The League of Legends Prime League Season is Heating Up

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The League of Legends Prime League Season is Heating Up

The League of Legends Prime League spring season is heating up. And it’s not about to cool off anytime soon. After a sweltering wave of action on Thursday, March 7, a quintet of mouth-watering matchups awaits us on Wednesday March 13. Let’s parse the schedule and drop some League of Legends predictions then, shall we?

  • What: League of Legends Prime League
  • Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2024
  • Time: The first match begins at 1 p.m eastern standard time/10 a.m. pacific standard time
  • Heaviest Favorite: Austrian Force (-1667)
  • Steepest Underdog: Mouz (+725)

The first of these scheduled matchups will feature Austrian Force taking on Mouz. Another pair of teams will take to the main screen roughly every hour thereafter. To get us started, here’s a look at the latest online eSports betting odds for the League of Legends Prime League.

Austrian Force-1667+725Mouz
Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition-204+147E WIE EINFACH
SK Gaming Prime-625+354Eintracht Frankfurt
Eintracht Spandau-154+112Schalke 04
NNO Prime-526+326BIG

Please remember to keep checking these eSports betting odds right up until you place any wagers. Our League of Legends Prime League betting odds are accurate entering Friday, March 8. That gives the best online sportsbooks in the United States plenty of time to make adjustments to their initial lines prior to the opening bell on Wednesday, March 13.

To be sure, the League of Legends Prime League isn’t typically subject to major line changes. No other scheduled events for the spring season will take place before this docket. Still, esports betting markets are always shifting. We recently saw the odds on Gen. G remaining undefeated in League of Legends Champions Korea undergo a noticeable face-lift in the middle of February. It’s important for you to stay on top of the League of Legends Prime League betting lines, just in case they are subject to any last-minute tweaks.

Anyway, without further delay, let’s get to our League of Legends Prime League picks for every matchup on the March 13 board.

Why Austrian Force is Such a Heavy Favorite to Win Their League of Legends Slate 

On the surface, Austrian Force doesn’t have the profile of a team that should be this heavy of a favorite. On the contrary, they have lost three of their past four matches and aren’t a squad that typically gets out to early leads.

And yet, their League of Legends Prime odds in this case are all about their opponent. Mouz is now 0-17 in the spring season and suffering more than twice as many deaths per game as kills delivered. 

Don’t be surprised if and when this match ends in under a half-hour. Mouz is making a habit of losing games in expeditious fashion, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see Austrian Force take more risks in the First Tower given the low threat level posed by their opponent.

OSB Prediction: Austrian Force (-1667)

Austrian Force To beat Mouz

Expect SK Gaming Prime to Make Quick Work of Eintracht Frankfurt

SK Gaming Prime has now won four straight matches, which is terrible news for a so-so Eintracht Frankfurt squad. 

Indeed, Eintracht Frankfurt has shown they can be ultra-aggressive out of the gate, particularly when it comes to clearing wards. But they continue to suffer more kills than they give out, and their 12-5 record on the season has included far too many come-from-behind victories.

Erasing early deficits isn’t going to fly against SK Gaming Prime. They are winning roughly 79 percent of their matches when holding a lead after 15 minutes. 

OSB Prediction: SK Gaming Prime (-625)

SK Gaming Prime To beat Eintracht Frankfurt

Is Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition in Danger of Another Letdown After Consecutive League of Legends Prime Losses?

Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition (what a name, right?!) continue to work through their toughest stretch of the League of Legends Prime spring season. They have dropped three of five, including their most recent match against Austrian Force. 

Complicated still, their opponent, E WIE EINFACH, cannot be taken likely. Despite posting an unimpressive 9-8 record through their first 17 sparrings, this squad is drawing first blood in 58 percent of their matches and has rattled off victories in 83.3 percent of matches in which they hold a lead after 15 minutes.

Here’s the rub: E WIE EINFACH’s from-the-jump drive can devolve into total chaos. They take risks as part of their aggressive model—arguably too many. Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition should be able to pull out a much-needed W.

OSB Prediction: Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition (-204)

Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition To beat E WIE EINFACH

Lack of Aggression Could Do In Schalke 04 Against Eintracht Spandau

Schalke 04 has alternated wins and losses over their past six matches, during which time a troubling trend is starting to emerge. That trend? A glaring lack of go-getter operations.

Members of Schalke 04 are drawing first blood barely 41 percent of the time, and while they have a winning record, their gold differential at the 15-minute mark is currently a net negative.

No such problems exist for Eintracht Spandau. They are drawing first blood in 53.3 percent of their matches. And though they are getting out-killed per game, they maintain a decidedly positive gold differential after the 15-minute mark.

OSB Prediction: Eintracht Spandau (-154)

Eintracht Spandau To beat Schalke 04

Should NNO Prime be Favored to Beat BIG?

We find ourselves somewhat shocked that NNO Prime is heavily favored to beat BIG in Wednesday’s League of Legends Prime action. Tabbing them as favorites is one thing. But 1-to-5.25 odds is terribly unintriguing.

To their credit, they have won seven straight. But so have the members of BIG. What’s more, BIG has the larger gold differential per minute. NNO Prime is averaging more kills overall, but the kills-to-death ratio of both squads are elite.

Finally, while NNO Prime is no stranger to longer matches, BIG has turned extended competitions into an art form. They know how to scrape and claw and force just about anyone to play up until the 38-minute mark—and often beyond it. We like them to pull off the upset here.

OSB Prediction: BIG (+326)

BIG To beat NNO Prime

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