2022 MLB Draft: Best Bets to Be Selected No. 1 Overall by Baltimore Orioles

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2022 MLB Draft: Best Bets to Be Selected No. 1 Overall by Baltimore Orioles

Although the best MLB online betting sites haven't yet released odds for the 2022 MLB draft, it's already time to start thinking about who we're wagering on to go first overall when the Baltimore Orioles are on the clock.

Traditionally, odds on the MLB draft don't drop anyway until around a week or so before, when eligibility for select prospects is set in stone and there's a better hold on prospect big boards. But we're trying to get a head start. With the MLB draft taking place on July 17, at 7 p.m. EST, we'd rather be prepared to pounce on our prediction when the odds are live rather than waiting for them to publish before beginning the process.

Anyway, below is where you can find the latest betting odds for the MLB draft once they're live. They'll come from our friends over at Bovada:

Pick to Go No 1Bovada
Druw JonesTBA
Termarr JohnsonTBA
Jackson HollidayTBA
Brooks LeeTBA
Elijah GreenTBA
Kevin ParadaTBA
Jacob BerryTBA
Dylan LeskoTBA
Jace JungTBA
Gavin CrossTBA
Jordan BeckTBA
Cam CollierTBA
Brandon BarrieraTBA
Dylan BeaversTBA
Brock PorterTBA
Daniel SusacTBA
Chase DeLauterTBA
Jackson FerrisTBA
Connor PrielippTBA
Jud FabianTBA
Andrew DutkanycTBA
Zach NetoTBA
Tucker TomanTBA
Blade TidwellTBA
Jett WilliamsTBA

Also please note that our 2022 MLB draft predictions are being made on Friday, June 30. You'll want to take that into account when the MLB draft betting odds are released at a later date, in case anything newsworthy has changed.

Still not sure where you want to bet on the 2022 MLB draft? You don't have to worry about that! Our reviews of the top online sportsbooks have you covered. We answer just about every question you can think of so you'll have no trouble finding the best MLB draft online betting sites when you're done!

Who Will Be The Odds-On Favorite to Go No. 1 in 2022 MLB Draft?

Three names have popped up in this discussion most recently: Centerfielder Druw Jones, shortstop Jackson Holliday and second baseman Termarr Johnson. There have also been scattered calls for different pitchers as well as catcher Kevin Parada.

Based on how the Orioles have historically operated, what their system needs long term, and what rival teams tend to value most in potential trade packages for superstars down the line, we're inclined to say Druw Jones will open as the betting favorite in the 2022 MLB draft.

Granted, this is not a sure thing. We'd peg it at slightly more than a coin toss' chance. But Jones is considered a five-tool player with megastar potential on both defense and offense, and he plays one of the toughest positions in baseball.

Druw Jones To be selected at No. 1 in the 2022 MLB Draft

Which Pitcher Has Best Chance of Going No. 1 to the Orioles?

This comes down to right-hander Dylan Lesko and left-hander Brandon Barriera. Connor Prielipp, another left-hander, has garnered a ton of interest here, as well.

Prielipp will be among the most popular bets because he's considered to be the safest prospect—someone who should, at minimum, have a productive career coming out of a bullpen.

Still, we can't ignore Lesko's chances. He is the high-upside swing. He's also high-risk, given his pitch control. But ace starters are worth years of dominance at the pro level. We could see the Orioles—or a team willing to trade with them—talking themselves into his 90th percentile outcome being the best available.

Dylan Lesko To be selected at No. 1 in the 2022 MLB Draft

Which Infielder Has Best Chance of Going to Baltimore in 2022 MLB Draft?

For us, this comes down to Holliday or Johnson. And we're going with Holliday.

Not only is shortstop (Holliday's position) the more coveted commodity compared to second base, but Holliday has displayed otherworldly playmaking abilities on defense. He covers a ton of ground in space by the time the ball cracks off the bat, and his precision on off-balance and on-the-move throws is transcendent.

Jackson Holliday To be selected at No. 1 in the 2022 MLB Draft

Other Than Druw Jones, Are Any Outfielders in the Mix?

Our gut reaction to this question is no. But Jacob Berry, a right fielder, is starting to incite some consideration.

Certain teams near the top of the draft that are candidates to trade with the Orioles have a track record of stomaching risk. Berry is the perfect prospect for that. He has trouble choosing which pitches to swing at and can make errant throws off base hits, but he has all the tools to be an every-game star if he gets more consistent.

Jacob Berry To be selected at No. 1 in the 2022 MLB Draft

Best Dark Horse Option in 2022 MLB Draft

Third baseman Cam Collier is the no-brainer choice here. Some mock 2022 MLB drafts have him slipping all the way outside the top 10 while others have him going at or near the top.

If the Orioles—or potential trade partners—buy into his outrageously great hitting this past year, he could shock the world by going No. 1.

Cam Collier To be selected at No. 1 in the 2022 MLB Draft

So...Who Goes No. 1 in the 2022 MLB Draft?

At the end of it all, we're going to play it safe. There is no one at the top of the draft quite like Druw Jones. He has a strong arm, is deft at diving catches, makes smart cutoff throws and is among the best situational hitters in this draft—someone who can adjust his approach for power, straight base hits or patience.

Assuming the Orioles keep the pick, we're gaining more confidence by the day they'll select Jones. If they elect to trade No. 1 elsewhere, that's when we'll begin to re-evaluate.

OSB Prediction: Druw Jones, CF (TBA)

Druw Jones To be selected at No. 1 in the 2022 MLB Draft

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