Monday College Basketball Bets Choose Creighton Easily

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Monday College Basketball Bets Choose Creighton Easily

The third week of the college basketball season has arrived! Teams have played in a variety of neutral sites and some exotic locations. Guess what Thanksgiving Week brings us? That's right. Let's head to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational. At Online Sports Betting, we are looking at the good and the bad. However, first, we look at Monday College Basketball Bets featuring the Creighton Bluejays. They clash with Texas Tech and another team ranked in the top 25.

  • WHAT: Creighton Bluejays versus Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • WHEN: Monday, November 21st, 2022, 2:30 pm ET on ESPN+
  • WHERE: Lahaina Civic Center, Maui, Hawaii
  • WHY: Maui Invitational Tournament

The bettors out are welcoming these invitationals, err, tournament-like games. The Monday College Basketball Bets want to be made as fast as possible. Now, betting on online NCAA basketball futures is still a challenge. After all, with more tightly packed teams, that frustrates everyone involved. The games this week may help create a slight separation. Here is a quick table below for Creighton, thanks to the BetOnline Online Sportsbook.

NCAA College Monday Maui OddsBetOnlineBovada
Texas Tech-110-110
Creighton (-4.5)-110-110

Monday College Basketball Bets Say Hello To Creighton

Monday college basketball bets say hello to Creighton. So, what does this mean, basketball fans? Some bettors understand that this will potentially be a way for a team like the Bluejays to face several top-25 teams. That is great news for bettors from a game and futures standpoint. We could have a better idea of what Creighton is after this week. Their first four games showed a good deal of promise as there were some significant contributions from a particular transfer from South Dakota State.

Creighton merits being an early 4.5-point favorite here as they moved a little more due to their impressive 4-0 start. They are ranked in the top ten, depending on the poll. This Bluejays team has solid coaching and has Baylor Scheierman along with Ryan Kalkbrenner, Arthur Kaluma, and Trey Alexander. They have formed quite a cohesive unit as the Bluejays have increasingly improved offensively and defensively.

Let's debate this Monday afternoon game. Also, we give a quick outlook on Creighton's week. The further they advance, the more top-25 opponents Creighton will face.

Greg McDermott Likes What He Sees In Creighton

The Monday College Basketball Bets hit with this fact. Greg McDermott likes what he sees in Creighton. Don't people love a roster without a top senior? That is correct. Greg McDermott does not have a Senior in his starting five. His roster is mixed with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Though Creighton looks young, the Bluejays play like a seasoned veteran-laden team. That was a big reason they became favorites to win the Big East.

The best scenario for Creighton was for the team to gel early. The first four games accomplished this goal and then some. Granted, the Bluejays now play some more top competition. However, the tune-ups were helpful in Creighton. Their defense was allowed to improve, along with a blossoming offense. Now, the defense, one of the top ten from the halfway point last year, gets to flex its muscles in Hawaii.

Creighton routed its last three opponents by an average of 31 points per contest. Now, their schedule ramps up in intensity. After this tournament, the Bluejays play BYU and Arizona State before they wade into their Big East slate. Those two teams will get Creighton ready for what is to come. The Bluejays will not sneak up on anyone. If their offense does not continue to evolve, Creighton will get exposed starting this week.

Again, the good news is that Creighton should have enough talent to defeat Texas Tech. The Bluejays have four players in the RSCI 100 (Recruitment Index). Furthermore, McDermott's system appears to have allowed some more creativity compared to last season, where the Bluejays got pigeon-holed into playing far too much defense. Now, they can outscore teams when their defense does breakdown.

Monday College Basketball Bets And 4.5 Points?

So, what about Big Monday's college basketball bets and 4.5 points? The rationale is that Creighton has shown a few more offensive wrinkles than last season. Also, the Bluejays still are playing that defense that buoyed their run last year. Honestly, other than North Carolina, Creighton gave Kansas their toughest test of the NCAA Tournament.

Now, consider the Texas Tech Red Raiders team. They are a Big-12 school with some potential to surprise here. Daniel Batchor and Kevin Obanor have some frontcourt presence, but can they handle the athleticism of Creighton? This is where things get fun. Jaylon Tyson is an excellent wildcard in this game. The swing guard might have the speed to surprise the Bluejays. Also, he can break the press and create a minor offense.

There is a feeling that Texas Tech could stay close early. On the other hand, if Creighton takes control early, they could cruise to victory in this tilt. That would be the best scenario for the Bluejays. As it is, expect them to pull away in the second half and cover on Monday afternoon. Taking Creighton to win by five or more points is looking more and more convincing.

Creighton Bluejays To win by five or more points Monday

What About The Over For Tonight?

Finally, Monday College Basketball Bets wonders about the over for tonight. This game has seen the number go off the board, but it should be rereleased later Monday morning. The recommendation for the first games in an invitational is to side with the under. Overs get a little inflated with their point totals. Stick with the Creighton moneyline at -175 for now.

Creighton Bluejays To win Monday afternoon

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