Xavier Best Value Bet In NCAAB 2022-23

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Xavier Best Value Bet In NCAAB 2022-23

October signifies practice and pre-season for colleges across the nation. For those wondering, games that count do not begin until November 7th, headlined by Gonzaga vs North Florida and a Saturday full of top-25 action. Alas, the NCAA numbers for 2023's national title are still going up and down for some schools. At Online Sports Betting, we are looking at some good and bad values. Let's look at some College Basketball Futures Picks.

The dilemma for bettors is almost, "will this college basketball season just start already." The College Basketball Bets want to be made already. Now, betting online with these NCAA basketball futures is still a challenge. After all, the fear of injuries exists with practices starting to heat up and some scrimmaging. Do not panic. Nothing significant has altered the landscape just yet. Be thankful.

College Basketball Futures Picks Table For Mid-October

Numbers inched around for some of the longer shots, So the 2022-23 NCAA Championship, per the BetOnline sportsbook, has seen some moves and shifts. Now, some longer-shot schools have dropped off our radar while one or two have come back into the fold. Again, wagers are always there for the taking. Thanks to BetOnline and MyBookie, the numbers are listed below for the College Basketball Futures Picks table. They are as follows:

College Basketball Futures Picks Goes To Five Digits

As the stir-crazy sets in, college basketball futures picks go straight to the five digits. So, what does this mean, round ball fans? Simply, some colleges across the nation are at +10000 on several sites. It is a rare club that four such schools are listed above in our table. Those select colleges are Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Xavier, and St. Louis.

Some teams warrant such a number, maybe beyond, and others do not. That is why a school like Dayton is listed +10000 on BetOnline but a mere +6800 on MyBookie. The colleges we have in mind above are of a different grouping entirely. Wisconsin went 25-8 last year and led the regular-season Big 10 standings. These colleges are not stiffs by any means here. However, they all miss some significant ingredients that keep the schools from contending. Maybe.

We have one place in mind that will surprise the most. They may even be a year away to be from being. As always, anything can happen. While no one expects a magic 1985 Villanova run, all it takes is just one school to turn the college basketball world upside down.

Wisconsin Could Be One To Stay Away From

The Wisconsin Badgers could be one to stay away from for college basketball futures picks. The Big 10 recruitment class has seven other schools in the top 25. The Badgers are not one of those teams and were not on the radar either. That is troubling. Wisconsin got to the second round of the NCAA tournament before bowing out to Iowa State. The Cyclones made the game ugly, and the Badgers lost by five points.

Then Greg Gard could not get the players he wanted for the 2022-23 season. That became more and more of a problem. Losing all-world talent Johnny Davis is too huge of a loss. In most conference power rankings, Wisconsin has fallen out of the top five. That is very troubling.  Even Brad Davison moving on hurts the Badgers significantly. Players that represent the heartbeats of a school do not stay like Davison. Those are two hard hits to take for Gard and company.

The Badgers did try to gain some talent, though. They lurk between sixth and ninth in most projections but could surprise a bit. Point guard Chucky Hepburn passes the ball well. Hepburn has a pretty-good shot from distance too. Then, there is Tyler Wahl. The power-forward could make that final leap in his senior year into the player many expected. Wahl could easily top 15 points and eight rebounds a game.

The Badgers just do not have the balance they had last year. Their makeup was just so good and magical. This allowed Gard to use his depth with Davis and ride Wisconsin to the dance. That is far less likely this time.

Wisconsin Badgers To win the Men's College Basketball Title

Xavier For The College Basketball Futures?

So, what about Xavier for the College Basketball Futures? Yes, there is plenty of time to get those bets in before the season starts. Officially, November 7th is that magical day. In terms of recruiting classes, few coaches are quite like Sean Miller. Whatever Miller did or did not do in Arizona matters little now. The bottom line is the Musketeers ranked ninth among all schools for 2022-23. A few debated moving Xavier even higher up their lists. That is because Trey Green has that much potential.

Now, there remains the possibility this class from Miller ends up more like a top-five level. When it comes to College Basketball Futures Picks, the Musketeers are far from a possibility for a national championship. Remember, Xavier did go 23-13 but just 8-11 in the Big East. That does not garner much praise or press, or get attention. On the other hand, Daily Swann, Reid Ducharme, and Kachi Nzeh all could start and make significant impacts.

Ducharme is the four-star recruit to watch out for along with Green. Trey Green fired up in summer leagues, hitting threes at nearly a 50%. He showed a penchant to drive to the hoop and set up others with high-percentage shots. Green will make Big East schools green with envy for not recruiting him more aggressively. That is why the value at +10000 lies with the Musketeers.

Xavier Musketeers To win the Men's Basketball National Championship

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