Monday NCAA Big 12 Bets Risk Kansas To Bounce Back

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Monday NCAA Big 12 Bets Risk Kansas To Bounce Back

Conference basketball season keeps causing more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Monday NCAA Big 12 Bets spotlights a huge matchup between Kansas and Baylor. Now, January taught us some harsh lessons with wagering on college basketball. Yes, both teams are ranked in the top 25 currently. The two conference foes exhibited some serious flaws in the last month, but one team comes in better form compared to the other.

  • WHAT: Kansas vs. Baylor
  • WHEN: Monday, January 23rd, 2023 at 9:00 pm ET on ESPN
  • WHERE: Ferrell Center from Waco, Texas
  • WHY: Can Kansas avoid losing three game in a row in conference?

Conference drama spikes the interest of bettors faster than anything imaginable. The Monday NCAA Big 12 Bets project Kansas to be an underdog. So, their online betting NCAA Men's basketball futures feature a little unexpected value (Kansas moved to +300). The table below comes from the upper-tiered conference teams, thanks again to Bovada Online Sportsbook.

Monday NCAA Big 12 Bets Worry About Kansas

Monday NCAA Big 12 Bets worry about Kansas. Kansas endured a similar stretch last season. It is weird how a team like this goes cold in so many ways. This became something that was bound to catch up to the Jayhawks. Despite winning eight of their previous ten games, Kansas looked wobbly too often. Four of their previous five wins had been by four points or fewer. The close loss to Kansas State almost felt like a relief in a sense.

When Kansas came home to play TCU, no one could have seen what occurred next. It is not so much that TCU won, it is how the Horned Frogs took the game to the Jayhawks. TCU shot extremely well in the first half then clamped down on defense during the second half. Kansas lost both halves by double-digits at home. The Horned Frogs shot 55% overall and 53% from beyond the arc. Bill Self said it best later, "We had no chance at all as TCU jumped on us from the start."

Yes, it is when the Jayhawks seem the most wounded that they lick said bumps and bruises. Taking a 23-point beating at home humbles a team. There is some hope given how good Jalen Wilson has been for Kansas. Even in a losing effort, Wilson touched up TCU for 30 points. The Horned Frogs offered no answers for the swing forward. If Wilson can motivate the Jayhawks after his post-game rant, then there may be some hope.

Kansas comes in with a 16-3 mark this season. That includes a record of 5-2 in Big 12 play now. What kind of effort will we see from the Jayhawks tonight? This will be different.

Baylor Rolls In Monday In Better Form

The Monday NCAA Big 12 Bets look at Baylor who rolls in Monday in better form. Baylor showed over the past couple of weeks that the Bears are seasoned when it comes to conference play. They won four consecutive games and though Oklahoma was a nail biter, Baylor survived. Again, the ebbs and flows of the Big 12 can be maddening. Any stability is cause for concern, yet Baylor is taking care of business.

Meanwhile, Baylor started off the conference schedule dropping three straight contests (Iowa State, TCU, and Kansas State). The TCU and Kansas State defeats deflate teams for a long while typically. However, Baylor bounced back and have played their best basketball of the season. Keyonte George and Adam Flagler create matchup problems and push pace. Take note that these guys only play 30 or so minutes. Baylor's balance gets aided with nine players on the court for at least 15 minutes a night.

George keeps growing as a player. He showed well averaging 17.4 points a game. With LJ Cryer and Adam Flagler flanking George, the Bears persist as a threat. Do not sleep on their forward depth. That Baylor depth plays well defensively when they want to. Going against a struggling Kansas team at home feels like a great opportunity to put another win in the bank. In a season where changes keep happening, Baylor needs to strike while they are hot.

Again, what happens on Monday night? Kansas laid a defensive egg against TCU and there is a chance that may happen again. Pace has been up and down like it usually is in the Big 12. Baylor, at home, can blow the doors off but the game against Oklahoma was how Kansas might play the Bears. That said, Baylor becomes a trendy pick to cover here.

Baylor Bears To cover the spread against Kansas

Kansas Better Off Away In NCAA Big 12 Bets?

Is Kansas better off away in NCAA Big 12 Bets? The Horned Frogs loss served some serious humble pie on the entire Jayhawks' basketball program. Last season, Kansas tip-toed through three close games before getting humiliated at home by Kentucky. That 18-point home loss spurred the Jayhawks to win six of their next seven. Then, after two more conference losses, Kansas responded by winning every game after and the National Championship.

Bill Self and Jalen Wilson carry themselves in a way that screams comeback. Taking the team to win outright feels like a dangerous move. How often is Kansas at +130, however? If this number stays, move on it! If not, pick the Jayhawks to cover the spread.

Kansas Jayhawks To beat Baylor

What About The Under?

What about the under? Monday NCAA Big 12 bets like this as a long shot. Online sportsbook reviews warm up to this too as some places have a 149 number tonight. Kansas wants to play this game in the mid to high 60's. Baylor wants to play this closer to 80. If this is one night where the Jayhawks clamp down, this figures to be it.

Kansas and Baylor To score less than 149 points

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