March Madness Play-In Bets The Over And The Bulldogs

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March Madness Play-In Bets The Over And The Bulldogs

Two teams from "Power Five" conferences face off on Tuesday night to advance into the "Field Of 64"! This time, we have two 11 seeds determining their fate. At Online Sports Betting, we look at a matchup which could be very close. So, now, we look at March Madness Play-In Bets featuring the Pittsburgh Panthers (ACC) and Mississippi State Bulldogs (SEC). It figures to be quite a rumble with a little kick.

  • WHAT: 11 - Pittsburgh Panthers versus 11 - Mississippi State Bulldogs
  • WHEN: Tuesday, March 14th, 2023, 9:10 pm ET on TruTV or streamed on FUBO TV
  • WHERE: UD Arena, Dayton, Ohio
  • WHY: March Madness Play-In Game (Midwest Region)

March Madness Play-In Bets look at a nice matchup that features two contrasting styles on the surface. Now, wagering on NCAA College Men's basketball futures is no easy task. Pittsburgh stands at +24000 while Missisisippi State comes in at +30000. Below is our table for this later matchup, thanks to Bovada Online Sportsbook.

March Madness Play-In Bets Take A Different Approach

March Madness Play-In Bets take a different approach for this battle between Pittsburgh and Mississippi State. So, the question must be asked why? Simply, early on in the process, we are noticing books are underestimating certain numbers. Now, that figures to get corrected at some point. Alternatively, why not take advantage of a gift when it is offered?

Pittsburgh and Mississippi State come in with a spread that favors the Bulldogs by a mere 1.5 points. Naturally, that means a close games. Even looking at the futures is interesting. Pittsburgh gets listed with slightly better numbers. Is that because of name recognition or does someone know something? That presents as an excellent question.

Let's dive into this Tuesday night game. Also, we expand on Pittsburgh and Mississippi State. How will this game play out from a scoring standpoint and who will win?

There Seems To Be A Bit More Pace Here

The March Madness Play-In Bets indicates there seems to be a bit more pace here. When one thinks about the over, for example, the first thing that comes to mind is how low is this? Consequently, it is surprising to see the number stick around the low to even mid 130's. Bovada carries this game at 132.5. These are tournament teams from two of the top conferences. Now, that is crystal clear from the metrics.

Pittsburgh scores at quite a solid rate. The Panthers average 76.1 points per game and are capable of coming close to 80 on any given night. This is a college which loves to up the intensity. If they make their shots, that could force Mississippi State into trying to keep pace. Understandably, some underestimate the offensive capabilities of the Bulldogs. That is normal for a team which yields just 61 points per contest.

Now, Jeff Capel watched his Pittsburgh team get smoked by Duke in the ACC Tournament. They allowed 96 points, but worse shot awful in generating 69 themselves. With four players averaging double figures a game, the mostly senior-lead squad knows what it is. If their guard play does not generate offense, Pittsburgh yields too much in the transition game to slow most teams down.

Again, Pittsburgh has two players from the Top 100 RSCI and that does not include Jamarius Burton. If there is one matchup which looms big in this game, it is Mississippi State on guys like Burton and Blake Hinson. Hinson plays like a guard or a small forward. His wingspan and ability to carry plays could loom large against a Bulldogs team trying to slow the pace down.

Getting Over On The Over?

Next, March Madness Play-In Bets thinks about getting over on the over tonight. This game confounds bettors considerably. The recommendation maintains to watch out for some shifts between now and tipoff. Also, some may look at the first game of the doubleheader and make a move then. One of the biggest aspects of this contest is this fact. While Pittsburgh has connected on the over in eight of their previous ten games, Mississippi State has done the same in seven of the last nine.

Mississippi State can bang on the offensive glass with Tolu Smith too. Pittsburgh displayed significant issues against Duke when it came to spacing and allowing extra shots. Both teams have given up more points than usual in March. Hence, the over is worth the first wager.

Pittsburgh And Mississippi State To score more than 133 points

March Madness Play-In Bets Laying 1.5 Points?

So, what about the March Madness Play-In Bets laying a tiny 1.5 points? The problem with both teams is that Pittsburgh and Mississippi State have not been great over the past month. Pittsburgh lost four of their last seven games while Mississippi State is 4-4 (.500). That inspires little confidence in trying to pick a winner then which one covers the spread.

Like we mentioned previously, Mississippi State can get sucked into a higher pace and still has the balance inside and outside to manufacture more points in the paint. Simply, the Bulldogs can get to the foul line a hair better than the Panthers. It is why I think the underrated duo of D.J Jeffries and Cameron Matthews should aid the guard play for Mississippi State. Ultimately, this comes down to the team that can turn on the defensive intensity.

There is a scenario where Pittsburgh could win this and advance. However, Mississippi State played in a tougher SEC conference. For the Bulldogs, this may feel like playing one of the bottom teams. Possibly, the Bulldogs could pull away late too.

Mississippi State Bulldogs To beat the Pittsburgh Panthers by two or more points

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