NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks: Take Houston As Top Choice

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NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks: Take Houston As Top Choice

So, the NCAA Championship Game saw Kansas roar back against North Carolina. Amazingly, it has been more than 2 1/2 months since that instant classic. The transfer window has come and gone. Considering all the chaos, a few changes have occurred in the futures. Kansas has not seen a chance in their numbers but some teams have. What is the latest with the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks now?

The question now is about this upcoming season. Who are the favorites when it comes to the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks? It comes an as little surprise that the Tar Heels enter the season as one of the favorites when betting on the NCAA basketball futures. Do any other teams like Kentucky or even Duke figure into the futures or maybe an even longer shot perhaps?

NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks Tabled

As one of the favorites to win the 2022-23 NCAA Championship per the BetOnline sportsbook, it has been a little surprising to see some movement like this. Now, we have a few colleges who moved around among the contenders below for the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks tabled. They are as follows below:

NCAA Outrights 2022-23 Title Futures 6/27BetOnline
North Carolina+1200

Gonzaga Tops The NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks

That feels like a shock to the system, but not really. Gonzaga tops the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks for good reason. They did have one of the better-recruiting classes. For two, Gonzaga was one of the best teams in the country playing in the WCC, and then there was one player who some thought might go pro after such a sudden end to his post-season tournament in March.

That player is Drew Timme. Many expected Timme to enter the NBA Draft. Simply, he did not. The forward staying carried a huge impact. Gonzaga was at +2000 before the transfer window and NBA Draft declarations. Even with Chet Holmgren off to the NBA (top-three pick likely), the Bulldogs enjoyed the biggest shift in the numbers. They are now +800 favorites to win the 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship.

It does not hurt that they lead the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks. That serves as a motivational tool of sorts for them. Gonzaga finished number one in the AP going into the NCAA Tournament but that loss left Drew Timme and the Bulldogs hungry for much more.

Unfortunately, the pain of the way the Bulldogs were eliminated does not go away. It fuels the motivation and drive that will become the 2022-23 season for Gonzaga. Whether that leads to a National Championship or not is another question entirely. The fun part will be the questions and demons which will not surface until the 2023 NCAA "March Madness" starts. Until then, Gonzaga likely takes care of business and cements their ranking. They could be just like Kansas last year, look out!

Gonzaga Bulldogs To win the 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship

Houston Has Been Quite The Constant So Far

As one of those early favorites, Houston has been quite the constant so far. Yes, understandably, things can change. The Cougars did not finish as one of those top ten teams in the AP poll or country for that matter. However, the buzz generated from their run in 2021-22 had ripple effects for the upcoming season. They started out in early April as having +1100 to +1300 odds of winning it all in 2023.

Now, that was a mouthful. Coach Kelvin Sampson did lose some talent from a team that finished 32-6 overall with a 15-3 mark in the All-American Conference. Despite losing there seniors, Marcus Sasser was the decision most were waiting for. When Sasser decided he was staying for his senior year, that cemented Houston's chances. This is his team now and pundits believe Sasser could be one of the players of the year when all is said and done in 2023.

Houston expects to make quite a run. They are the class of the AAC in a conference that is increasingly improving. That may not help their RPI necessarily but their SOS (Strength Of Schedule) should improve. The likelihood they open the 2022-23 season somewhere in the top-five is increasing by the day. If there were odds for that, the Cougars might just be a lock for that poll position.

What is mind-boggling is that Houston could be even better this season. There will be more consistency to their game later in contests. Consider how the last ten games went the previous season. Most forget that Houston was a nervous mess well before. Injuries and Villanova bogged down their run. Do not expect that this time around. Houston sees its numbers hover around +1000 as they remain one of the top NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks.

Houston Cougars To win the 2023 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship

What Other Teams Come To Mind For the NCAA Basketball Futures?

Again, there are some other teams in mind for the NCAA Basketball Futures. One will always be Duke at just +1400 and another will be North Carolina at +1200. These two iconic schools will be battling for ACC supremacy once again in 2022-23. The names may change but the song remains the same.

The Kansas Jayhawks have grown on some bettors as they moved from +1800 to +1400. There is some room for further movement as the season approaches. Again, even as the defending national champions, the Jayhawks feel they can repeat. Conference foe Baylor may have something to say about that. The Bears stayed consistent at +1600 and were a team that nearly forced North Carolina out of the tournament last year early.

Some other long shots are still Michigan at +3300 and Illinois at +5000. Illinois landed Matthew Meyer and somehow they gained value. They are a long shot to consider and could surprise the Big Ten first.

Illinois Fighting Illini To win the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship

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