Predictions for Counter-Strike Global Esports Tour Rio 2024

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Predictions for Counter-Strike Global Esports Tour Rio 2024

Season 4 of the Global Esports Tour (GET24) is just about ready to get underway. The festivities will open up in Rio de Janeiro later this month, with a Counter-Strike 2 tournament featuring eight of the world’s top teams.

  • What: 2024 Global Esports Tour, Season 4
  • Dates: Thursday, April 18 through Sunday, April 21
  • Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Total Prize Pool: $200,000

Who will emerge victorious in the initial matchups? And who’s the best bet to win it all? That’s what we’re here to figure out.

For now, we don’t have odds on who will win the Counter-Strike Global Esports tournament in Rio. But we do have Counter-Strike online betting odds for the first wave of matchups:

Preasy Esport-164+125Monte
FURIA-217+1669z Team

Please remember to double-check these online eSports betting odds right up until you place your wager. This batch of Counter-Strike betting lines is accurate entering Thursday, April 4. Since that’s a full two weeks before the tournament opens, this gives all the top online sports betting sites in the United States plenty of time to tweak their opening lines depending on how the action unfolds.  

This first tournament of GET24 will be run by the Brazilian Confederation of Games and Esports. For those who might not know, the GET24 season consists of five total tournaments. There will be one competition per month in April, May, June, July and September. The winner of each tournament receives an individual prize purse. At the end of it all, the team that fares the best over the course of the season will be awarded the Get24 trophy.

While we don’t yet have Counter-Strike betting futures for the inaugural tournament in Rio, we will take you through our favorite to win it all at the end. But first, here are our Counter-Strike betting predictions for all four matchups in Round 1.

Can Monte’s Counter-Strike Experience Give Them the Edge vs. Preasy Esports?

Preasy Esports (-164) enters as the opening-round favorite over Monte (+125). This might be the most interesting line of the day. 

On the one hand, Preasy Esports is on a five-match winning streak, and their roster is peppered with tantalizing up-and-comers, including Equip and Beccie. However, their current lineup has not tackled many Counter-Strike maps at this level.

Monte, on the other hand, does not have that same issue. Three of their five starters—Woro2k, DemQQ and kRaSnaL—have logged time on 450-plus Counter-Strike boards

Granted, Monte has struggled on a handful of these maps, most notably on Nuke (3-7) and Anubis (1-6). Still, we find ourselves drawn to the team that has more reps overall.

OSB Prediction: Monte (+125)

Monte To beat Preasy Esports

Will Imperial Stay on a Roll When They Face Metizport?

Imperial (-196) has a decided Counter-Strike betting line edge over Metizport (+148) ahead of Day 1. While these Counter-Strike 2 betting odds could certainly change, we don’t see them moving much. And if they do, we’d expect the shift to result in Imperial ending up as a heavier favorite.

Indeed, Imperials’ win-loss record in recent games is spotty. But some of their letdowns came against powerhouses like Faze Clan and Vitality, both of whom they played fairly tightly. That’s a good harbinger in our eyes. 

Bake in a superior Counter-Strike kills-to-death ratio, as well as nearly four times as much round-by-round experience compared to Metizport’s roster, and we have an easy decision on our hands.

OSB Prediction: Imperial (-196)

Imperial To beat Metizport

Can 9z Team Get Back on Track vs. Furia?

A few months ago, we may have been somewhat surprised to see Furia (-217) favored by so much heading into their showdown with 9z Team (+166). Right now, though, this feels right.

The 9z squad is currently on a three-match losing streak. What’s more, they have actually lost nine of their last 10 games. 

To 9z’s credit, they have assembled a rock-solid kills-to-death ratio (1.09). However their best performances tend to come on a series of three to four maps. Furia is by far more versatile in their gameplay.

OSB Prediction: Furia (-217)

Furia To beat 9z Team

MIBR vs. OG is Almost Too Close to Call

The Counter-Strike 2 GET24 betting odds for MIBR (-103) vs. OG (-123) align with what we see on paper: This matchup is going to be close.

And yet, we do find it interesting that OG is the slight favorite. We’d expect it to be the other way around.

Not only does OG have a losing record over their past 10 outings, but they have actually won just 46 percent of their matches this past year. The performance of k1to still renders them incredibly dangerous. But players F1KU, regali and HeavyGod have not lived up to the standard he’s setting.

Meanwhile, after some rough patches over the past 12 months, MIBR has rebounded to win 66 percent of their matches over the past year. And that includes winning 92 percent of their head-to-heads during the last month. 

OSB Prediction: MIBR  (-103)

Imperial To beat Metizport

Which Team Do We Expect to Win the Counter-Strike GET24 Tournament in Rio?

While any one of these eight squads wind up winning the GET24 tournament in Rio, we have our eyes on two teams: FURIA and MIBR.

Immediately, we can’t tell whether we’re too high on FURIA simply because they landed a favorable first-round pull. Perhaps our expectations lie somewhere in between.

Faced with this indecision, we’re inclined to roll with MIBR. Their play across virtually all Counter-Strike 2 maps has improved a great deal in recent months, and among their five starters, only one has a score margin lower than plus-150. 

OSB Prediction: MIBR wins the Counter-Strike tournament in Rio (odds TBA)

MIBR To win GET24 Counter-Strike Tournament in Rio

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