NCAAB Future Bet Creighton

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NCAAB Future Bet Creighton

September means the first leaves drop as Fall approaches. Also, the NCAA numbers for 2023's national title moved ever so slightly for some colleges. At Online Sports Betting, today we are looking at some more futures for the purpose of hawking value. Most of the colleges have not seen much of a change in their numbers since July as there has been little news. What is the latest with a NCAAB September Future Bet?

The question now is the upcoming 2022-23 season. Who are some new potential possibilities when it comes to the NCAA Basketball September Future Bet? It should surprise some that Creighton is up the odds ladder. Now, this is a delicate time when betting online with the NCAA basketball futures. Are there any potential choices as the October cutoff draws ever closer?

NCAA Basketball September Future Bets Table

As the numbers tweaked just a fraction, the 2022-23 NCAA Championship, per the BetOnline sportsbook, has been a little surprising to still see some value differences. Now, we have one more college that caught our eye along with maybe some other spots to pounce on. The contenders are once more listed below for the NCAA Basketball September Future Bets table. They are as follows:

NCAA September FuturesBetOnlineXbet
North Carolina+750+1050

Creighton Intriguing NCAAB September Future Bet

Creighton becomes an intriguing NCAAB September Future Bet for value and a few other reasons. They did not lose as much recruiting-wise as some believe. If anything, the extra experience and reinforcements should be an improvement from last year's team. That team was a whisker from beating the eventual National Champion Kansas Jayhawks. Think about it. The Blue Jays lost by seven points and were within a possession of winning with less than a minute left in regulation.

So a team that has its ups and downs but finished 23-12 last year (12-7 Big East) has flown right under the radars of most pundits and books alike. Things like this occur all the time. Should they be higher? Given the perceived "weakness" of the Big East this year, are the Blue Jays a potential favorite to win the conference? That answer is yes.

Currently, they are now +1800 to win the 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship (on BetOnline). The only good thing for us is that they do not lead as the top NCAA Basketball September Future Bet. Why? That answer is simple. There are still a few questions with this team and they are significant ones. For one, if Creighton improved so much, then why does XBet list them at just +2400. Why are they +2000 on Bovada? Shouldn't the Blue Jays be higher?

Creighton Lost And Gained

Creighton could become a polarizing team this 2022-23 season. The Blue Jays lost and gained some quality players along the way. One of the bigger losses may just be Ryan Hawkins. Hawkins was one of those players who seamlessly transitioned to "Big East Basketball". His defense and identity could not be disputed. It was more than putting up points. In a way, Hawkins became the soul of the team.

His defense helped the Blue Jays to the 19th ranking overall in the nation out of more than 300 teams. That is an incredible feat. Greg McDermott also got a lot out of Hawkins as well and being able to implement his "special set of skills" often. Just because the grad transfer guard left does not mean the Creighton Blue Jays should panic.

The Blue Jays did return quite a few players and gained Baylor Scheierman. Now, everyone is going to ask what about the defense? Honestly, defense like the Blue Jays exhibited can be replicated here. It does not take long to get indoctrinated into the Big East pace. Schierman, by the way, shoots at an outlandish 45.6% from three-point range the past two seasons while at South Dakota State.

Francisco Farabello and Fredrick King may not be on radars now but could be by season's end. Farabello could see a major leap in playing time this year and his 40% accuracy from three-point range cannot be discounted. The Blue Jays have a lot of pieces and not just one to rely on. That might be a bad thing but could also be very good in a Big East Conference that does not have as much depth or talent as last year (see Villanova). For those wondering on Villanova as an NCAAB September Future Bet...

Villanova Wildcats To win the college basketball men's national title

So Why The Spread Discrepancy For Creighton?

As one of the more interesting colleges, why the spread discrepancy for Creighton? Yes, it is still two months until college basketball gets underway and conference play is further yet. The Blue Jays again are expected to be favorites for the Big East crown and yet some pundits have them on the fringe of the top 25 or worse. After all, it is true that anything can happen. Teams can fall flat out like Seton Hall and St. Johns did last year. Both teams took a dive at the worst possible time.

Now, Seton Hall was fortunate to sneak into the NCAA Tournament only to get smoked in the opening round. St. Johns missed the tournament all together. That is why Creighton is a risk when it comes to a NCAAB September Future Bet. Inevitably, no one truly knows how and if this team will fire on all cylinders at the right time. Some from ESPN have suggested that Creighton may not start out as high in the rankings as expected. That might also be a good thing.

Creighton will need some time to transition in 2022-23. That is a fact. Their numbers lengthened just enough on XBet at +2400 to bet them honestly. It is that +600 spread that should entice some bettors as they maintain their status as a fun "small wager" NCAAB September Future Bet.

Creighton Blue Jays To win the 2023 Men's NCAA Basketball Title

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