Bellator 274 Predictions: Is Neiman Gracie a Lock vs. Logan Storley?

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Bellator 274 Predictions: Is Neiman Gracie a Lock vs. Logan Storley?

For fans of mixed martial arts, there is no need to solely focus on betting odds for UFC. Sure, they are the biggest MMA draw in the United States. But there is also Bellator MMA, the second-largest mixed martial arts league in the country, and one that's chock full of talented fighters and riveting matchups.

Don't take our word for it without further investigation. Our Bellator 274 predictions reiterate as much further, as we try to figure out who will emerge victorious in the main-card headlining showdown between Logan Storley and Neiman Gracie.

To start us off, here are the latest Bellator 274 betting odds for Logan Storley vs. Neiman Gracie, as well as the other three primary matchups on the Bellator 274 fight card:

Neiman Gracie-185+155Logan Storley
Andrey Koreshkov-265+204Chance Rencountre
Adam Piccolotti-300+240Georgi Karakhanyan
Said Sowma-135+105Davion Franklin

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With Bellator 274 scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 19, make sure you're double-checking all these Bellator MMA 274 odds before settling on any picks. Betting lines are subject to change right up until the opening bell.

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Can Logan Storley Pull Off Upset Over Neiman Gracie?

Oddsmakers are giving a lot of favor to Neiman Gracie (-185) despite his having fewer career wins (11) than his counterpart Logan Storley (+155), who enters with 12 wins. It probably has a lot to do with his ability to end matches early.

Across 11 career victories in Bellator, nine have ended in submissions and one has concluded in a knockout. That's an absolutely wild resume for Gracie.

Storley, on the other hand, is more of a tactician. Four of his 12 victories have gone to a decision, as has his only career loss. But Storley's credentials also include eight knockouts. That's two-thirds of his total wins. This isn't someone who needs to fight conservatively and draw it out. He has the capacity to end matches in a heartbeat himself.

That ultimately swings the pendulum in his favor for us. Storley has historically displayed better stamina, which he pairs with power that at the very least rivals that of Gracie.

OSB Prediction: Logan Storley (+155)

Logan Storley To beat Neiman Gracie

Andrey Koreshkov Has Inside Track vs. Chance Rencountre

Look what we have here: Two former UFC fighters meeting in the octagon at Bellator 274. Andre Koreshkov (-265) enters as the somewhat heavy favorite over Chance Rencountre (+204), even though it's the former who fought more recently at the UFC level (UFC 244).

Still, this isn't to say Koreshkov is being overvalued. He's not. Most of his fights in Bellator have looked like a man scrapping among boys. Sixteen of his 24 career victories have come by knockout or submission, and he's also proven capable of grinding it out for longer affairs that require strategic adjustments.

From where we're standing, Koreshkov shouldn't just be the heavy favorite over Recountre. His victory should be deemed inevitable.

OSB Prediction: Andre Koreshkov (-265)

Andre Koreshkov To beat Chance Rencountre

Adam Piccolotti Poised for Quick Win vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

Georgi Karakhanyan (+240) hasn't earned the nickname "Insane" for nothing. His fighting style is unpredictable. He is just as likely to knock you out or force a tap out as he is to win a drag-it-out match that demands patience and more gradually surgical offense.

Call it variety. Call it inconsistency. Whatever it is, oddsmakers believe it'll hurt him here. They have billed Adam Piccolotti (-300) as the monstrous favorite. He has historically fared well against fighters with skill sets that are equal parts versatile and indecisive.

Truth be told, investing in Karakhanyan isn't the worst decision in the world. He rarely ever taps out and has only been knocked out three times across 43 total matches. But Piccolotti's offense is more of a dependable constant, so we naturally trust him.

OSB Prediction: Adam Piccolotti (-300)

Adam Piccolotti To beat Georgi Karakhanyan

Said Sowma vs. Davion Franklin

With fewer than 15 combined professional MMA matches between them, Said Sowma (-135) vs. Davion Franklin (+105) poses a little bit of a head-scratcher.

Our first inclination is go with Sowma. He has appeared in more than twice as many bouts (10), and four of his eight victories have come by knockout.

But the 27-year-old Franklin has earned plenty of acclaim for all the different styles he's incorporated into his wrestling arsenal. He will be harder for Sowma to take down or knock out, and it wouldn't surprise us if this fight went to a decision—an outcome that favors him.

OSB Prediction: Davion Franklin (+105)

Davion Franklin To beat Said Sowma

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