Creighton To Wear Down UNLV On Wednesday Night

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Creighton To Wear Down UNLV On Wednesday Night

The Men's College Basketball schedule gets a little strange again. Over the weekend and into the Christmas holiday, there are a few more games. Wednesday has eighth-ranked Creighton on the road facing UNLV. At Online Sports Betting, we take a deeper look at this game. So, first, we dive into some Creighton vs UNLV bets featuring the Blue Jays and the Running Rebels. This is not the UNLV teams most remember from older days.

  • WHAT: Creighton Blue Jays versus UNLV Running Rebels
  • WHEN: Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, 9:00 pm ET on CBSSN or streamed on FUBO TV
  • WHERE: Dollar Loan Center, Henderson, Nevada
  • WHY: Wednesday Game Of The Night

This is the type of game some bettors get enamored with the names of the school. The Creighton vs UNLV bets see if the Blue Jays can avoid a holiday letdown like last year. Now, betting on the best NCAA College Men's basketball futures is intriguing. After all, Creighton has shortened to +1800 when it comes to winning the national title. Below is a table for the Blue Jays tonight, courtesy of Bovada Online Sportsbook.

NCAAM Tuesday NumbersBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Creighton Blue Jays (-14.5)-110-110-110

Creighton vs UNLV Bets Flash Back To Last Season

Creighton vs UNLV Bets flash back to last season. So, what happened then? Creighton endured one of these funks that could be best described as unfathomable. Now, the Blue Jays lost a heartbreaker to Arizona in a high-paced affair then lost five more games in a row in increasingly ugly fashion. The games were close but the Blue Jays just could not make shots. Losing to Marquette the way they did was rock bottom. The 11-point loss prompted a team meeting that seemed to stabilize things.

Despite a 13-loss season, the Blue Jays were a whisker from making the Final Four. They fell to San Diego State by a mere point in game the Blue Jays should have won. Greg McDermott later said, "There were so many things we could have done differently, and yet it felt like we were doomed to that result." Honestly, it felt like a microcosm of Creighton 2022-23 season. Fortunately, this year has been different as the Blue Jays are 8-1, ranked eighth in the nation, and have an offense that can finish off teams.

Now, it is time to dig into this Wednesday night game as the Blue Jays head to the Las Vegas area to face UNLV. Before they entertain Alabama and Villanova, this road tilt figures to be a breather of sorts.

Strength In the Creighton Upper Class

The Creighton vs UNLV bets really favor the Blue Jays on Wednesday night. With an upper class that features Baylor Schierman, Trey Alexander, and Ryan Kalkbrenner, teams cannot defend Creighton like they did last year. This is a team less apt to struggling from the field. More importantly, their depth carries the Blue Jays through most slumps. Even the loss this year seemed like an outlier to Colorado State.

Unfortunately, the difficult part is no one truly knows how good Creighton can be this season. Yes, they hammered Nebraska on the road by 29. It is the old adage of we will not know until we know. Again, the breather comes in the form of UNLV. The Running Rebels have seen several coaching changes to no avail. Furthermore, their last tournament appearance came in 2013. It has been year after year of frustration for the team now in the Mountain West Conference.

Coaching and that extra year of experience figures to make this Creighton team ready for even a game like this. UNLV is 3-4 on the season and Kevin Kruger has some young talent but teams like Richmond and Florida State flat out had too much depth for the Running Rebels. Now, that is the biggest concern for UNLV. Can they stay close with Creighton and get them a little nervous? The answer seems no. Creighton can run and rebound at a much better pace.

Again, some wondered about that 14.5-point spread on the road. Creighton got humbled by the Rams and learned their lesson. Since then, the Blue Jays have played angry and not let up. That is the key. Keep the foot on the pedal. It is why the spread is very much in play on Wednesday. Expect Creighton to win by 15 points or more.

Creighton Blue Jays To win by 15 or more points over UNLV

Creighton vs UNLV Bets Leaning On The Over

So, what about Creighton vs UNLV bets leaning on the over? Again, the Blue Jays and Running Rebels should be able to score some points. Creighton's three-point shooting is really good as they make a nation-high 12.6 per game. They shoot 40.2% from beyond the arc which ranks 13th. Also, the Blue Jays do not get in foul trouble which allows them to concentrate more offensively.

The Running Rebels score right around and allow 75 points per game. Poetically, their last game was a 78-75 loss to Loyola Marymount. Add and subtract a few points here and many feel that may be about right. Now, the 152-158 range is very possible for points here on Wednesday night. That game over rolls in at a mere 148.5. Do not be surprised to see something like 86-70 here.

Roll with the Over for Wednesday night.

Creighton and UNLV To score more than 148 points

What About The Race To X?

Finally, what about the Race To X? The Creighton vs UNLV bets believe if there is a time to take a shot on UNLV, it may be coming out of the locker room in the second half. That early race to 10 for the second half is +180 currently. It is about the only sensible number to even consider as Creighton is well in the negative in terms of odds here. Honestly, it is not worth losing money over.

UNLV Race To 10 second half points

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