NCAA Basketball Future Bets On Kansas To Repeat

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NCAA Basketball Future Bets On Kansas To Repeat

The calendar heads into February for this college basketball season! Teams now have athletes working on their studies as well as playing in some tough conference games. Guess what this week brings us? That's right. It mixes in more chaos. At Online Sports Betting, we look ahead once more to a little more than two months from now. So, first, we look at NCAA Basketball Future Bets featuring the Kansas Jayhawks. Then, we attempt to tackle a few more teams.

  • WHAT: NCAA Basketball Future Conference Bets
  • WHEN: From now until the first week of March
  • WHERE: Across the country from the SEC to Big 10 to Big 12
  • WHY: The search for different plus-money wagers

The bettors love enjoy gambles like this usually. The NCAA Basketball Future bets spotlight some intriguing potential conference battles. Now, betting on these NCAA College Men's basketball futures is not for the faint of heart. After all, Kansas is a favorite despite a recent losing streak. Here is a quick table for a couple of conferences, thanks to Bovada Online Sportsbook.

NCAA Basketball Future Bets Still Eye Kansas

Monday Basketball Future Bets still eye Kansas. So, what happened with the Jayhawks in the past few weeks? Simply, Kansas started to get burned for erratic perimeter shooting and lack of depth. This felt a bit like last season when the Jayhawks endured a similar stretch. It took a big win to jolt that team and get them on their way to an eventual national title.

Despite a three-game conference losing streak, Kansas stands a mere one game off the conference lead. Texas, Kansas State, and Iowa State lead at 6-2. However, there is still more than half the conference season to go. When Gradey Dick and the Jayhawks found a way to beat Kentucky, it sent a jolt through college basketball over the weekend. Bill Self and Kansas certainly are not dead yet.

Let's take this conference on further. Kansas, Texas, and Baylor have been jammed in these futures for some time. They continue to be. Even though other teams have entered the fray, this trio figures to battle for the Big-12 regular season championship. At Online Sports Betting, we recommend looking around for any updated data which could come out as soon as next weekend.

In the meantime, until someone completely buries Kansas, they are our choice to repeat in the conference anyway. They may share the best mark, but that remains a win for us.

Kansas Jayhawks To win the Big 12 Regular Season Title

Matt Painter On Easy Street With Purdue

The NCAA Basketball Future Bets dive all in on Purdue. Matt Painter is on easy street with Purdue. Purdue plunges further into its Big-10 schedule and so far has made mincemeat of the conference. Their 9-1 mark features an only blemish to Rutgers. Surely, they will want to avenge that one later.

The other thing Purdue lucks out on a bit is that most of the conference is in a downturn. That gets reflected into their SRS (Simple Rating System) number of 19.3. That ranks ninth in the nation currently overall. Purdue now understands that even with a three-game conference cushion, there are no easy outs the rest of the way in the Big 10. There is Indiana lurking, who has managed to pick itself off the mat with a five-game winning streak.

Those are two reasons Painter can appear to wear some shades when it comes to his Purdue team. Purdue and Zach Edey comprehend they need to up their intensity. Edging Michigan was big, but they get tougher tests against Indiana and Iowa to come. The second half of this Big 10 slate features quite a kick. The Boilermakers survived last year and that experience bodes well for them now.

Once more, Purdue has three players from the Top 100 GSCI and the aforementioned Edey. Again any game in conference can always be an adventure, but those two clashes with Indiana expect to be some barnburners. Can Purdue slow down Indiana's athleticism and adrenaline? Again, that cushion looms a little larger now.

Purdue Boilermakers To win the Big 10 Regular Season Title again

NCAA Basketball Future Bets Have Faith In Virginia?

So, do NCAA basketball future bets have faith in Virginia? The rationale is that Virginia benefits from their playing style and ability to grind games out. Combine that with just enough perimeter shooting and that magical formula tends to work more than not. At 8-2, Virginia is second in the conference. Clemson leads at 10-1, but their final portion of the schedule runs through schools like Virginia and North Carolina.

The Cavaliers feature five players in the Top 100 CSGI and again are riding a six-game winning streak. There lies a reason why Virginia ranks ninth in defense at 60.9 points per game yielded. Virginia attacks relentlessly on the defensive side of the court. The difference this season is that the Cavaliers can do the same offensively. It is nothing earth shattering but to see Virginia near 71 points a game is significant.

There is a belief that Virginia is much more versatile now. However, they can dig in and win the ugliest of games. Just ask North Carolina, who was held to 58 points earlier in the season. It is why the Cavaliers should get to a share of the conference title or win outright.

Virginia Cavaliers To hold off Clemson and win the ACC Regular Season Title

What About Some Other Conference Choices?

Finally, NCAA Basketball Future Bets ask about other conference choices. Quickly, no one would be surprised if Clemson nabs a share of the ACC title. That still pays out at +175. Houston is a lock at -1200 to win the AAC. As athletic and balanced UCLA (-190) is, it is hard to shake Arizona and that +175 as well. The Wildcats' pace works for them in February.

Arizona Wildcats To win the PAC 12 regular season title

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