NCAAB Future Bets - Take Value Carolina And More

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NCAAB Future Bets - Take Value Carolina And More

Even in August, the NCAA numbers for 2023's national title shift. Even as time passes, there have been some nuanced shifts. The summer dog days just keep chugging alone, but at Online Sports Betting, today we are looking at the futures from the angle of strictly shopping around for value. Most of the colleges have not seen a change in their numbers since July, but some teams have. What is the latest with the NCAAB 2022-23 Future Bets?

The question now is about this upcoming season. Who are the current best values to take from a variety of tiers when it comes to the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks? It should surprise some that the North Carolina Tar Heels possess good value when betting online on the NCAA basketball futures. Are there any potential other values to exploit among these future bets?

NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Bets Table

As the numbers keep shuffling ever so subtly, the 2022-23 NCAA Championship, per the BetOnline sportsbook, has been a little surprising to see some value discrepancies still this summer. Now, we have a few colleges that have value among their respected tiers. The favorites again are listed below for the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks table. They are as follows:

North Carolina Tops NCAAB 2022-23 Future Bets For Value

North Carolina tops NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Bets for value once more. They did not make any steps backward in recruiting. If anything, they improved albeit slightly from last year's team. That team was a basket short of winning it all as an eight seed. Let that sink in for a second. The ACC team, who looked like they might miss the tournament in the middle of the season, went on a run, won the ACC Tournament, then came within moments of knocking off the Kansas Jayhawks.

It is crazy to believe that North Carolina could have some crazy divergent numbers. That was the thought process when they went down as low as +1100 and even are still +1025 on XBet, for example. There was a ton of hesitation, and who could blame wagerers at this point. Despite this designation, Carolina is still +750 on sites like BetOnline and even Bovada. Now, the Duke Blue Devils are not the same team they were last year.

Currently, they are now +850 co-favorites to win the 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship (on BetUS). The only good thing for us is that they do not lead the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Bets. Why? That answer is simple. It just makes value unexpectedly easier. When one bets futures, it is more about finding that value when some books lag in these shifts. Seeing a +275 difference that high up the food chain is encouraging, and they are not the only college.

Carolina Carries A Big Spread

Carolina figures to show a drive to dominate the ACC during the 2022-23 season. Whether that translates into a national title remains to be seen. For them to be up 17 points at halftime and lose last year, will keep the Tar Heels motivated. Either they fall below expectations or rise up once more. We will find a lot out about Armando Bacot and company this year. Gonzaga still tops the lists overall for NCAAB Future Bets, but Carolina carries a big spread.

North Carolina Tar Heels To win the 2022-23 NCAAB Title

Duke Still Remains Pretty Volatile

As one of the more interesting colleges, Duke still remains pretty volatile. Yes, it is still a couple of months until college basketball gets underway and conference play is further yet. The Blue Devils finished ninth come to the end of the 2021-22 regular season. However, their tournament run left wagerers hanging. They started out in early April as having +1100 to +1200 odds of winning it all in 2023. Now, their range has widened and lengthened a good bit.

Now, that was a lot to digest. They remain in the top-tier of ACC in a conference that has a potential national championship contender North Carolina. That will help their RPI and SOS (Strength Of Schedule) will get better. The likelihood they open the 2022-23 season ranked in the top ten is still possible. It would not floor anyone if the Blue Devils were, say, eighth or ninth in the pools to start the year.

Duke will need some time to transition in 2022-23. That is a fact. Their value is interesting as Bovada had them around +1200 at first and now +1400. xBet shifted them down to +1250. BetOnline now has them at +1600. It is that +350 spread that should entice some bettors as they maintain their status as one of the potential value NCAAB 2022-23 Future Bets.

Duke Blue Devils To win the National College Men's Basketball Title

Texas Tech Another College Among NCAAB Futures Bets With Value?

Again, Texas Tech has to be in mind for the NCAA Basketball Futures bets with value. Now, the Texas Tech Red Raiders have wild "all over the board" numbers. They are as low as +2600 at MyBookie but as high as +5000 at BetOnline. That is just an immense discrepancy of +2500. If one bets $10 on Texas Tech, that is a difference in profit of $250. That only multiplies in magnitude as the wagers go upward.

The craziest number among the second-tiered teams is undoubtedly from the Red Raiders. This was a team that went 27-12 last year and finished 12th in the Final AP Poll. They are far from stiff here and have the potential to maybe move up in national prominence this year. Texas Tech could challenge a team like Kansas but is expected to take a step back.

For BetOnline and XBet to be that far apart this late in August is unexpected. Some books are skeptical to say the least.

Texas Tech Red Raiders To win the National Title

Anything On Notre Dame?

Was there anything changing on Notre Dame? That answer is no. Their spread is still +3500 (+9000 to +12500).

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