Predicting Every NCAA Basketball Conference Winner in 2022

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Predicting Every NCAA Basketball Conference Winner in 2022

There is more for you to do when betting on NCAA basketball than merely investing in betting odds for March Madness. For starters, there are plenty of regular-season college basketball betting lines for you to play around with. Beyond that, though, you can also take stock of NCAA basketball conference futures.

This exercise is particularly fun to do at the moment when the 2021-22 college basketball season is winding to a close. Hence why we've waited until now to drop predictions on who will win every major NCAA basketball conference championship in 2022.

To start us off, let's pore over the latest college basketball betting odds on who will win the SEC championship:

Conference WinnerBetOnline

These odds on college basketball are accurate entering Friday, February 18. If you're making any NCAA basketball conference championship picks after this date, you will want to double-check the above college basketball betting odds for the utmost accuracy. All NCAA basketball futures are subject to move right up until an actual conference champion is crowned.

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2022 SEC Championship Prediction

Go ahead and give the SEC Championship to Auburn (-750). 

No other team in the conference is posting an adjusted offensive rating and adjusted defensive rating that both rank inside the top 15. We expect them to win every SEC playoff game by double digits.

OSB Prediction: Auburn (-750)

Auburn To win the 2022 SEC Championship

2022 Big 12 Championship Prediction

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win 2022 Big 12 championship: 

Conference WinnerBetOnline
Texas Tech+750
Kansas State+50000

Don't be one of those people who overthink the defense from Kansas (-420). Yes, their current identity represents a departure from teams of the past. But Kansas' offense is pumping in more than 120 points per 100 possessions, the third-largest mark in the country

Oh, also: Their roster has held up quite well against one of the three hardest schedules in existence. The Big 12 title is theirs to lose.

OSB Prediction: Kansas (-420)

Kansas To win the 2022 Big 12 Championship

2022 Big 10 Championship Prediction

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win 2022 Big 10 championship: 

Conference WinnerBetOnline
Ohio State+5500

Look, we get it. Purdue (-220) is scary. But we're feeling a little risky.

The value Wisconsin (+280) provides is too enticing for us to pass up. They may not rank in the top 30 of offensive or defensive efficiency, but they're in the top 40 of both, and they've played out the 10th-hardest schedule in the nation. 

OSB Prediction: Wisconsin (+280)

Wisconsin To win the 2022 Big 10 Championship

2022 PAC 12 Championship Prediction

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win the 2022 PAC 12 championship: 

Conference WinnerBetOnline

Yeah, so, the PAC 12 might as well throw in the towel. Their champion has basically already been crowned.

Arizona (-1700) is the heaviest favorite you'll see in any conference—for plenty of good reasons. Their point-of-attack defense has improved a great deal in recent months, but more than that, they play in a conference bereft of legitimate threats.

OSB Prediction: Arizona (-1700)

Arizona To win the 2022 PAC 12 Championship

2022 AAC Championship Prediction

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win the 2022 AAC championship: 

Conference WinnerBetOnline
Wichita State+50000

Houston (-650) should essentially be considered a formality.

Indeed, they haven't needed to play out the toughest schedule, but that says just as much about the strength of their conference. So while they could be paper tigers when we get to March Madness, it doesn't make sense to bet against them now when the primary alternative is a less-than-stellar SMU (+750) team.

OSB Prediction: Houston (-650)

Houston To win the 2022 AAC Championship

2022 Missouri Valley Championship Prediction

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win the 2022 Missouri Valley championship: 

Conference WinnerBetOnline
Loyola Chicago-430
Missouri State+700
Northern Iowa+700

If we're being honest, Loyola Chicago (-430) may face more resistance than advertised from Missouri State (+700). The latter has turned in a top-15 offense without getting too lucky when it comes to their outside or interior shooting.

Still, we can't trust Missouri State's defense, like, at all. Loyola is by far the more stable bet.

OSB Prediction: Loyola Chicago (-430)

Loyola Chicago To win the 2022 Missouri Valley Championship

2022 USA Conference Championship Prediction

Here are the latest betting odds on who will win the 2022 USA Conference championship: 

Conference WinnerBetOnline
North Texas-390
Middle Tennessee+13000
Louisiana Tech+24000
Florida Atlantic+35000

It turns out we're feeling bold again! Rolling with North Texas (-390), the odds-on favorite, is a fine choice. But UAB (+270) isn't getting nearly enough credit for the defensive progress it made later in the season. 

UAB is a team that should be maybe 12-to-1. Getting them at 27-to-1 is a friggin' steal.

OSB Prediction: UAB (+270)

UAB To win the 2022 Big 12 Championship

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