Monday College Basketball Picks: Back Kansas

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Monday College Basketball Picks: Back Kansas

November 7th is here! For those wondering, games count starting tonight. Alas, the NCAA numbers for 2023's national title are still going up and down for some schools. At Online Sports Betting, we are looking at some good and bad values. However, first, we look at Monday College Basketball Picks featuring the Kansas Jayhawks. They battle with Nebraska-Omaha tonight as they start the defense of their 2022 National Title.

  • WHAT: Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks @ Kansas Jayhawks
  • WHEN: Monday, November 7th, 2022, 8:00 pm ET on ESPN+
  • WHERE: Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, Kansas

The dilemma for bettors clamoring for the season to start will be over soon enough. The Monday College Basketball Picks want to be made already. Now, betting on these online NCAA basketball futures is still a challenge. After all, the fear of injuries exists with suspensions, players being rested, etc. The non-conference portion of the schedule and these "tune-up" games can be frustrating. Here is a quick table below for Kansas with help from Bovada Online Sportsbook.

Monday College Basketball Picks Come Out Swinging

As the reality sets in, Monday college basketball picks come out swinging. So, what does this mean, basketball fans? Some bettors do not touch games like this against "non-majors." Here at OnlineSportsBetting, getting a little out of our comfort zone early never hurts. Most "tune-ups" typically do not have money lines in the early going. Remember that most will not be available until the morning of the contest.

Some teams warrant being a 32.5-point favorite on opening night, and Kansas is arguably one of them. They are ranked fifth in the nation, depending on the poll. This Jayhawks team has excellent coaching and is loaded yearly with top-flight talent. Look at what Kansas pulled off last season. Did anyone expect Bill Self to win the national title in 2022? I did not think so.

We have one wager in mind that will surprise the most. That is one to save for the tail end of the article. However, let's get into some particulars about tonight's game. There are a few nuggets of information most bettors may not know or may not have read about. Let's work err and get down to business.

Bill Self Suspended For This Game?

The Monday College Basketball Picks hit with the news that Bill Self is suspended for this game. Don't people love violations? That is correct. Bill Self and assistant Kurtis Townsend were banned for four games by Kansas. These self-imposed restrictions kept the duo from recruiting for three months (April to July 2022), will keep them out until the NC State game, and prohibited them from holding "Midnight Madness."

This suspension includes the Duke game next Tuesday, which will be nationally broadcast. Norm Roberts will coach the team for the next week and a half. Again, three of the four games are easy wins. That Duke game will be a challenge, but the Jayhawks will likely be favored there too.

We only know that Self and Townsend committed five Level 1 violations in relation to Adidas. Kansas loses three scholarships as a result. The Jayhawks lose 13 recruiting days and four official recruiting visits. That does not sound like a lot, but this is a price to pay.

Again, the good news is that this should not matter too much tonight as Kansas starts its season. The Jayhawks have eight players in the RSCI 100 (Recruitment Index). Seven of those are from 2021 and 2022. Kansas has a good deal of youth infused with some upperclassmen leadership. This is a solid mix for Self and the team from Lawrence.

Monday College Basketball Picks And 32.5 Points?

So, what about Monday's college basketball picks and 32.5 points? Yes, that seems like a ton of points to give for an opening game, even if it is at home. There lies the adrenaline from coming back and playing competitive college basketball. Also, the euphoria from last year's winning season will be fresh in the mind of the players and crowd alike.

Now, there is the minor detail of considering the Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks. They are in Division I and compete in The Summit League. The Mavericks play in a conference far removed from the "Power Five Conferences." Their coach is Chris Crutchfield. Their 2021-22 record was 5-25, including 4-14 in The Summit, which was good for eighth in the conference. There are no top 100 recruits here. On the bright side, 41% of the minutes played, and 40% of the offense returns from last year's roster.

That is greater than Kansas' splits which are 38% and 26%, respectively. Little of that matters, considering the vast difference in talent level. If Nebraska-Omaha managed ten wins this season, that might be a minor miracle. Kansas expects to win at least 30 games and compete again for the national championship. Kansas may be easily up by 35 to 40 points in the second half, and do expect their reserves to see time. Taking Kansas to win by 33 or more points is a reasonably small wager to bet.

Kansas Jayhawks To beat Nebraska-Omaha by 33+ points

What About The Over For Tonight?

Finally, Monday College Basketball Picks wonders about the over for tonight. This game comes in at an interesting 148.5 total. Nebraska-Omaha averaged a hair of fewer than 70 points per game last season. Kansas averaged 78.2 points per contest (25th in the nation). The problem is Kansas may take time to get going early against a slow Mavericks offense. The spread almost seems more appetizing of a wager than the Over. Pivoting to the under might not be a bad play.

Kansas Jayhawks and Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks To score less than 148.5 points

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