Gonzaga To Deliver A Purdue Takedown Friday

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Gonzaga To Deliver A Purdue Takedown Friday

The opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament are now in the rear view. Now, this means the action grows more and more intense. It is almost Sweet 16 time college basketball fans! By next Monday, we will know the Final Four participants. That's right. Let's head to the state of Michigan. At Online Sports Betting, we look at a big Midwest Region matchup. So, the Purdue vs Gonzaga bets have the Purdue Boilermakers going up against the Gonzaga Bulldogs on Friday night.

  • WHAT: Purdue Boilermakers versus Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • WHEN: Friday, March 29th, 2024, 7:39 pm ET on TBS/TruTV or streamed on MAX
  • WHERE: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan
  • WHY: Sweet 16 Matchup Midwest Region

Bettors are stoked for this game. The Purdue vs Gonzaga bets wonder which of these two teams will get past their nerves and advance. Now, betting on March Madness futures is an adventure but be careful. After all, Purdue is not quite topping the futures at +2000. Here is a quick table for the Boilermakers tonight, courtesy of Bovada Online Sportsbook.

NCAAM Round 1 MidwestBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Purdue (-5.5)-108-108-110

Purdue vs Gonzaga Bets Worried About Purdue

Purdue vs Gonzaga bets are worried about Purdue. So, what happens if Purdue gets in a close game with a team? That is the big question. We have seen it at least twice where the Boilermakers buckled this season under pressure. The Wisconsin game became telling because of the free-throw disparity. Purdue still lost. Look at how meekly Wisconsin was eliminated in Round 1. However, the Boilermakers have taken care of business with ease on their route to the Sweet 16.

Despite that, the overwhelming sense of nerves only intensify as the Boilermakers advance. It feels like those years when Gonzaga was making their runs. The poetic irony is Purdue plays Gonzaga on Friday night with the opportunity to go to the Elite 8. It may not be surprising if the spread starts to creep down between now and then as well. How does Gonzaga guard Zach Edey is the big question? Utah State did something that well failed miserably. Purdue scored over 100 points in what looked like a scrimmage.

Let's tussle with this potentially epic Friday night game. Also, we look at what Purdue or Gonzaga may face should they make the Elite 8.

Matt Painter And A Defining Moment

The Purdue vs Gonzaga bets cannot go all in on Purdue. Matt Painter and a defining moment are nearing. The Boilermakers have played like a top seed the first two games. All that goes for naught if they lose on Friday. The NCAA Tournament is cruel but that is how it is. Purdue needs to keep winning. The Boilermakers are favored to win. Gonzaga has a somewhat checkered history with the tournament themselves. Look at what happened last year versus Connecticut.

Painter has made the NCAA Tournament 15 times and has never advanced to the Final Four. With Edey, the coach has not gotten past the Sweet 16. Something seems to always occur with these Purdue teams. It is hard to believe that in almost two decades, Purdue has not reached the nation stage since 1980. Even Gene Keady could not get the Boilermakers to the Final Four. Does Painter want to be known as one of those Purdue coaches that almost got them there?

Consider how good Purdue has been the past two seasons. This team has gone 60-10 combined. Now, the Boilermakers' offense has improved even more this season to get through rough patches. The problem becomes that Purdue gets too Edey-centric. It is a fact that cannot be denied. Teams key on this and often the three guards cannot quite cut the mustard. Every so often they do and usually often enough to entice bettors that "this will be the year."

Again, Purdue features four players from the Top 100 GSCI and that does not include Edey. If there is one thing which could derail the Boilermakers the most, it is their three-point shooting. Purdue ranks tops in the nation at 40.9%. Their rebound margin of +11.7 ranks fifth in the nation. However, in big games those margin shrink.

Purdue vs Gonzaga Bets Laying 5.5 Points?

So, what about Purdue vs Gonzaga bets laying 5.5 points? The Bulldogs have the size and perimeter ability to draw Edey out of the paint a bit more than most teams. It is funny this Gonzaga team was unranked in the middle of the season. There is this feeling like they have nothing to lose. Now, that fact is somewhat true. All the pressure in the world is on the Boilermakers right now. A few false moves and another loss could create quite an unfortunate legacy.

There is this feeling that Purdue could blow Gonzaga out. Look at what Connecticut did last year. Hot shooting and relentless defense smothered the Bulldogs and they were down 20+ within a blink of an eye. The Huskies kept hammering them and the result was ugly. Mark Few and company learned a lot from that loss. Yes, they took their early lumps this year. Gonzaga lost only two games between mid-January and now (16-2 in that span).

If Gonzaga can push the tempo and make shots early, they will keep that pressure on Purdue. The Bulldogs could get Purdue to crack the way Gonzaga teams have in the past. There is a window for Gonzaga not only to cover but to pull off the upset. Here

Gonzaga Bulldogs To win outright

Over Or Under For Friday Night?

Finally, Purdue vs Gonzaga bets ponder the over or under for Friday nightRight now, that 154.5 number appears very juicy. There is room for this to go into the high 150's. Take the over as both teams will want to and can score on each other. Think like those Purdue games in the Big 10 against Minnesota and Northwestern.

Purdue and Gonzaga To score 155 or morepoints

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