sophisticated technology in the industry, yet the site is incredibly easy to navigate. The main tabs are clearly marked at the top of the home page. Wondering about any promotions? One click away. Like to switch to casino betting? No need to type in a new address — it’s another tab. All the current odds are easily marked down the left side of the home page and there are helpful betting advice articles in prominent position. Bettors get an all in one full meal deal at the Pinnacle website.

  • Pinnacle Betting Options

    Pinnacle offers the standard spreads, totals, and money lines, betting options everyday and 24/7. Exotic, proposition, and parlay wagering lines are also offered. What makes it unique is the ability of account holders to monitor the site’s Dynamic Lines. Simply log in to your account, pick any betting market and choose the Dynamic Lines tab. This feature allows bettors to see where the public is moving the line. Let’s say you like a favorite at 7 points but not 8. The Dynamic Lines feature will give you insight into whether the line is moving in your direction and helps determine when to bet.

  • Pinnacle Betting Odds

    On some sites, you have to navigate through several pages simply to find the current lines. Doesn’t that seem a waste of time — why else would people be there on a gaming site? Pinnacles odds are very clearly marked on the home page. The site offers all of the standard American sports lines. One nice function is a “closing soon” tab for those looking to get last-minute wagers down. Many USA players follow sports in Europe, and Pinnacle also offers a full menu there.

  • Pinnacle Live Betting

    Whereas the Internet changed sports betting forever — who needs to go to a Las Vegas sportsbook to place their wagers now?? The advent of live betting has changed betting habits even further. Major League Baseball is America’s pastime, but it’s dreadfully slow to watch. Live betting turns it into an exciting pitch-by-pitch affair. Pinnacle offers live betting on  nearly every major American sport as well as big European events like top-flight soccer. Simply click on the market on which you are looking to bet and live betting will be clearly marked if that particular contest is available.

  • Pinnacle Customer Support

    Have a question about live betting? The maximum wager allowed for an NFL game? The answers should be easily found, and there is a very detailed Help section for every frequently asked question. But if you want the human touch, Pinnacle offers prompt customer service. Phone service is not available but emails are usually answered within minutes. Just click on the help tab at the top of every page to get a link to customer service email: [email protected]

  • Pinnacle Payment Methods

    The reason we bet isn’t just for fun but to win cold hard cash. An option available to Pinnacle clients is a free account to account transfer service.  Otherwise, the site offers its clients one free withdrawal per calendar month and there is no minimum amount needed to use it. The same account from which the deposit was made will receive the payout. Some minimal fees will be incurred for withdrawals taken more than once per calendar month, ranging from $15-25.  Every deposit and account is security encrypted meaning bettors can wager with confidence knowing their bankroll is secure.

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