Take Holgado To Win Moto3 World Championship

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Take Holgado To Win Moto3 World Championship

There are still more than three weeks until the restart of the 2023 season, MotoGP fans. This week we examine some new numbers for the 2023 campaign. OnlineSportsBetting's 2023 Moto3 Future Bets for the rest of the year are on the docket.

  • WHAT: 2023 Moto3 Future Bets
  • WHEN: From August in Silverstone until November in Spain
  • WHY: To see which riders may have an upper leg to win the title.

2023 Moto3 Future Bets - Some New Data

The Moto3 riders start their engines in Silverstone the weekend of August 6th. Meanwhile, new data has rolled in from the books. Let's spin into Moto3 online betting future bets right now. This has been a fun little race to watch unfold.

The speeds Moto3 bikes get to shock quite a few people. We enjoy the shakedowns and the various testing exercises. It shows us which riders and teams could stay in contention. Did some teams cause us to sway in our decision making? Now, here are the latest 2023 MotoGP overall numbers for the perceived contenders heading into second half of the year.

Moto3 July 2023 NumbersBovadaMyBookieBetOnline
Daniel Holgado+150+141+160
Jaume Masla+325+330+300
Ayumu Sasaki+350+330+350
Ivan Ortola+425+410+400
Denzi Oncu+750+690+700
Diogo Moreira+2500+2400+2500
David Alonso+4000+4000+3300

Online betting sites including BetOnline led the way in the outer fringes of all classes of MotoGP. Sometimes things get missed but so far, the book has not missed a trick. That is why watching when betting on MotoGP futures is crucial. Trends change constantly and a couple of races often swing the championship. A couple early DNF's caused Ivan Ortola to play catchup.

Finally, peruse our copious reviews of the top online sportsbooks. They will tip you to the prime MotoGP betting sites as the season rolls on closer to that August 6th restart.

2023 Moto3 Future Bets - What Changed From The Beginning?

Honestly, we joke that idle time is the devils' playground. Now, the 2023 Moto3 Future Bets attempt to figure out which teams improved and those that became worse over the past few races. What changed from the beginning of the season? The problem is what we saw during the first few races have shook out different in the last couple. Does that Daniel Holgado DNF worry us any heading into the final dozen races of 2023?

Our ways to wager come from an extensive bit of research. Again, these remain preliminary numbers with more than three weeks to go to Silverstone. Furthermore, these riders itch to get back on the bike. Could there be some rust during this five-race European leg? Anything is possible. It can also be an opportunity for some to claw into the title race once more. The top five racers are separated by a mere 31 points. This 2023 World Title Chase is far from over.

Even Jaume Masla looked great in winning at TT Aasen to head into the break. That solidified his second in the standings and closed the gap to 16 points to Holgado. A little too much aggression from one Spaniard led to the rises of the fortunes of another. That often happens. One of the good things is that the numbers bunched up some and placed Holgado back in the plus territory.

So, a full 12 race second half greets us this 2023 season. Get fired up for what figures to be one crazy ending to 2023.

Daniel Holgado - 2023 Moto3 Future Bets Good Luck?

Daniel Holgado dropped to as low as -200 for the 2023 Moto3 Future Bets. In the last couple weeks, the DNF in Norway raised a few eyebrows and swung things the other direction. Now, the Spaniard from KTM is still the favorite in the +140 to +160 range. This is not a cause of concern but maybe some good luck.

Now, this taught the Spaniard the lesson of all races have risks. He must do more than just stay on the track. He carries the speed, leads the division with three wins, and can win every time out. Sometimes, being smart proves to be more beneficial. Holgado's third in Germany offered a glimmer of that along with the wins in Italy and France. With the KTM bike showing the most speed and best handling on the majority of tracks, it is all about guiding it correctly for Holgado.

By the end of 2022, Holgado moved up into the top ten. Now, he is racing for a potential title. At only 18 years old, we sometimes forget how young these riders are. This is a stepping stone for the next level but the championship pressure is there. How he handles this run now will be telling into the future. So far, the Spaniard has shown he is ready for the challenge.

Daniel Holgado To win the 2023 Moto3 Championship

The Coin Flip Between Masla and Sasaki?

2023 Moto3 future bets asks about the coin flip between Masla and Sasaki? Jaume Masla and Ayumu Sasaka race hard and have risen up to second and third in the standings respectively. Can they stay there though? The Honda from Leopard Racing has shown flashes of dominance but not the consistency of the KTM Red Bull. That sounds familiar. Doesn't it?

As metrics have indicated, Ayumi Sasaka keeps getting close. Four straight podium results have him third in the standings despite DNF's in Argentina and Texas. Could a win be on the horizon? That Far East tour sets up well for the guys from Leopard.

Sasaki also comes in at +350 on Bovada and BetOnline. Though, Masla counters at +330 on MyBookie, there lies little difference. Again, it may be that late swing which changes the race a little. That Husqvarna may carry that little extra when it counts.

Ayumu Sasaki To win the 2023 Moto3 Crown

What About Slightly Longer Shots?

What about slightly longer shots? Again, this may be all about Ivan Ortola. Ortola has the most points since his two early gaffes in Portugal and Argentina. Could consecutive fourths be a springboard to an even better second half?

Denzi Oncu (+750) has shown some interest too but Ortola technically is the more sound rider.

Joan Mir To win the 2023 MotoGP Title

Daniel Holgado Our Top Pick

Daniel Holgado stays our top pick. 

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