NCAAB Future Picks July Headlined By Gonzaga

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NCAAB Future Picks July Headlined By Gonzaga

So, the NCAA numbers for 2023's national title constantly shift. Even from month to month, there has been some notable moves. The transfer window has long past. Considering the summer dog days, a few changes have still occurred in the futures. UCLA and Baylor have not seen a change in their numbers but some teams have. What is the latest with the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks now?

The question now is about this upcoming season. Who are the favorites when it comes to the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks? It should shock anyone that the Gonzaga Bulldogs remain the top favorites when betting online on the NCAA basketball futures. Do any other teams like North Carolina or Houston figure into the mix? Are there any other shifts to monitor?

NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks Table

As the numbers keep jumbling around, the 2022-23 NCAA Championship per the BetOnline sportsbook, it has been a little surprising to see more shifts than usual this summer. Now, we have a few colleges who moved around among the contenders below for the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks table. They are as follows below:

Gonzaga Tops NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks

Gonzaga tops NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks for excellent reason. They did not make any steps backwards in recruiting. If anything, they got Drew Timme back and an improving class. Even with the WCC strengthening, that may help Gonzaga more to be blunt. Apparently, bookies are responding in approval as the numbers for the Bulldogs are shortening once more.

It is crazy to believe that Gonzaga has not lengthened even a bit. That was the thought process when they went down to +800 and even +1000 on XBet for example. There was a ton of hesitation and who could blame wagerers at this point. Despite that, Gonzaga remains a team most likely to garner a "1" seed in next year's tournament and an easier road. Currently, they are now +700 favorites to win the 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship (+880 on XBet).

The only concern is that they lead the NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks. Why? That answer is simple. It just makes value a little harder to come by. When one bets futures, it is more about finding some value in those shifts. Gonzaga may find more of a challenge with their schedule. That benefits Gonzaga at least.

Gonzaga expects to have a drive like Kansas did during the 2021-22 season. Whether that translates into a national title remains to be seen. For them to be so close and yet end up short does one of two things. Either they crumble once again or the third time is the charm. We will find a lot out about Drew Timme and company this year. At least XBet has a little bit of value when compared to BetOnline and other sites. Gonzaga still tops the lists for NCAA Basketball Future Picks.

Gonzaga Bulldogs To win the 2023 National Championship

Houston Still Remains Pretty Consistent

As one of the top three favorites, Houston still remains pretty consistent. Yes, it is still a long way till October and even November. The Cougars finished just outside the top ten come the end of the 2021-22 regular season. However, their tournament run left wagerers salivating. They started out in early April as having +1100 to +1300 odds of winning it all in 2023. Now, their range has shortened slightly but has not moved much since May.

Now, that was a lot to digest. They remain the tops of the AAC in a conference that is increasing in challenge level. That may not help their RPI necessarily but their SOS (Strength Of Schedule) will get better. The likelihood they open the 2022-23 season ranked in the top five is increasing by the day. It would not floor anyone if Houston was ranked second or third in the county when the season begins.

Houston will be even better in 2022-23. That is a fact. Their defensive presence will be augmented by more offensive balance. Injuries do not figure to hamper their play as it did late last season into the tournament. Houston just saw its numbers hover around +1000 on average as they maintain their status as one of the top NCAA Basketball 2022-23 Future Picks.

Houston Cougars To win the 2023 National Championship

North Carolina Lurks As NCAA Basketball Futures Pick?

Again, North Carolina has to be in mind for the NCAA Basketball Futures pick. Now, the North Carolina Tar Heels have shifted around a bit. There exists a bit more disparity in their numbers as well. While on Bovada and BetOnline, Carolina is glued to the hip of Gonzaga and right around +700 to +750 or so. On some other betting sites, the story is much, much different.

The craziest number so far was oddly enough on XBet at +1050. That +300 difference is significant for a team in the top two or three amongst the best college basketball teams. This is a team that was a basket away from winning the national title last year. Arguably, this Tar Heels squad may be as good or even better.

For BetOnline and Bovada to boost the Tar Heels the way they did indicates some definite strength and handle on North Carolina. It will be intriguing to see what happens as the season draws even closer.

North Carolina Tar Heels To win the 2023 National Championship

Any Other Shifts In The NCAA Basketball Future Picks?

Were there any other shifts in the NCAA Basketball Future Picks among the top college teams? That answer is fortunately no. Now on XBet, we noticed Illinois did move from +5500 in June to +4400 in July. Finally, Notre Dame has a +3500 difference between BetOnline and XBet (+12500 to +9000). Coming up next week, we will pour into some long shot future bets.

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