Princeton To Cover Against Creighton And Steal Spotlight

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Princeton To Cover Against Creighton And Steal Spotlight

One of the two late Sweet 16 matchups on Friday night features a game the author cannot legally bet on! This one tugs at the heart strings and gets people in New Jersey all riled up with pride. At Online Sports Betting, we see if the Princeton vs Creighton Picks can deliver us a few more surprises. The Bluejays are a very high-tempo and physical team. However, Princeton showed its resourcefulness and adaptability last week.

  • WHAT: Princeton Tigers versus Creighton Bluejays
  • WHEN: Friday, March 24th, 2023, 9:00 pm ET on TBS
  • WHERE: KFC YUM! Center, Louisville, Kentucky
  • WHY: Sweet 16 South Matchup

Bettors and bookies alike love games like this. It appears to have all the feel of last year's magical Saint Peter's run (got to the Elite Eight). The Princeton vs Creighton Picks see if Creighton can end the Princeton run. Now, our table tonight is presented courtesy of Bovada Online Sportsbook.

March Madness Sweet 16 NumbersBovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Creighton (-10)-110-110-110

Princeton vs Creighton Picks Try To Predict The Tigers' Future

Princeton vs Creighton Picks try to predict the Tigers' future. Now, betting on NCAA Futures Betting Odds is never easy. So, what can we look into as far as the two Princeton wins from last week. First, they disposed of the second-seeded Arizona Wildcats. Some believed Arizona had a chance at a top seed before they lost to UCLA in their conference tournament. All looked hopeless when Arizona was up ten with ten minutes to play at 49-39.

Now, what happened next felt straight out of a movie. Princeton scored 20 of the final 26 points and never let Arizona get rhythm back in their offense. The result became a 59-55 surprise that jolted many in the college basketball world. Fairleigh Dickinson took it one step further the next night. However, Princeton followed up their win with a performance arguably just as impressive versus the Missouri Tigers.

The Tigers from the Midwest had little chance versus the team from New Jersey. Princeton even stepped up the pace in the second half as they scored 45 points. Their convincing 78-63 win left little doubt about their upset. Even some Tigers' alumnus wondered if they could advance even further.

So, You're Saying Princeton Has A Chance

Princeton vs Creighton Picks basically says so you're saying Princeton has a chance. Princeton played a style that could be considered somewhat up-tempo all season. It served them well in the Ivy League where they won ten of 14 games. They tied Yale for the regular season title then ultimately defeated the Bulldogs when it counted most. That gave them the bid to the Big Dance. Not a lot of their metrics jump out, but holding two high-flying teams to 55 and 63 points speaks volumes.

The other thing about March Madness Betting teaches us to expect more of the unexpected. Now, that is why a spread as high as ten points was a bit of a gut punch. At first, Princeton fans and even some experts probably were a little insulted. However, take it while one can. This is a number which figures to drop a little between now and Friday night. There is one thing that Princeton excels that which could keep this game close.

So, Princeton rebounds quite well. Their total rebounds rank ninth in the country at 39.4 and the Tigers average more than ten offensive rebounds a contest. That means more opportunities for their offense to work. One of the things Creighton does not do as well is create additional chances for themselves. Tosan Evbouwman is the big offensive force, but Caden Pierce is an interesting difference maker on the glass. He has seen more time as the season has gone along.

Again, Creighton features four players from the Top 100 RSCI and has five double-digit scorers. On the other hand, Princeton possesses some nice depth which could neutralize Creighton's front court enough. If the Tigers can slow down Ryan Kalkbrenner enough on offense, maybe they can stretch the Creighton defense in turn. That figures to be enough to keep Princeton within double digits at a minimum.

Princeton Tigers To lose by nine or fewer points on Friday night

Princeton vs Creighton Picks Going For The Moneyline?

Princeton vs Creighton picks ponders going for the moneyline? Is that crazy? Now, taking upsets requires patience and honestly a considerable amount of luck. The Tigers were +1500 on the live moneyline against Arizona and were 14.5 point underdogs at +750 on the regular moneyline. Somehow, it hit. Then, Princeton came in around +200 on some sites against Missouri. That connected too. Bluntly, even a small wager turned quite a profit from these two wins.

The Creighton Bluejays are quite balanced, but can go on notoriously cold streaks. That was a huge issue in a six-game losing streak earlier in the season. Even lately, Creighton has had some stretches. Their first half against NC State saw them generate only 28 points. In that game, Kalkbrenner was their offense and then turned it on even harder to the tune of 31 points. Again, slow down the playmaking center and get their transition offense off kilter. That is what Princeton must do.

If Creighton starts feeling it from the perimeter, this game is over. However, if Princeton plants any seeds of doubt then look out!

Princeton Tigers To beat the Creighton Blue Jays outright

Over Or Under At The YUM! Center?

Finally, Princeton vs Creighton picks mulls the over or under at the YUM! CenterThis game figures to move around but so far, the number stayed right around 140 points. Creighton can score 75-80+ here by itself. Conversely, Princeton already scored 78 in this tournament. Creighton is a step above Missouri defensively, but points could come. Taking the over here is very reasonable on Friday night.

Princeton and Creighton To score more than 140 points

Basketball Reigns Supreme This Weekend

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