College Basketball Futures Bets On Duke

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College Basketball Futures Bets On Duke

October finally means seeing some live basketball at colleges across the nation. Even pre-season basketball is on the horizon. Alas, the NCAA numbers for 2023's national title keep moving around for quite a few schools. At Online Sports Betting, today we are looking at some good and bad value. Let's look at some College Basketball Futures Bets.

The question now is with the upcoming 2022-23 season. Who represents the good and bad value when it comes to the College Basketball October Bets? Now, when betting online with these NCAA basketball futures, be careful for traps. Are there any potential choices as time ticks closer to Midnight Madness across the country?

College Basketball Futures Bets Table For October

Numbers are always nudging around a little in early October, So, the 2022-23 NCAA Championship, per the BetOnline sportsbook, has seen some value differences. Now, we have a college that caught our attention back again with maybe some other spots to pounce on. The numbers, with the help of again BetOnline and now Bovada, are listed below for the College Basketball Futures Bets table. They are as follows:

Midnight Madness Greets College Basketball Futures Bets

In what has become a tradition of sorts, midnight madness greets college basketball futures bets. So, this means what exactly? Simply, colleges across the nation have a live night of basketball right near the mid-point of month. Basically, the Friday closest to October 15th is a common ground date for schools to show their fans their 2022-23 NCAA College Basketball Men's Program.

Some teams have had live events already. For example, North Carolina had theirs last week. However, there are rumors they will have a "Midnight Madness" on the 14th. Quite a few schools, even Kentucky and Kansas have the "Madness" next Friday starting at 7:00 pm ET. There are even some cute promotional items. Kansas, the 2022 National Champion, has their "Late Night At The Phog". Kentucky has "Big Blue Madness". Those are just a few.

Currently, Duke has gone a different route with their version on October 21st. Nothing is wrong with that but it is different for the Blue Devils. Then, October 7th is headlined by teams like Michigan State and Indiana. The best thing one can do is just peruse the internet to see who is doing what, if it will be streamed, and take a look at some of these rosters. In the meantime, let's take a look at one team for College Basketball Futures Bets gaining some value and another that does not have as much.

Kentucky May Be One To Stray Away From

The Kentucky Wildcats may be one to stray away for college basketball futures bets. Honestly, Kentucky was more attractive last season but that St. Peters upset caused two divergent schools of thought. One side believed the Wildcats could become quite an attractive team this 2022-23 season. The Wildcats lost and gained a bit in the offseason. However, the good news is that loss was far outweighed by the gained. Kentucky kept top player Oscar Tshiebwe which was huge.

Then John Calipari went to work and added Antonio Reeves and Cason Wallace for starters. A few more weeks went by and the Wildcats' coach was also able to snag Chris Livingston and Ugonna Kingsley Onyenso. The relatively new frontcourt tore up a tournament in the Bahamas. Most game were easy routs by Kentucky. At anywhere from +800 to +1000, Kentucky has a little less value now than they did in June where in some circles they were as high as +1400 but as low as that very same +800.

The Wildcats did address their weaknesses and shortcomings. They were one of the top-15 teams in scoring offense but around 100th when it came to scoring defense. Livingston and Wallace will be big additions to that end and they do provide a bit of scoring depth too. Kentucky should be the class of the SEC with the Tennessee Volunteers not too far behind. Auburn and Alabama are expected to take steps backward. The Wildcats should be able to make a run for the #1 seed come March.

It is however the March Madness that has more pundits worried. Kentucky stockpiles all this talent, they play well together, and then they just fall flat for one inexplicable reason or another. The Wildcats have not made the Final Four since 2015 when they lost the National Semifinal after losing in the Final the year before.

Kentucky Wildcats To win the 2023 Men's Basketball College Championship

Duke For The College Basketball Futures Bets?

So the next question is and then there's Duke? Yes, there is still time before the college basketball season (typically November 1st is an unofficial cutoff of sorts) and if one is too concerned with Tennessee, there is always Duke for value. The "Coach K" goodbye tour weighed heavily on the Blue Devils last season and it affected their play just enough in the National Semifinal. They lost 81-77 to North Carolina -- a team that proved to be the thorn in their foot.

Now, there is a chance Duke could sneak up on some teams not named North Carolina or anyone in the ACC Conference. When it comes to College Basketball Futures Betsthe Blue Devils are not going to be on most radars for a national championship. Remember, Duke lost a top draft pick in Paolo Banchero as he was a one-and-done. However, Jon Scheyer, the new coach, will get a chance to have a healthy Dariq Whitehead as the season goes along. Some argued for Houston here but Duke has more value.

Dereck Lively II may be the real player to watch out for. He will make Duke electrifying come March. That is why the value at +1800 lies with the Blue Devils.

Duke Blue Devils To win the 2023 Men's NCAA Basketball Title

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