NCAA Basketball 2023 Crazy Bets Illinois

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NCAA Basketball 2023 Crazy Bets Illinois

Now, NCAA numbers for 2023's college basketball futures constantly move around. Even from month to month and week to week, there have been some significant shifts. The long days of summer are here. Considering how moribund things get, a few changes have still occurred in the futures. Some long shots have become longer, and some have seen their numbers shorten. What is the latest with the NCAA Basketball 23 Long Shot Crazy Bets now?

The question now is about this upcoming season. Who are the favorites when it comes to the NCAA Basketball 2023 Crazy Bets? It should perplex a few pundits that Illinois is considering one of the long shotwhen betting online on the NCAA basketball futures. Do any other teams like Notre Dame or even Seton Hall end up in the conversation? Are there any other shifts to examine deeper?

NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Long Shot Crazy Bets Table

As the numbers just go bobbing around up and down, the 2022-23 NCAA Championship as per the BetOnline sportsbook, it has been a little surprising to see some former top teams this far down the line. Now, we have a few colleges who moved well below the contenders below for the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Long Shot Crazy Bets table. They are as follows:

Illinois Tops NCAA Basketball 2023 Crazy Bets

Illinois tops our NCAA Basketball 2023 Crazy Bets for excellent reason. They did not make any significant fall backward other than losing a player or two. One of our major criteria for choosing these teams was to go outside any "Sweet 16". So every book had to feature one of these teams that were just outside that cut line. It was not easy but taking an aggregate and sticking with our premise was a must.

It is insane to comprehend that Illinois has lengthened a bit again. They were +5500 in June and down to +4400 in early July. Now, this number has slid back to +5000. There were even some suggestions the Fighting Illini could tumble back to +5500. Do not be surprised if that happens too. After all, sometimes value has to come from somewhere. The Big Ten leaders from the regular season did lose their three senior guards. On the other hand, they made a significant gain.

Illinois picked up two of the top ten transfers in the transfer window. Terrance Shannon Jr. and Matthew Meyer should immediately offset most of their losses from last season. That vaulted into the lead in the NCAA Basketball 2023 Crazy Bets. Why? That answer is simple. Value is difficult to find, and the Fighting Illini nabbed two of the best. When one bets futures, it is more about finding some longer shots. What fun is betting on the favorites all the time?

Illinois expects to have some issues repeating the results from their 2021-22 season. Whether that translates into faring worse in the tournament remains to be seen. They were closer than expected. This team could grow into its own during the second half of the season. If they get hot as Carolina did, one never knows. That is why they top this list for NCAA Basketball Future Long Shot Picks.

Illinois Fighting Illini To win the 2023 Men's Basketball National Championship

Miami (Florida) Still Carries Some Intrigue

As one of the longer yet shots, Miami (Florida) still carries some intrigue. Yes, the start of the regular season and even "Midnight Madness" is still such a long long way off. However, the Hurricanes finished just outside the top 25 come to the end of the 2021-22 regular season. However, their tournament run left wagerers wondering. They started out in early April as having +12500 to +15000 odds of winning it all in 2023. Now, their range has shortened slightly to around +10000.

Now, that was a lot to digest. Miami boosted its fortunes in the transfer window and expects to have some nice cohesiveness heading into the 2022-2023 campaign. Miami added the second-best transfer from Kansas State in Nijel Pack and then Norchad Omier as well. The Hurricanes lost no one notable in the window, and most forget they did get to the Elite Eight while going 14-6 in the ACC last year. They came close to winning the ACC and the Final Four despite injuries.

Miami (FL) could be even better in 2022-23. That is a fact. Their defensive presence will see some offensive help. Injuries do not figure to hurt so much. The Hurricanes just saw its numbers hover around +10000 on average as they maintain their status as one of the top NCAA Basketball 2023 Crazy Bets.

Miami Hurricanes To win the Men's College Basketball Title

Seton Hall Lurks As NCAA Basketball Crazy Bets Pick?

So, Seton Hall has to be kept in the back of most minds for the NCAA Crazy Bets pick. Now, the Seton Hall Pirates have shifted around a bit. There exists a good deal of uncertainty with the team as well. While on BetOnline, Seton Hall is glued to the bottom at around +15000 or so. On some other betting sites, do not be too surprised if that numbers comes down some in the coming months.

The craziest number so far has been BetOnline at that very +15000. That +2500 difference compared to sites like Bovada and even XBet (a couple of weeks ago) is significant for a team that just landed one of the best up-and-coming coaches. Shaheen Holloway. Holloway led little Saint Peter's of Jersey City, New Jersey, all the way to the Elite Eight before they lost to North Carolina. It was that run that entranced a nation and gave Holloway a chance at a bigger coaching job.

For BetOnline to overlook this news item this way indicates a potential opportunity on Seton Hall. It will be intriguing to see what happens as the season draws even closer.

Seton Hall Pirates To win the College Basketball National Title

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